Wednesday, January 18, 2023

7 DIY Decorating Ideas For a Fun & Festive Birthday Party!

Do you or a loved one have a birthday coming up and want to decorate on a budget? We have 7 cost-effective ways to decorate with the latest trends for a fun and festive party!


Balloons are a great solution if you want to create a fun background for photo opportunities. You can choose from multiple colour themes, a combination of balloons of different sizes, shapes, and foil birthday balloons make great themed decor for your party. Balloon bouquets always look chic because of their volume. Inflated with helium, they will look fabulous and are long-lasting. 

Garlands and Suspended Decorations

Garlands and flags have served as holiday decorations for many decades. In more recent years, it has become fashionable to decorate rooms with ceiling garlands made of paper figures, templates of which can be downloaded online. Flag lights have never gone out of style, but in recent years they have been used to decorate many holiday events. Try making fringed flags out of craft paper for a more original look. An ordinary string light garland will look more festive on an evening porch if you decorate it with coloured flags.


This choice is a classic. Various confetti is available, including foil squares, coloured stars, and traditional circles. Fun idea: confetti throwers. After all, confetti is much more fun to throw than collect. Such throwers are easy to make by hand, and they will make any celebration simply unforgettable!

Paper Products for Table Setting

Back in the day, most parties were decorated with simple paper plates and tablecloths. Of course, they were always used at children's parties, whereas adult parties were held only with classic tableware.
Modern paper plates can be so beautiful and stylish that they make a great choice for creating a fun and festive atmosphere for any birthday party.

Paper Fans

It's hard to surprise anyone with a paper fan, but event planners have learned to use them in very unexpected ways. A popular way to use fans at modern celebrations is to paste them on walls to create a fun and original backdrop.


Piñatas used to be massive, and they were purchased in most party supply stores. Today, people make their own paper-mâché toys, the idea came to the rest of the world from Mexico, where it originated. And why not? If you spend a little time, you can decorate your party with a stunning piñata, which will be unique to you and unlike others. Mini piñatas are also very popular. Thanks to them, everyone at the
party will have some fun. Take note of the idea of making charming boxes with candy as pieces of birthday cake.


Party banners are trending now, although we're used to thinking of them as attributes of large-scale events like award ceremonies or presentations. Imagine decorating a wall with a stunning image of an indigo moon to create a mysterious atmosphere at a themed party. The options are almost endless.

We hope you enjoyed these DIY decorating ideas while planning for your next birthday party! 🎈

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