Sunday, July 31, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

I can't believe I almost never tried this week's favourite! I've had this Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover sitting around for a while and I almost got rid of it. I thought it was just another gadget that I didn't need. Holy cow, was I wrong! This "gadget" turned into a "where have you been all of my life item!"

This stainless steel contraption easily and effortlessly removes unwanted hair from my face, neck, chin, cheeks, and upper lip, right in the comfort of my own home. And it takes no time at all!

It all started when I pulled out my favourite 10X magnification light-up mirror (another can't live without item) one day to see how my skin REALLY looked before proceeding with some self-care masking. That's when I noticed more hair that was in places that I prefer it wasn't; neck, upper lip, chin etc. It's very common for unwanted facial hair to appear as we age. Sometimes other factors can cause it as well but if you want to get rid of it, this tool has got you!!

My set came with mini tweezers

  • Innovative facial hair remover minimizes re-growth as it grasps the entire hair, including the follicle, removing hair at the root
  • The unique handles and high-quality stainless steel coil spring work together to remove areas of unwanted hair without the need for wax or chemicals

There was a very small learning curve. I'm not one for reading directions, so I googled it and watched a Youtube video on how to use it and I was off and running. 

It was so easy to use and literally took seconds to remove the hair from each area. By gliding the stainless steel part along the area that I wanted to treat and turning the silver bars on either side of the hair remover, I could feel it removing all of the hair. It removed everything from peach fuzz to thick hair that was sprouting above the sides of my upper lips. I definitely felt the pinch as it removed the hair but it was very tolerable and extremely gratifying once I saw my skin sans hair!

How to use:
  1. Holding the colored handles, center align the top of coil tip directly on to the area from which you are trying to remove hair.
  2. When aligning the tip, place the flatter side of the coil against the skin to use on larger areas. Place the curved part against the skin for smaller, more precise areas.
  3. Rotate the silver part of the handle in each hand in the direction the arrows are pointing, enabling the coil to directly grab the hair from the root.
  4. Gently move the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover away from the area and repeat on other areas as desired.
Photo from Tweezerman

After using this hair remover for a couple of weeks now, I never want to be without it! My skin looks so much better and fresher and cleaner without the hair- I really wish I had taken a before and after! My makeup goes on better and I'm certain that my skincare products are being absorbed into my skin better also. I did not experience any redness, bumps or irritation whatsoever. I have found that I only need to use it once a week to maintain a hair-free face. :D As I mentioned, it takes seconds and is so easy to use. Once I finish treatment, I just wipe the stainless steel with alcohol and I'm done. 

I seriously wish I had this product so much sooner and will never be without it! Give it a try if you are looking to remove facial hair and home. I promise you will love it, too!

SRP $27 CAD - purchase here for Canada 
SRP $ 20 USD - purchase here for the USA

My favourite 10X magnification light-up mirror - $29.99

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Epsom Salt and Foaming Bath

Lately, I've been washing away the worries of the day with Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint Epsom Salt and Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint Foaming Bath. πŸ›€ I've been enjoying it so much that they made it into this week's Weekly Favourite!

Taking a luxurious bath is such a great form of self-care. Dr Teal’s Epsom salts combined with the foaming bath and scents of Eucalyptus and spearmint really relax my body and calm my mind. Perfect to wind down at the end of the day or before bedtime. πŸ’« πŸ›Œ 

"Dr Teal’s® Soaking Solution combines Pure Epsom Salt which has long been known to revitalize tired, achy muscles, with therapeutic essential oils to soothe the senses and help provide relief from stress. Spearmint is used as a restorative for the body, while Eucalyptus stimulates the senses."

"Dr. Teal's® Foaming Bath transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and provide relief from stress."

I had always purchased lavender bath products for relaxation, I had no idea how relaxing eucalyptus and spearmint could be. πŸ’†‍♀️ 

I use my hand to scoop out 2 generous handfuls of the Epsom salts and add it to my bath water, and add about a heaping capful of the foaming bath to the water while it's running. Although the directions call for more, I find i don't need that much to get the aroma and bubbles that I'm after.  Of course you can add more if you wish. The scent just relaxes me immediately, before I even step into the bath. And my bathroom is left with the beautiful and relaxing aroma even after my bath is done, which also aids in preparing for sleep. πŸ’€ 

Since discovering these products, I look forward to a nice relaxing bath several nights a week. I can't even begin to describe how relaxing it is! They've really helped me make more time for self-care and I'm totally here for it. And, at such affordable prices, I'll be making sure to restock them before I run out. 

I hope you'll make some time for some self-care and gives these a try, too.

Now, I'm off for some me-time with Dr Teal’s. πŸ› Nighty night πŸŒ™ 

Purchase links below:

Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Bath Salts - Canada $8.98 / USA  2 pack $13.99 

Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Foaming Bath- Canada $8.98  / USD $4.89

(Current prices shown, subject to change).

Kindly gifted for testing purposes.  

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Fur-Bearers | Take Action to End Fur Farming in Canada

British Columbia's ban on mink farming has led to a strong movement to see fur farming banned across Canada - and there's an important step that requires your participation!

In May, The Fur-Bearers sent a fur farming brief to every Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada asking if they support an end to fur farming. You can download and read the full brief on our blog post by clicking hereNow it's time for citizen action: we need you to connect with your MP and express why this matters to you.

To help you do this, The Fur-Bearers has created a citizen engagement toolkit that has everything you need to know about fur farming and how to arrange a meeting with your MP. The free, online toolkit includes information on how to look up your MP, statistics, and talking points about fur farming you can raise during your meeting.

Summer is when MPs usually return to their home ridings before the next legislative session resumes, so now is the best time to arrange a meeting. It’s crucial that elected representatives hear from their local constituents on issues that matter to them.

Find everything you need to talk to your MP about ending fur farming in Canada on our Action page at To help grow the movement to end fur farming in Canada, make sure you share the page with your social media circles or via email

 (click here to get started).

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant Exfoliator Review

As someone who dislikes rough exfoliators, I'm so happy that I got to try the new Milkfoliant exfoliator by Dermalogica. It's super gentle on my skin, I actually find it very soothing! 

Although it starts off as a powder, once you add water it emulsifies into a creamy, soothing chemical exfoliator. Which is another aspect that I love- because it's activated when you mix it with water, you're getting the freshest product every time. 

I also love that it has both AHA's and BHA's along with other great ingredients like oats, coconut, and Hyaluronic acid to gently exfoliate, polish, and hydrate my skin all in one step. 

Note that you can polish your skin with the Milkfoliant after using your cleanser or mix it with your cleanser if you prefer or to save time.

Milkfoliant is clinically proven with "90% of consumers having significant smoothness after just one use."

From Dermalogica:

Calming vegan exfoliating powder polishes skin while supporting the skin’s moisture barrier.

Vegan milky powder exfoliant with Oat and Coconut activates upon contact with water, releasing botanical extracts to help polish away dead skin cells. This gentle exfoliating powder and a blend with fruit-based Grape Extract and Arginine rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) work together with Coconut Milk for smoother, softer skin. Harvested from Papaya, Papain Extract provides exfoliating properties, helping to resurface skin. A naturally-derived plant Saccharide works with Atomized Sea Salt, rich in nourishing essential minerals Magnesium and Potassium, and Hyaluronic Acid to help support the skin’s moisture barrier. A blend with calming Oat Bran Extracts containing nourishing lipids replenishes and helps soothe skin. Regular exfoliation helps achieve softer, smoother, more vibrant skin.

I use less than the recommended 1/2 teaspoon which I find is enough for my face and will also make it last longer.

After massaging my skin daily with the Milkfoliant for one minute (sometimes longer), my skin is unbelievably soft. After using it for over 2 weeks now, my skin is brighter, smoother, and clearer. I haven't experienced any irritation from this product and my skin can be reactive. I love that I can also mix it in with my cleanser when I'm in a rush and don't have time for 2 steps (cleaning and then polishing). 

I think this product would be suitable for every skin type, including sensitive ones.  It's a great anti-aging tool since our skin turns over much more slowly as we age. But, it can be used by anyone at any age who's looking for a gentle but effective exfoliator. 

There are 2 sizes available:

13g / $22CAD
74g / $87CAD

Available on Dermalogica and Sephora

This product is #crueltyfree #vegan πŸƒ

The product was kindly gifted for testing purposes with no obligation to post.

#giftedbydermalogica πŸ’–

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Burt's Bees The Luminizer Nourishing Highlighter in Starlight + Golden Hour Swatches and Review

Burt's Bee's new Liquid Highlighters are so beautiful! There are two shades available at the time of this article. Shown in Star Light and Golden Hour.

They blend beautifully on the skin and they're hydrating. They dry down for the most part, but not 100%, this way they don't look dry or cakey.

The Star Light shade is perfect for my skintone, while the Golden Hour will be beautiful on darker skintones.

Left: Star Light/ Right: Golden Hour.


NOURISHING HIGHLIGHTER: This multi-benefit highlighter gives you a healthy-looking glow and can be worn alone or combined with moisturizer or foundation; packaging may vary

WITH GREEN TEA COMPLEX: This Burt’s Bees highlighter is formulated with responsibly sourced green tea extract, packed with vitamins and antioxidants to support healthy, glowing skin

NON-STICKY FINISH: The Green Tea Complex helps improve the appearance of skin and uneven skin tone, while the non-sticky formula blends effortlessly

NATURALLY ILLUMINATES ALL SKIN TONES: The Luminizer Nourishing Highlighter provides a radiant glow that brightens the face and provides a dewy finish

NATURAL FACE MAKEUP: This Burt’s Bees makeup highlighter is naturally formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances

                Left: Star Light/ Right: Golden Hour.

I love that these are 99.8% natural and made with skin-loving ingredients! The beautiful shades really light up the complexion so you can highlight the features that you want in a natural-looking way. Great for aging skin since they aren't drying, but really these are beautiful for all ages!

The generous 13.3ml tubes are going to last forever since it only takes a tiny amount to achieve a beautiful glow! 🌟

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Amazon, London Drugs,

Currently $14.49/ 13.3ml on,

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Indeed Labs Hydraluron Volumizing + Tinted Lip Treatment Review

This week's favourite product goes to Indeed Labs Hydraluron Lip Treatments - 9ml/ $14.99CAD

I'm a sucker for products that are beauty award winners, so when I saw that these lip treatments had won beauty awards, I had to try them!

I've probably tried hundreds of lip balms and treatments, always searching for something to soothe and hydrate my chronically dehydrated and parched lips. Nothing has won me over as much as these Indeed Labs Lip Treatments.

I was dealing with cracked and damaged lips resulting from some skincare I tested out. I was slathering on all kinds of lip products and nothing was helping. My lips were still damaged a week after the problem had started. I received these lip treatments from Indeed Labs just in time! As soon as I applied the Hydraluron Lip Treatment it felt so soothing and gave me some relief. After using the lip treatment consistently for a couple of days my lips were healing and a sheet of dead/old skin peeled right off my lips. A few days after starting these lip treatments, my lips were completely healed and repaired!


Expanding on the bestselling and award-winning hydraluron™ series, this all-in-one lip treatment contains extremely soothing ingredients that are designed to hydrate, nourish, plump, and treat lips. A combination of pomegranate sterols, hyaluronic acid, coffee, tea, and tropical fruit extracts work to increase hydration, promote elasticity, and replenish the lip’s moisture barrier. Using Volulip™, this lightweight, smooth and non-sticky lip treatment improves lip texture with a visible plumping effect to the lips; while ultra-filling spheres™ are absorbed into the upper layers of the skin to plump and smooth out deep and superficial wrinkles. Not only does hydraluron™+ volumising lip treatment improve lip roughness, dryness, skin tone, and radiance, it also helps lips adapt to environmental changes. 

Clear lip volumizer and Pink Lip Treatment

  • Volulip™ improves the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible plumping effect to lips
  • Ultra-filling spheres™ help to plump lips, smoothing both deep and superficial wrinkles
  • Improves lip moisture balance, roughness, dryness, tone, and radiance
  • Lightweight, smooth, and non-sticky
Top: Clear Lip Treatment/ Bottom: Pink Lip Treatment

Before and after using the clear Volumizing Lip Treatment

Before and after using the Pink Lip Treatment

The consistency is similar to thicker hyaluronic skincare products that I've used, sort of gel-like. It immediately feels very soothing once applied. The lasting power is quite good for a lip product, better than others that I've tried. I use both the clear and pink Lip Treatments. I keep the pink one in my purse and the clear one by my bedside. Both give the appearance of more youthful lips thanks to their amazing hydrating powers. Lip lines are greatly reduced and lips appear fuller, although I wouldn't say they appeared any larger. There is no sting or painful feeling with these lip treatments, just a soothing, hydrated feeling.

I like the pink one the best as the hint of pink adds just a hint of colour which also helps add to a more youthful look. 

I'm obsessed with these lip treatments and can say they are the best lip treatments I've tried so far, and I've tried a lot! 

Whether you're looking to hydrate parched and dehydrated lips, want a more youthful-looking pout, or as a natural makeup look, I highly recommend giving these a try! The price isn't bad at all, but it's actually a small price to pay for the results that you get! πŸ’‹

Now that I know how much I love these, I definitely have to try out the peach-coloured one as well. It also comes in a red shade if that's your jam.

These products are vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, silicone-free, fragrance free, phthalate-free, and mineral oil-free.

Purchase here:

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Adidas Duramo Running Shoes

This week's standout product is the Adidas Duramo Running Shoes. 

I had been wearing the same old pair of shoes for walking on my treadmill for years! It was definitely time for an upgrade. I purchased these sleek looking Adidas Duramo 10 sneakers and it was like when Goldilocks found the right bed... these were just right!

When it comes to walking shoes, I look for something that hugs my foot, is lightweight, has enough cushioning, and offers enough support as I have always had weak ankles.

These shoes met all of my criteria and then some! They definitely felt much more supportive than some other brands that I tried on when i purchased these. And, I didn't even need to break them in. I walked 3 miles in them on my treadmill the first day that I wore them without any issues at all, and my feet didn't become tired. I find that I can slip them on and off without having to undo the laces which is very convenient.

Size wise, I find that Adidas run big. I normally wear an 8.5- 9 size shoe but usually have to size up to 9.5 in running shoes.  With these beauties, an 8.5 fit me perfectly.  I probably could have also worn a size 9 but I wasn't able to try that size as it was out of stock. I definitely find these run narrow across the top part of my foot where the laces are. It isn't an issue for me as my feet are slightly on the narrow side, but if you have wider feet, I would definitely order these in the wide width

If you are looking for a great new running shoe that is lightweight with tons of support, I definitely recommend the Adidas Duramo 10. They have made my 3 mile walks much more enjoyable and I look forward to my walks even more now. They are also quite attractive as a sporty-fashion shoe and I'm tempted to get another pair just for that.

They are available for men, women and children in a variety of colours. I purchased the black and white shown but would love to add more colours to my sneaker collection. I paid about $90 before taxes and feel that's a very reasonable price considering the fit, comfort, and quality. 

Available here:

Adidas Duramo- Canada 

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