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Health and Beauty Girl is a PR friendly site. We are open to sponsorships and collaborations.

We love to test and review products here on Health and Beauty Girl!

If you have a product or service that you would like reviewed by Health and Beauty Girl, please contact us at the email address below.

Please note that we cannot recommend products or services that we have not personally tried. Additionally, free samples provided for review consideration do not guarantee a positive review and some products may not end up being featured on our site. We reserve the right to post a product to one or more of our social media sites if we feel it would be more beneficial than a post on our site (unless otherwise agreed to).  All reviews will be completely honest, our readers value that. If we have an issue with a product or a service, we will advise you of the issue and may try another more suitable product for review consideration. Most companies appreciate the honesty as it gives them insight into possible areas for improvement.

Please note that some products will take longer to review. Products like skincare or health products take longer to asses vs. something like a hair dryer or flat iron.

We do not accept products or money in exchange for a positive review, again, all reviews will be honest based on our experience with the product or service.

We love to work WITH companies. Just because one product or service may not work for us, another may be more suitable, and we love to share a great experience with our readers and followers!

All sponsored posts, as well as products that are free for review, will be fully disclosed as being such.

We will also work with you on our posts as well as promotions throughout our various social media platforms.

For PR, collaborations or general inquiries please contact us at:

Connect with me:

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