Thursday, September 13, 2018

How To Clean Pleather and Remove Denim Stains From Your Purse In Seconds!

Always test a spot on the item you plan to clean before proceeding.

Every Summer, I tend to switch to a lighter coloured purse. As a result, dirt and stains show up very easily on my handbag. I wear denim a lot and regardless of how many times they've been washed, the colour ends up transferring to my purse. I've tried everything to clean my bags, scrubbing away endlessly and I would end up having to toss my purse and purchase a new one the following year.

I finally found a solution that takes seconds to wipe away all the dirt and denim stains. Maybe you are already familiar with this cleaning hack, but it's all new to me, so I figured I'd share this hack in case you haven't discovered it yet!

Here's the hack- Mr Clean Magic Eraser

Apparently, Mr Clean's Magic Eraser is good for a lot more than just cleaning your house!

Just dampen the sponge and very gently wipe your purse and all of the stains wipe away in just seconds!

I caution you to do a test spot. I have not tried this on real leather, so I am not sure how that would work out.  This sponge is very powerful, so I do not recommend scrubbing, plus, there is no need. A gentle swipe is all that's needed to wipe away all of the stains, including the denim stains. Just check out my before an after photos. It took seconds to clean my entire purse.

I'm sure this hack would work for shoes as well. I'll definitely be giving that a try.





My purse looks like new! I no longer have to throw out the handbags that I love because of the unsightly stains that I couldn't remove!

This hack is not only cheap but super effective using the Mr Clean Magic Eraser!

Note: The purse shown in this post is Pleather or Vegan leather.

I hope this helps you if you were also looking for a solution to save your favourite handbag! Let me know how it works out for you.

*Use this hack at your own risk. My experience has been nothing but great using this method but I cannot attest to the results on all products and fabrics.

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