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June is Brain Health Awareness Month: How to Increase Your Attention Span and Apply it On the Job, School, and Working Out


We are a society of shortened attention spans, thanks largely to technology, Smartphones and social media. Want to know the weather in Hong Kong? Ask Siri. Want to watch something, choose from thousands of shows on streaming services. Need amusement, scroll through Tiktok videos until you laugh. Don’t want to labor over a hot stove, click on UberEats and food will be at your door. Even for those who do not have a diagnosis of ADHD, this quick, instant gratification decreases our attention spans through learned behaviors. What about when technology can’t do the work for us such as exercising, studying for a test, or researching a work project? Dr. Haley Perlus is a sports and performance psychology Ph.D. who works with top athletes and corporations. She shares some vital tips to help retrain our “tech spoiled” brains. 


Reduce multitasking. 

Some of us wear multitasking like a badge of honor because it makes us feel more efficient. It does the opposite by reducing concentration, focus and lowering productivity. Keep your phone out of sight if you are at work and typing emails. Close social media or other applications on your desktop and distracting audio you might be listening to. By shutting off these external distractions, you will be able to concentrate better even though it might be challenging to do so. 


Exercise your brain 

Just like you exercise your body, you can exercise your “brain muscles” to increase your attention span. Scientific evidence shows that engaging in games that demand focus, such as Wordle, Sudoku, or activities such as jigsaw puzzles, or memory games can enhance concentration. Even spending 15 minutes a day five days a week training your brain can impact. For those who love gaming, there is good news: A recent study showed that one hour of gaming can enhance attention for specific tasks and enable people to disengage from distractions. 


Hydrate your body 

If you are feeling “antsy” you could simply be thirsty. When you are mildly dehydrated your motor coordination can be affected, cognitive performance, and executive function. These all have a specific bearing on attention span. It has been shown that hydration and food help more than any supplement. Drinking small amounts of water throughout the day is more beneficial than drinking a massive amount at once. 

Keep yourself engaged in a meeting at the office/PTA/ Place of Worship/ Zoom Call 

For those with short attention spans, meetings can be the bane of our existence, whether in person or on zoom. One way to keep engaged and stay alert is to make comments and ask questions instead of quietly listening. This will keep your brain alert and reactive. 


Listen to music

Unfortunately, Jay Z, Lizzo, and Drake won’t help your attention span, but classical music will. A Standford University study found that short symphonies influence the brain areas that correlate with paying attention. What is key are the short periods of silence between musical movements (found in symphonies) that raise brain activities. 


Take notes the old fashioned way- by hand 

When we are in a meeting or a lecture, it’s not like a Tiktok video where we can scroll to the next thing that interests us. To keep engaged, leave the laptop home, and take notes by pen and notebook. Princeton University Research shows that they listened more effectively when students took notes by hand. In addition, a laptop is tempting because it provides the distractions of social media, email, and the internet. 


Lastly, don’t forget exercise, sleep, good nutrition and meditation.


Dr. Haley Perlus knows what it takes to overcome barriers and achieve peak performance. As an elite alpine ski racer, she competed and trained with the best in the world, pushing herself to the limits time and time again. Now, with a PhD in sport psychology, Haley continues to push boundaries and drive peak performance, helping athletes and Fortune 100 executives reach their goals. 


Haley works with individuals and teams to manage and expand their energy capacity while increasing resilience, focus and drive. Dr. Perlus is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, professor, author and consultant to Division I athletes. She has spoken at many events some of which include VISTAGE, Tec Canada, Elite Fitness and Performance Summit and Trilogy Athletes. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado lecturing on applied sport and exercise psychology at the graduate level. She has authored several books including The Ultimate Achievement Journal and The Inside Drive and her articles have been featured in publications such as Thrive Magazine, Fitness Magazine, IDEA Fitness Journal, EpicTimes, Telluride Inside, MyVega and BeachBody®. 


Dr. Perlus earned her PhD at the University of Northern Colorado with an emphasis on social psychology of sport and physical activity, her MS at the University of Florida in sport pedagogy and her bachelor’s degree at the University of Western Ontario in kinesiology. Haley loves both water and snow skiing, and hiking. Her favorite meal is anything that requires only chopping or blending.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Best Fan For Keeping Cool All Summer Long

Stock photo

Welcome to another installment of our Weekly Favourite! 

This week the standout item is this small but mighty fan by Honeywell. It's Honewell's HT900 (C) TurboForce 7" Table Fan

So, what's so "cool" about it?  Well, many things. For one, it's only 7", so it takes up very little space. It can also be mounted on the wall, placed on any desk or tabletop, or even placed on the floor. Because it's a turbofan, it's very powerful! It also has 3-speed settings to choose from and features a 90-degree pivoting head.  At only $20, it is very affordable and helps to save money on the air conditioning bills, plus it's energy-efficient as well.

As I've gotten older, I am no longer a fan of the heat and I was looking for ways to save on our AC bills while also staying cool. I purchased my first Honeywell HT900 fan last Summer and I've been using it in the bedroom to keep cool at night. Because it's so tiny, it lives on the floor across from my bed, and thanks to the pivoting head, I keep it angled up towards the bed so I feel a cool gentle breeze all night long. It's only 4 feet away from my bed so I keep it on low and it's the perfect amount of breeze for me. The circulating air really reaches far and wide. 

I liked this fan so much that I purchased a second one to keep on a tabletop in my workout room. I keep it facing my treadmill for the most part, but can easily angle it to different parts of the room wherever I need to feel its cool breeze. 

Stock photo

From Amazon:
  • Powerful and focused, designed to circulate the air throughout the whole room - feel the Turbo Force. Great for year-round use with a heat source to circulate warm air in wintertime and with an A/C to circulate cool air in summer time
  • 3 speed motor with high, medium and low operation options. 90° pivoting head. Unique blade creates less noise and is 25% quieter (2). Removable grille for easy cleaning
  • Feel the power 25ft (10.6 m) away! Includes a recessed carrying handle and is a convenient size for anywhere, easily mounts to wall for maximizing surface space. Energy saving (3)
  • IMPORTANT: No tools assembly; Dimensions: 10.9 x 6.3 x 10.9" (27.7 x 16 x 27.7 cm). Colour: Black
  • Voted most trusted Electric Fan brand by Canadian shoppers based on the BrandSpark Canadian Trust Study, years 2019 to 2021 (in a tie) and 2022

Stock photo

Takes up very little real estate!

I love this little fan so much! It works so well and is nice and quiet, too. The little sound that it does make actually helps me sleep. I have 2 of these so far and definitely see myself purchasing more of them. I can think of many more rooms and areas that could use one. It would be great to have one in the garage, too! The fan is so affordable at about $20 bucks each and I end up saving on my AC bills in the long run - now that's a win-win!

Note: there is a USA version (HT900) and a Canadian Version. I have the Canadian version (HT900C).

Purchase Honeywell's HT900 TurboForce fan here. 

Here's to keeping cool all Summer long on the cheap! 🧊

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Flexitol Heel Magic Review

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's,  Grandmom's, and Fur Mom's! 🌸

Today, I'm sharing this week's standout product which happens to be Flexitol Heel Magic. It's my secret weapon to getting pedi-ready in a jiffy. 

I'm admittedly lazy when  it comes to pedicures and I can't go for a pedicure since my feet are super ticklish if touched by others πŸ˜…. Flexitol Heel Magic truly is magic. It's so easy to use and takes seconds to apply. I wake up to soft smooth feet every time. 

From Flexitol:

Flexitol Heel Magic is a quick and easy to apply treatment for feet with dry skin or rough, cracked heels. It contains a highly concentrated moisturizing base that delivers visible results after 3 days on stubborn cracks.

Its innovative blend of emollients includes Shea Butter, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Beeswax and Olive Oil to soften and protect dry, scaly and cracked heels.Practical, no mess stick applicator format: 
  • no need to touch the product with hands
  • Breakthrough product that hydrates dry & cracked heels
  • Diabetic friendly

Easy application 

I rub Flexitol Heel Magic all over my feet with the convenient, mess-free applicator before bed, then put on a pair of socks to let Flexitol work its magic overnight. I wake up with soft, smooth, sandal-ready feet in the morning. Flexitol recommends using it AM and PM, although I generally only use it at night and get great results. My partner also uses Flexitol and it also works great on his thick calloused feet.

It's truly an amazing and unique product,  and the quickest and easiest way to great looking sandal-ready feet!

It's only $10.99 USD for 2.5 oz and lasts for a long time!

Purchase Flexitol here.

PR sample kindly gifted for review consideration. Some links are affiliate. Thank you for your support. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Read This Before You Try the Latest Viral Tik Tok Beauty Trends!

According to recent statistics, the viral app Tik Tok has reached over 1 billion monthly users. (Source: With several beauty trends going viral on a daily basis, it can be tempting to experiment with these DIY and less expensive solutions than in office cosmetic surgery visits. However, some of these hacks are at best ineffective or downright dangerous.

Board-Certified Washington, DC Plastic Surgeon Dr. George Bitar breaks down the most popular Tik Tok beauty hacks you should avoid.

What is it? Liquid Chlorophyll

It’s a liquid tonic that users make at home that purports to be an acne cure-all and improves skin’s texture and redness.

Why you should steer clear: 

Drinking chlorophyll-infused water to get rid of acne or improve your skin can worsen your skin condition.

What is it? At-Home Hyaluron Pens

The Hyaluron Pen (also known as hyaluronic acid pen) is a small handheld medical device used to administer hyaluronic acid fillers into the face. This “pen” was originally created for diabetic patients to offer a needle-free, pain-free way to deliver insulin into the subcutaneous tissue. The pens took TikTok users by storm for their supposed potential to inject the lips, jawline or nose with hyaluronic acid at home.

Why you should steer clear:

You should never be giving yourself lip procedures or any aesthetic rejuvenation at home. At the advisory of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), "no one should be purchasing a hyaluron pen due to the fact that they can cause bleeding or bruising; infection with bacteria, fungus, or virus from the filler or needle-free device, among several other side effects, including death." Don't ever try this at home. Injectables may cause occlusion of blood vessels leading to skin death and possibly blindness in the most experienced hands, so when someone who is not familiar with facial anatomy injects themselves, they could cause a catastrophe!

What is it? At home nasal tanning spray

These products, showcased on TikTok, aren't strictly self-tanners. Instead, they're inhaled as nasal sprays to boost the effects of sun exposure or a tanning bed.

Why you should steer clear: 

You shouldn’t be inhaling substances that haven’t been studied sufficiently, as using medications nasally can affect your sense of smell. They can also potentially have toxic effects on the cilia of the nose, keeping the nose from moving mucus through it normally. This can lead to mucus buildup throughout the nasal cavity, which thickens and forces you to blow out or postnasal drip. Melanotan is an unregulated synthetic chemical that functions as a hormone and supports melanogenesis, which is the process by which melanin, a black-brown pigment, is produced in the skin. Nasal tanning sprays have a range of different ingredients, but most commonly, they will all contain tyrosine or melanotan as their main active ingredient.

What is it: Sea Salt Acne Spray

A DIY spray consisting of sea salt and water to eradicate acne.

Why you should steer clear:

Sea salt water at best may help with mild skin inflammation and redness. This is not a viable treatment for acne. It could delay proper care and cause hyperpigmentation and potential scarring due to its use.

What is it? At-Home Plasma Pen Treatments

The devices look not so different from a mechanical toothbrush — but instead of a brush head, plasma pens have a needle-like tip. However, the tip never touches the skin — it's merely the means through which an arc of plasma passes. The process is said to make skin firmer and tighter by inducing trauma that triggers skin cells called fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

Why you should steer clear:

You should not be purchasing a plasma pen to achieve "firmer and tighter" skin. The risks associated with using this pen are quite severe. Inflicting pain on the skin with this device removes its proteins, causing the skin to lose its suppleness. It also poses a risk of causing pitting and scars. What’s more, the pens are not monitored by the FDA. A more professional version of this pen is used in plastic surgeons' and dermatologists' offices. It requires a lot of training to be able to treat a patient without burning them. If a lay person uses this pen, they are at risk of causing themselves second and third degree burns if used improperly.

What is it? Scraping off Moles At Home

Some people have been using chemicals or even attempting to scrape off moles physically at home. One peculiar method recommends applying eyelash glue to skin.

Why you should steer clear:

All moles be checked by a professional before removal. There is no 'safe' way to remove a mole at home. This needs to be done by a trained qualified doctor or dermatologist. Using chemicals or attempting to 'scrape' off a mole could lead to infections, bleeding, scarring, and deformity.

A more compelling reason to not scrape moles at home is because moles originate in the dermis and therefore scraping the skin will only make them regrow after the endured trauma heals. Another reason to not scrape moles is that some moles can be cancerous, even on teenagers, and by scraping them without a physician examining them, cancer cells will still remain to regrow later.

What it is: Erection cream lip pout

One man caused shockwaves across social media for using erectile dysfunction cream to create plumper lips. These creams designed to boost erections typically rely on alprostadil, a type of vasodilator that widens blood vessels.

Why you should steer clear:

This can cause allergic reactions, blisters and swelling, but it can also cause blood pressure problems if the cream gets into your mouth. The lips are made of thin and delicate skin with fewer oil glands. Let's just end this by saying that technology is fascinating and adaptable, but just because there is a remote connection between a cosmetic problem and the technology to address it doesn't mean that a non- medically trained lay person should take that leap of faith and self- medicate. The emergency rooms around the world are filled with these people!

George Bitar, MD, FACS is an award-winning, fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed over 20, 000 cosmetic facial and body procedures. He is the founder and Medical Director of the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute with offices in Fairfax, VA that serves a sophisticated national and international patient base. offering state-of-the-art skin care, injectables and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Bitar obtained his medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, where he now serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor. He then finished a general surgery residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. His plastic surgery residency was completed at the University of Virginia Plastic Surgery Program, which provided him with a strong foundation in reconstructive surgery, for people injured in accidents or who have facial deformities or severe burns, and in hand surgery and microsurgery.

Dr. Bitar later completed an advanced aesthetic surgery fellowship with 10 board certified plastic surgeons where he sharpened his aesthetic surgery skills before founding the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute in 2002 in the metropolitan Washington DC area where he practices currently.

As an assistant clinical professor at the George Washington School University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Bitar is involved in educating upcoming doctors and has lectured about his procedures at national and international medical conventions. He is also a frequent lecturer at Georgetown University and the University of Virginia’s Plastic Surgery Departments. A firm believer in medical research, he has authored several articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and book chapters and co-authored a book for other plastic surgeons about the neck lift technique that he has helped develop, as well as a major study about the safety of cosmetic surgery on 4,470 patients. Dr. Bitar is also a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons.

As a continued commitment to enhancing the quality of life through plastic surgery, Dr. Bitar has operated on 6 continents and volunteered on medical missions to various countries and operated on children with severe burn, facial and hand deformities. He volunteers on the medical school admissions committee at George Washington University. Dr. Bitar is also fluent in French and Arabic.

Internationally, he trained with prominent cosmetic surgeons, and learned the techniques of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, the father of Brazilian cosmetic surgery, in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Marchac in Paris, Dr. Mendelson in Melbourne, and Dr. Widgerow in Johannesburg.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Webber Naturals Super Sleep

Welcome to another installment where we share the standout item of the week. This week, that product is Webber Natural's Super Sleep supplement. 

I had been taking Super Sleep on and off for years! I had stopped taking it for a while but went back to it this week as my sleep just wasn't happening and my other supplements are herbs weren't cutting it. Super Sleep was just what I needed. I started sleeping longer and deeper. It is one of my absolute favourite supplements to help with my chronic insomnia. I really like that it has a low dose of melatonin at 1.5mg per tablet, plus L-theanine and 5-HTP. I only take 1 tablet vs the recommended 2 as higher doses of melatonin don't always agree with me.  And at times, I break the chewable tablet in half and just take half. If I wake up too early, I often take another tablet at that time and usually fall back asleep.

I take Super Sleep most nights. I just have to take a short break from it when my sleep becomes more restless. I think it's good to take breaks from certain supplements anyways. Just listen to your body, as with anything. 

Product Details

A unique combination of ingredients that helps to cope with mild insomnia. Helps relieve daytime fatigue caused by jet lag and shift work. Helps reset the body's sleep-wake cycle.

Super Sleep™ from Webber naturals® is a unique natural formula that combines the amino acid 5-HTP, L-theanine from green tea, and the hormone melatonin to help you cope with mild insomnia and anxiety. Anyone with occasional insomnia can use Super Sleep™. Those with chronic insomnia should consult a physician to rule out underlying medical conditions.

Features and Benefits:
  • Soft-melt tablets for fast acting action
  • 3 powerful nutrients for better sleep quality and duration
  • Melatonin supplementation can improve sleep and helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle
  • L-Theanine reduces stress, improves the quality of sleep, and heightens mental activity by increasing alpha-brain wave activity
  • 5-HTP boosts serotonin levels
  • Optimum levels of serotonin in the brain produce a calming effect and more able to sleep will with good dream recall

Webber's Super Sleep is one of the best, if not the best sleep supplement that I've ever used for my chronic insomnia, and I've used A LOT! It's also pretty affordable at about $20 for 90 tablets. Since I usually just take 1 per night, that's a 3 months supply for me. Note: Webber's Melatonin Plus is the exact same product as the Super Sleep, just under a different name and it's a smaller quantity per bottle.

I definitely recommend giving this one a try whether you are suffering from insomnia, jetlag, or just want a deeper sleep. Just make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new supplements. 

Purchase Super Sleep here.

Sleep well! 😴


Sunday, April 24, 2022

ToothWave Radiofrequency Toothbrush by Silk'n | Game Changing Oral Care

I have been fairly lucky when it comes to my teeth and have had very few issues with them (*knocks on wood). Although I do take care of my teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day, I am embarrassed to admit that I have failed to make it to the dentist for a cleaning for quite a few years now, and it was really starting to show! I could feel the plaque and tartar on my teeth and they had certainly yellowed. I really do need to make it to the dentist when I feel comfortable to do so, but in the meantime, I have been using this new ToothWave radiofrequency toothbrush by Silk'n and it has been a game-changer for me!

I never thought I'd be so excited about an oral care product, but I am! After the very first use of the ToothWave, my teeth felt so smooth and clean, as if I actually went to the dentist for a cleaning. I've always used an electric toothbrush, but this Toothwave toothbrush has blown my old electric toothbrush out of the water and I am in awe as the tartar on my teeth is no match for the ToothWave!

What is the ToothWave?

First unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ToothWave has since been cleared for use by various regulation authorities worldwide.

From ToothWave:

"Powered by DentalRF® technology, ToothWave is the 1st toothbrush to use DentalRF technology, and is clinically proven to REDUCE EXISTING TARTAR!

DentalRF technology by Silk’n is the first dental care concept to recognize that brushing, as efficient as it may be, cannot break the strong molecular bonds that tie impurities to the teeth’s surface. Instead, by harnessing the power of well-known electro-chemical principles, DentalRF technology now lifts daily oral hygiene to new heights.

ToothWave is clinically proven* to:
  • Reduce gum inflammation and bleeding
  • Reduce teeth stains
  • Brighten teeth
  • Reduce existing Tartar
* In controlled clinical studies, ToothWave has shown to reduce gingivitis by 45%, reduce gum bleeding by 35%, provide 2 shades teeth whitening, 37% reduction of stains and 2.6% existing tartar reduction within 6 weeks."

The ToothWave comes with 2 different sized toothbrush heads. Both are made of soft bristles and are gentle and nonabrasive on both teeth and gums. It safely provides whitening without the chemical erosion. Despite being gentle, it's very powerful at breaking up and removing both stains and tartar. 

The brush has slow, medium, and fast vibration settings to choose from.  At its highest vibration speed (recommended) it makes up to 48,000 vibrating brush strokes per minute. The brush also has a timer and will shut off automatically after 2 minutes. It's recommended to go over each tooth in circular motions until the timer shuts the unit off, and then go over the chewing surface of each tooth.

The ToothWave comes with a nice-looking and sturdy base for charging as well as a USB cable and adapter so it can plug into a regular wall outlet. Once fully charged, the ToothWave will work for up to 2 weeks with regular use (twice a day for 2 minutes).

The ToothWave is also waterproof and is suitable for use under the shower or while taking a bath. πŸ’¦

It is recommended to change the brush head every 3 months or sooner if the brush head becomes worn.

π—¦π—”π—™π—˜, π—šπ—˜π—‘π—§π—Ÿπ—˜ & 𝗑𝗒𝗑𝗔𝗕π—₯π—”π—¦π—œπ—©π—˜ - Other toothbrushes work mechanically, and rely on hard enough bristles to sweep away impurities. But with DentalRF® technology, ToothWave's electrochemical mechanism of action reduces the most stubborn impurities even with soft or extra-soft bristles. ToothWave is gentle and nonabrasive to both teeth enamel and gums. Safe with implants, fillings, and braces

π—œπ—‘π—§π—˜π—‘π——π—˜π—— π—¨π—¦π—˜ – According to Health Canada: “ToothWave is intended for daily oral hygiene, including plaque removal, calculus reduction, and the prevention and reduction of gingivitis. The device is also intended for the removal of teeth discoloration, stains, plaque, and tartar (calculus).” 

Although I was skeptical, ToothWave has proven itself to me. It is hands-down the most effective yet gentle oral hygiene product that I've ever used. My teeth look and feel better than ever. They are so clean and feel so smooth since the tartar is being removed, and my teeth are getting whiter and brighter every day (there is something to be said for a clean white smile having an antiaging effect). I will NOT be going back to my old electric toothbrush and could probably avoid going to the dentist too, although I don't really recommend the latter. πŸ˜‰

I do recommend checking out the amazing before and after pictures on ToothWave's website. They are pretty amazing and speak for themselves. 

You can purchase the ToothWave here. The retail price is $349CAD (they also offer Afterpay) which is truly a bargain for what you'll be saving in the long run!


Do not use ToothWave on children below the age of 18. Supervision recommended when used by persons with special needs. Do not use ToothWave if you are pregnant, nursing, have an active implant, have any medical condition related to the immune system or to cancer, (for details and for more contraindications please refer to the User Manual).

The ToothWave was kindly gifted for review consideration. All opinions are our own.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Weekly Favourite | Fabric Shaver - Revive Your Clothes!

Happy Easter, everyone! 🐣 

Welcome to this week's "Weekly Favourite" post. 

This week, the standout product has been this fabulous fabric shaver. 

I had a fabric shaver back in high school but haven't used one in eons. I remembered how handy it came in to make my clothes look new again and give them a second life. Then, I came across this Lintek shaver at Dollarama for only $4, so I had to pick it up! You can get a similar one online for around $7.

I wasn't sure how well it would work because of the low price tag. It states on the packaging that it has 3 blades and takes 2 AA batteries, so it sounded good to me. I tried it as soon as I got home and it worked like a charm at removing lint balls/pilling from my clothing. It worked so quickly and easily to make my clothes look new again. 

Whether you want to revive some old clothes and save them from ending up in landfills, or maybe you are selling on apps like Poshmark, this fabric shaver is a must-have!

Lintek trip blade fabric shaver comes packaged as shown above. You will need to purchase 2 AA batteries as it doesn't come with them.

There are 2 compartments on the bottom; one for catching the lint and one for the batteries. There is also a single switch to turn the unit on and off.

Pop in 2 AA batteries and you're ready to go!

Built-in lint catcher

Below is a favourite hoodie of mine that I've used to demonstrate how well the fabric shaver removes the pilling from the garment.

Pilling is gone! Note: top is not dirty, it's blue and grey tie dye ;)

Watch the shaver in action. You can hear when it's shaving the pilling off.

I'm seriously kicking myself for going all these years without a fabric shaver! Now, I can save my favourite clothes and wear them longer. If you are a clothing reseller on platforms like Poshmark, you definitely need one of these to make any used clothing look new again. Side Note- If you are new to Poshmark, you can get $15 off your first order by using "poshsummergirl" as the code on the signup page linked here

You can find a similar fabric shaver for purchase online here

See you next week with our next favourite!

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