Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 3: My Health and Weight Loss Journery to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

Today is the end of week 3 of my health and weight loss journey. I totally fell of the "workout wagon" this week. I'm not going to make any excuses, I'm just going to climb back on.  (Here is week 2 if you missed it).

I came across the picture above of Dr. Jeffry Life while I was online this week. He is my inspiration this week to keep going.

I looked him up online after I saw this photo. He is now 77 and looks even better than in the above picture. Here's his website if you are interested in checking it out

Dr. Life goes to the gym 5 days a week. He has written 3 books on health and diet. It also states on his website that he's been on a number of TV shows. I had never heard of him until I saw this photo online but he's definitely captured my interest and I would like to learn more about what he has to say. I think it's pretty amazing to keep a physique like that in his 70's. I just want 1/2 of that and I'm a few decades younger, so I know I can do it!

If this man isn't inspiring, I don't know what is.

I'll be back next Friday with an update on the week to come. Hopefully, I'll do much better this week!

See you then!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 2: My Health and Weight Loss Journery to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

Today marks 2 weeks since I started my journey to get fit. 

Last weeks post is linked here.

I treated myself to some workout shorts (pictured above) from Old Navy. They were on sale for around $7 a piece. I paid less with a coupon as you can see in this fun fashion haul!

I get too hot to workout in the summer so I really needed some shorts instead of leggings. I love these ones but I definitely wouldn't wear them to the gym. They are really short!

I continued this week with Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD.

This week I started week 2/level 2 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD. 

I found the workout more challenging but still doable. 

I still have to modify my push-ups.

It was nice to begin a new workout as I was getting bored from doing the same one everyday and the extra challenge was nice as well. 

Here are my workouts for this past week:

Day 1- 20 Minutes on stepper
Day 2- Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (week 2/level 2)
Day 3- " (same as above)
Day 4- " (same as above)
Day 5- 30 minutes on stepper
Day 6- J.M. Ripped in 30 (week 2/ level 2)
Day 7- No workout

I weighed in this morning and there was no change from last week. It was disappointing after doing so much work - I went from doing nothing to working out everyday. But, I can feel muscles developing and that's motivation enough.

I'm excited to start week 3/ level 3 of the Ripped in 30 DVD and see how it goes.

I also have some nutritional supplements that I'm adding into my routine and it will be interesting to see if those help over the next week.

What workouts are you doing to get in shape? If you're just starting out like I am, let me know what you're doing to get in shape.


Beauty Sale: 20% off Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Pacifica, Mineral Fusion! Ends Apr 27th!

iHerb Beauty Sale!

Right now iHerb is offering 20% off of popular beauty brands such as Eco Tools, Real Techniques, Mineral Fusion, and Pacifica!

This sale rarely happens! So if  you are in the market to purchase some great, natural and cruelty free brands, now is the time to stock up!

This sale ends on Wednesday April 27th at 10am PST.

If you are new to iHerb you can save an additional $5 by entering code AGU725 at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

L'Oréal Paris Root Cover Up, Temporary Grey Concealer Spray in Dark Blonde #Review

I was selected by Influenster to try out a new product by Loreal Paris called Root Cover Up, Temporary Grey Concealer Spray.

As you can see from the photos, I am way overdue for getting my roots touched up. (oh, what a flattering photo.. the things we do in the name of product testing and beauty!) ;)

This product comes in a spray can and is super easy to use. It only took a few seconds to apply to my roots and another few seconds to dry. You don't want to touch your roots right after application or you will get it on your hands.

I got the colour Dark Blonde and it matched my roots well. It's a little warmer which I like, and it blends nicely with my highlights.

Best of all it covered my grey hairs up which I actually didn't even realize how many I had until I took this photo! (note: these results are with one pass. I'm sure I could get even more dramatic results with another pass).

If I wanted to match the colour to my highlights, I would have to go up to the lighter blonde shade.

This product will definitely help me feel more confident until I can finally get a chance to see my stylist.

Thank you to Loreal Paris and Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try this product out.

I received this product free from Influenster for trial purposes. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

#beautyquickie #rootsavedme


Monthly iHerb Haul- April! Health, Nutrition, and Beauty!

Here is this months iHerb haul!

I got some great oral care, some of the usual suspects, as well as a beauty product.

Most of these items are staples in my house and I purchase them on the regular.

Here is last months iHerb haul if you'd like to see what I purchased last month.

Clicking on any of the product links will take you straight to the product if you'd like to read more about any of them.

1. Jason Healthy Mouth-  This is the only mouthwash I use. It doesn't contain alcohol and it's loaded with healthy ingredients for oral health. Because it's concentrated and you dilute it with 1 part water, you end up with double the amount of product!

Info from iHerb:

Freshen your breath and keep your mouth healthy, without harsh abrasives or irritating chemicals.
Healthy Mouth mouthwash controls tartar two ways: Natural grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts help reduce tartar build-up. Tea tree oil, a well-known antimicrobial and antiseptic agent, helps defend the oral cavity against sugar acids and acid forming bacteria that could lead to periodontal problems. Aloe vera gel soothes gum irritation and our refreshing blend of natural clove and cinnamon oils keeps your breath fresh and clean

2. Madre Labs CocoCeps- I drink this organic cocoa powder in my morning smoothie everyday. It's a superfood and very tasty in a smoothie with some stevia and protein powder. It's heart healthy and contains immune boosting Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms. It's also a great alternative to coffee as it gives you energy without the jitters.

3. Jarrow Max DHA-This non-Gmo fish oil supports brain, eye, and heart health. I usually buy the big size but I'm currently finishing up another fish oil product and have decided to go back to this one. I feel better taking this one, and it also improves my skin and hair health.

Info from iHerb:

Max DHA contains omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil highly purified and concentrated by molecular distillation.
DHA is the predominant fatty acid in the brain, nervous system and retina of humans. DHA is important for fetal and infantile neurological development. DHA also supports neurological function in seniors.

4. Nature's Answer Rhodiola- This is a product that I cannot live without! This is my favourite Rhodiola product so far. It helps with stress and helps prevent my early morning wakings. (Not including cat awakenings!)

5. Now Foods Xyliwhite toothpaste- My favourite toothpaste! This toothpaste is fluoride free, SLS free, gluten free, and paraben free. It contains 25% Xylitol. Uses vegetarian/vegan ingredients! I have had better dental checkups ever since I started using this product.

6. Elf Kabuki Face brush- I've heard so many great things about this cruelty-free Kabuki brush so I had to get it. And, yes I busted it open right away to try it out and it is super soft!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased this month.

If you've never shopped at iHerb I highly recommend them for their huge product selection from health to beauty products and everything in between.

Their international shipping rates are so low. I actually had free shipping on this purchase which they offer fairly often. Otherwise I usually pay a flat rate of $4 usd to Canada.

They also have the best selection for vegan, vegetarian, and cruelty-free products.

You can get $5 off your first order by using this link or entering coupon code AGU725 during checkout.

As always, check with your health care provider before beginning any new supplements.

Happy shopping!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Game Changing Contour Brush For Under $2?!

I had to share a new favourite of mine!

Read on if you're interested in an awesome contour brush for less than $2!

I've always contoured parts of my face to try and hide and sculpt it the way I want. 

When I was in my late teens it was all about slimming my face and chiselling out my cheekbones.

Now that I'm older I don't want to chisel them so much as I've lost the baby fat with age. 

But, I do like to contour my nose and try and sculpt a more defined jawline. And, a little bit of cheek contouring can help make the cheekbones look more lifted or prominent.

As you can see it's a smaller sized brush. I think it's a perfect size. Especially since I'm big on nose contouring but I also find it perfect for my cheeks and jawline.

I purchased my contour brush from eBay for $1.94 CAD with free shipping. It took 3 months to get to me though! I didn't think it was ever going to arrive but eventually, it did.

Stock photo of eBay contour brush

This is my new eBay contour brush beside measuring tape in inches

When it arrived the bristles were stuck to the glue on the envelope that it came in.. I mean REALLY stuck. It took all my strength to pull the bristles free from the glue (it was some strong glue). And, surprisingly it didn't lose one single hair in the process! I couldn't believe it.

I used to use the contour brushes shown below. 

The fan-shaped brush is a typical one that comes with a lot of blush or bronzer compacts and instead of throwing them out, I liked to use them for contouring. 

They did an okay job, but once I tried my new contour brush there was no comparison!

My new brush has me contouring on most days. It's the perfect size for my face and it's super soft.

Note: You can also do a search for it using the wording in the above link. There should be many sellers to choose from that have this particular brush.

I have previously raved about some $1 eBay eye makeup brushes in a post found here. They are supposed to be Mac dupes! (And, I still love them)

I don't know what this brush is a dupe for, if anything, but I love it and highly recommend it!

LOL.. practicing contouring with my new brush and acting silly, of course!

Have you scored any awesome products lately?


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fun Old Navy Summer Fashion Haul! Poncho, Fitness/ Workout Clothing and More!

Okay, so we all know by now that I have a healthy addiction to clothing. Mostly the denim sort. Surprisingly there are no jeans in this haul as denim is my biggest weakness!

I just posted a Thrift haul (found here) last week! But, after getting an Old Navy email about some deals, I made 2 trips there in the last 2 weeks.

I get such a thrill from new things and finding great bargains, which I've become quite good at.

I know some of you love to see my fashion hauls so I thought I'd share my finds from my last 2 trips to Old Navy (which is quickly becoming my favourite store)!

I also sold some clothing to Plato's Closet and I started a "get fit journey (found here)" both of which helped me justify my purchases. :D

I got some deals that are pretty amazing!! I hope you enjoy seeing what I scored!

First Trip:

I had Old Navy cash/ bucks to use for this trip.

Hoodie (can never have enough) reg $35.
After sale + ON cash paid $8.73

Tanks on promo for $5 each. reg $24.94 (woah!) each.
After promo + ON cash paid $3.04 each!

Poncho I found on the clearance rack

I haven't worn a poncho since I was a kid but this (surprisingly) looked so good on!

It's like a poncho/ cardigan

It was the last one and didn't have a tag, not sure reg price.
After sale + ON cash paid $12.14

The bills show you how much you saved:

Total paid this trip: $26.95
Total saved this trip: $77.86

Second Trip:

I got an email that these workout shorts were on sale from $20 for $7 for one day only!

So, I ran to the store!

Shorts on promo for $7. 
After 10% off coupon paid only $6.30 per pair! 

Striped top reg $16.94 on promo for $5. 
After 10% off coupon paid $4.50

This top has a vented / open back. 

Really cute but I would wear a tank underneath.

Total for this trip: $23.40
Total saved: $53.36

I'd like to say I'm all set for summer clothes and workout gear, but I'm not gonna promise anything!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased over the last two weeks. 

If you want to find out about the best deals at Old Navy just sign up for their emails. 

Also, when you get the survey printed out with your receipt in store, make sure to do the surveys,. It's quick and you'll get a code for 10% off your next purchase!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, April 15, 2016

Paula's Choice VIP Secret Sale! 20% off + FREE Shipping on Everything! + $10 off!

I wanted to share a great sale going on at Paula's Choice skincare! 

Right now they are offering 20% off and FREE shipping on everything! Code VIPAPR16

Plus, get $10 off with this link (minimum $15 purchase).

Since you can stack coupons with Paula's Choice, sign up for their emails for another discount code that you can enter on checkout! 

I get some of the best deals when PC has these sales and you stack the coupons!  Haul coming soon!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thrift Store Haul! Women's Clothing from Salvation Army #thrifting

Lately I've been seeing so many people (online) finding great buys at thrift stores.

I started to get the urge to try this out myself. So, I went to my local Salvation Army.  I didn't find the same kind of pricing that I've been seeing in other people's hauls. I guess most of them are in the USA and their thrift stores are much cheaper. I see them get things from .50 cents to $2.50. 

My Salvation Army charges $3.99 for a used basic t shirt! I think that's a little cray cray! Honestly, I can go to Old Navy, hit up the clearance rack and pay less for brand new items! Luckily, the Salvation Army seems to be willing to negotiate prices.

I have to say, sifting through all the racks, searching for the "good stuff" is very time consuming. I was searching for new items, hopefully with retail tags still on them, good jeans, and high value items for low prices.

It was still a fun experiment and I may go from time to time to see what I can find. 

I was told they get 2500 new items of clothing every single day! Can you imagine!? I guess if you're good at snooping out the great deals you could go everyday and have a lot of success.

Here is my haul!

Forever 21 sweatshirt $5.99

Cleo tank top $7.99

American Eagle T-shirt $3.99
(this colour was SO nice on me I had to get it!)

Esprit Jacket $14.99

Columbia button down with sun protection $7.99

Company 81 button down $5.99

Total before negotiation = $46.94

After negotiation = $25.00 ($4.17 per piece)

Total savings = 21.94

Because they are a non-profit organization they don't charge taxes.

The prices shown for each piece are the prices the store had each item listed at but I negotiated with them and in total I paid $25 for everything. That works out to $4.17 per piece which I guess isn't bad. The Esprit jacket was very well loved and needed a lot of repairs so that brought the $14.99 way down in price. I can't remember exactly how much each piece came down to but I just gave myself a budget of $20 (which I obviously went over) and wanted to see how far it could go.

I don't usually wear button downs, but I was attracted to these for some reason. I'm sure I wouldn't have bought them in a regular retail store, so I hope they don't end up just sitting there, I really hope I wear them! I'm sure the Columbia one with sun protection has a really high retail price, and it looks like it was maybe worn once. 

Perhaps being in an unusual shopping situation had me buying outside my norm.. which may be a good thing. I'm so used to getting the same types of things that I know I like and suit me. This could be a good thing, we shall see.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thrifted!

Do you go thrift shopping? What are your favourite places to thrift at? Do you have any tips or secrets for successful thrifting?


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ebay Beauty Sponge vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Dupe or Dud?!

Hi everyone! You all know how I love a great deal and there's plenty to be found on eBay. I previously purchased some fabulous $1 makeup brushes from eBay that are supposed to be Mac dupes (linked here). So I figured why not give this sponge a shot. For only $2 with free shipping, I didn't have much to lose.

I'm sure many of you love a good bargain too, so today I wanted to compare this beauty sponge from eBay with the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge.  I had heard they were dupes. 

Let's find out

(above: eBay sponge)

Unfortunately, I no longer have my Real Techniques sponge, so I can't do a side by side comparison. But I can tell you that the eBay one is slightly larger in size.

Here is the Real Techniques Sponge (Stock photo)

Here is the ebay beauty sponge

Compared to my hand (sponge expanded with water here)

The foundation does stain both sponges and even with a good cleaning the stains are not fully removed.

  • ebay sponge: $2
  • RT sponge: $6

  • Both sponges are the same colour and shape
  • Both have a flat edge and a pointed tip on the other end
  • Both sponges expand with water 
  • Approximately the same size

This is where the similarities end.


  1. The Real techniques sponge is much softer and a pleasure to use (no comparison here)
  2. Even when wet, the eBay sponge is very hard against my face. It doesn't soften.
  3. The Real techniques sponge blends my foundation effortlessly into my skin, leaving no streaks
  4. The eBay sponge doesn't blend my foundation or BB cream into my skin. I am left with streaks and swirls of makeup on my face. I don't think any of us are going for that look! 

Final verdict: This was a dud! I find the Real Techniques sponge is far superior and worth every penny more than the eBay one. Again, no comparison!

As much as I love a good deal, this is one I will pass on and spend more for better quality and performance. Unless of course, I discover another cheaper "dupe" that works just as well as the Real Techniques one.

And by the way, I do highly recommend the $1 eBay brushes that I mentioned earlier in this post. If you didn't go check that post out I'll link it again here in case you'd like to go check it out.

I purchased my Real Techniques Complexion sponge for $5.99 here. I think next time I may go with the 2 pack for $10.99. Why not save a buck!  (Note: Using either of these links will get you $5 off your order if you have never shopped with iHerb before).

Maybe there are some better "dupes" out there than what I tried. If you know of any, please leave a comment and share! I just love saving money and finding great products at the same time!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Fitness: My Health and Weight Loss Journery to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

Like a lot of people, I packed on a few pounds over the winter. Even though I'm 5.7", even 5 or 10 pounds makes a big difference on me. I don't feel or look good.

Last year I did a 30 day fitness challenge -(linked here), which was a bit of a success but not entirely as life got in the way near the end of the 30 days.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it either, because sometimes things beyond our control can get in the way of the best intentions.

This time I'm starting my get fit and weight loss journey with no "end date" in mind. Most of my life I have been involved in fitness to some degree with the exception of the last few years. I've always wanted exercise to be a part of my life, not something I do until a certain date and then stop. That wasn't even my intention when I did that 30 day challenge, it was just something I wanted to challenge myself to do for fun and to get the workout ball rolling.

For this journey, I will document all of my workouts and post them weekly. I usually do various types of exercises from yoga, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), weights, and cardio.

I will also document my weight loss and will weigh in once a week.

As I've gotten older I've found I lose weight very slowly and not as easily as when I was younger. These days, I don't usually lose weight with just exercise, it's going to take some modifications to my diet if I'm going to lose weight. I'm not going to go on a "diet" but I will watch my portions and do my best to eat healthier foods.

I have 9 lbs to lose based on my weight today. It doesn't sound like a lot but it looks and feels like a lot to me. I can just imagine what 9 lbs of fat looks like and it's not pretty! I'm fairly certain that I've seen what 5 lbs (or so) looks like on some Dr. Oz episode.

Ultimately, I do want to join a gym. I've wanted to get into weight lifting for quite some time and the type of weight lifting that I want to do, the amount I want to lift, isn't something I can do at home nor do I have the equipment. I currently have a pair of 5 lb weights and 8 lb weights. I can't go too far with those but it's a start.

I don't just want to lose a few pounds, I really want to get fit, firm, and healthy!

Today was day 1- I did Jillian Michael's DVD "Ripped in 30."

Next week I will post my 1 week update with all the workouts I chose to do over the week and any weight loss results.

If anyone wants to join me on this journey, check in weekly here on my site and share what workouts you are doing in the comments or check me out on Instagram (link at top of page). I'm sure we can get some ideas and inspiration from each other.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fashion Finds: Vince Camuto Hinch Rain Boots in Black!

I don't often blog about fashion. It's actually my first love! Yes, before makeup and skin care but not by far. I've just loved fashion for as long as I can remember. When I'd come home from kindergarten and find out my mom went shopping for clothes for me, it always felt like the happiest day of my life!

My style is always evolving depending on my age and lifestyle etc. At this time I'm in a super-casual mode. But, I find super-casual can be stylish too!

I'd like to share more of my fashion finds. I'm a great bargain hunter- although this post isn't really a "bargain" item per say but they were on sale. hehe

This is my very first pair of designer boots. They are called the "Hinch" boot by Vince Camuto and they look a lot like my winter boots from Target but they're rain boots. I thought it seemed kind of funny that I finally get my first pair of designer boots and they're rain boots, like couldn't I have gotten a "real" boot.... If you know what I mean.

I love the style of these boots and they offer a lot more support and cushioning than a typical rain boot. 

I thought they came just in time for the spring showers, but alas we are still getting wintry blasts..

I scored these boots on for 30% off with free shipping. The regular price was $140 and I paid $98. has free shipping both ways which is great in case you need to return an item. If you've never shopped there before they have a lot of high end brands. I love the brands of jeans they carry, although I'd wait for a sale to purchase them. I got a Bench jacket from for my birthday in February and I love it!

Here's a link to their website if you want to check them out! They have a lot of housewares, jewelry, and other goods as well. It can get a little addicting.

You may see these boots again as I'm going to try to do a monthly round up of my purchases at the end of each month.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my first designer boot purchase.

Have you ever shopped at  If so, what do you like to shop there for?


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Limited Edition Real Techniques Makeup Brushes by Samantha Chapman Deluxe 5 Brushes + Clutch!

I wanted to share this fabulous deal with my beauty loving readers while it's still on sale and available!

If you like makeup and makeup tools like I do you probably won't want to pass up this LE (limited edition) 5 piece makeup brush set by Real Techniques with a clutch! 

The retail price is $30. It's on sale for $18.99 USD but you can get it for $13.99 with a 5% off coupon! On check out just enter coupon code AGU725 for 5% off. Or you can just click on this link to activate it.

This is an amazing deal for this set and I'm not sure how long it will be at this price for. Since it's Limited Edition, once it's gone it's gone!

Here are the deets and what's included:
  • High Definition Results
  • Online Tutorials Make You the Expert
  • 2 Exclusive Brushes + Clutch
This full face set and a sleek clutch will glam up your makeup routine. Transform your look with this collector's edition deluxe gift set.
  • Look pixel perfect even in harsh light
  • Ultra Plush Bristles
Reveal Your Inner Expert with High-Tech Brushes + Online Tutorials.

Set Includes
  • Multi-task brush
  • Tapered foundation brush
  • Angled highlighter brush
  • Base shadow brush
  • fine liner brush
  • Glam-to-go clutch
Suggested Use
Multi-Task Brush: For effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer.
Exclusive Tapered Foundation Brush: Features a dense, rounded head for a perfect complexion
Exclusive Angled Highlighter Brush: Add glow to your cheeks or use for contouring of the nose
Base Shadow Brush: Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color
Fine Liner Brush: For precision application of liquid of cream eyeliner.
Exclusive Glam-To-Go-Clutch: Stores brushes for touching up your look on-the-go.

Happy shopping!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Live Clean Vitamin Multi Boost Shampoo & Conditioner #review

I'm always excited when my favourite line of drugstore hair care comes out with some new products and I can't wait to share them with you!

Live Clean has introduced a new shampoo and conditioner to it's line up called Vitamin Multi Boost! It's loaded with hair-restoring ingredients to create and restore healthy, strong hair. 

This line was created to achieve healthy hair with ingredients known for their restorative abilities. They're Infused with vitamins for your hair as well as healthy, organic oils like avocado for soft, shiny and healthy hair.

I've always believed in nourishing my skin and hair with nutrients from the inside out and the outside in as well. I take my vitamins and supplements everyday and I also like to apply them to my skin, so why not my hair!?  It makes sense to me.

Multi Boost Shampoo

From Live Clean: The shampoo Gently cleanses and conditions. Is enriched with an exclusive vitamin complex (B5/Provitamin B, D, K) and avocado extract. Helps to fuse split ends, increase shine, nourish and hydrate.

My experience: The shampoo lathers up beautifully and my hair immediately felt soft and moisturized, it also smoothed and detangled my hair while I was sudsing up! It only took one lather to make my hair feel super clean and moisturized.

Multi Boost Conditioner

From Live Clean: Enriched with an exclusive vitamin complex (B5/Provitamin B, D, K), and avocado extract. Provides concentrated conditioning without weighing down hair. Helps fuse split ends, increase shine, nourish and hydrate. Smooths hair's fibre surface to restore brilliance.

My experience: The conditioner also did wonders to detangle my hair. My hair immediately felt smooth and soft and and became much more manageable.

Overall, my hair feels softer and more hydrated, and my naturally unruly hair became much more manageable and easier to style. My dried, split ends do appear mended. I have naturally frizzy and very unruly hair and I am WAY overdue for a haircut. So, I am really impressed with my results. 

It's what's inside that counts:
  • Vitamin E to improve the hair quality and texture and smooth the fibre surface of the hair preventing splitting and dryness. 
  • Vitamin B to nourish the hair strands 
  • Vitamin K supports the follicle, making dry, brittle hair soft and shiny
  • Vitamin D supports the maintenance of healthy looking hair
  • Avocado extract for hair health and conditioning (avocado contains vitamins A, E, K, C, B6, copper, fibre, folate and protein!)
  • Plant derived / 98% plant ingredients

And, what's not inside: (many of these are hormone disruptor's)
  • SLS/Sulfate free
  • Phthalate free
  • Petrolatum free
  • Silicone free
  • Dye free
  • Paraben free
  • DEA free
  • Phosphate free

What else I love:
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains biodegradable ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging
  • eco friendly

Live Clean has never disappointed me with their products and this new shampoo and conditioner is no exception.

Live Clean has been my go-to drugstore brand for hair care probably for as long as they've been on the market. I've always said that their packaging is simple but their products work! Every single product that I've tried by Live Clean does what it claims. I haven't found one product in their line that I don't like. I haven't tried them all (yet) but I've tried a lot. My extremely difficult hair loves this line! 

They are Canadian, cruelty free, and so affordable! They work as good as, if not better than high end products but at such an affordable price. I've always said they are the hidden gems at the drugstore.

I love them as much for what their products don't contain as what they do contain!

Both the shampoo and conditioner retail for $6.99 for a 350ml size bottle. They are available at Walmart and Loblaws. 

Have you tried Live Clean's products? If so, what are your favourites?

* I received these as PR samples. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra-Protective Creme-Gel Moisturizer #Review

I was so excited to get the opportunity to try out Lise Watier's Hydraforce Moisturizer thanks to Lise Watier and GlamSense. As most of my readers know I am a total skincare junkie and I love to test out new skincare products, and this is my first experience with any Lise Watier product!

I received a full size jar of Lise Watier's Hydraforce for normal to dry skin accompanied by an interesting little blue device (more on that in a moment).

This moisturizer is part of Lise Watier's new line of weatherproof moisturizers that is tested in extreme conditions, and proven to increase skins moisture levels 3X.

Info from Lise Watier's website:
The formula’s effectiveness lies on the remarkable power of Gaspé Algae Extract. A survivor of harsh environments, the Gaspé algae has developed a highly efficient resistance system, enabling it to thrive in severe conditions. Its extract guarantees the skin’s global hydration, transforming it into a veritable defensive shield.

My skin bio: My skin is combo/oily but dehydrated and acne prone, add in the fact that I'm aging and it's tough to find skincare that is hydrating enough but doesn't cause me to breakout.

The moisturizer has a refreshing scent, nothing overwhelming and it dissipates shortly after application.

The consistency is like a cream-gel hybrid and very refreshing on the skin.

I found that the cream sinks right into my skin without any greasy residue and a little really does go a long way. It also made a fantastic base for my makeup!

I should note, that although I like to layer my moisturizers with serums and oils (that's just the skincare junkie that I am), I did not need to with this moisturizer. It was hydrating enough on it's own!

My skin was left feeling hydrated all day long. It was so soft and plump that I seriously couldn't stop touching it.. I know that's a no-no! I found the cream very soothing to my dehydrated and reactive skin, and I didn't experience any breakouts or irritation whatsoever. I was left with plump, youthful looking and feeling skin. My skin looks firmer and my pores are much smaller. I couldn't be happier with my results!

Now, about the little blue device. This instrument has sensors that detects the amount of moisture in your skin. It works in conjunction with Lise Watier's Hydra-Detect App that you download to your phone.

After downloading their Hydra-Detect app on my phone and plugging the instrument into my cell phone, it's ready to detect the levels of moisture in the skin simply by holding the sensors against my skin.

Just wait till you see the results in the charts below!

The Hydra-Detect App

As you can see the app is divided up into; Hand, T-zone, and cheek, where you will check your moisture levels.

This part of the app shows the various levels of moisture and what they mean ie. dry, hydrated etc.

I took before and after shots of the app showing the moisture levels in various parts of my skin. As you will see, the results were remarkable!

The pictures on the left are before application of Hydraforce, the pictures to the right are after application of Hydraforce.


As you can see (above) my cheek went from 51.2% to 84.8% after application of the Hydraforce moisturizer. 

I was impressed!


 Here my T-Zone went from a low 37.6% to 72.1%!


Lastly, my hand went from 32.3% to 64.2%

Chart Summary

This is a fantastic moisturizer for anyone! Moisture is the foundation to youthful looking skin. I am of the belief that even oilier skin types need moisture. So, if you're stripping your skin like I used to, stop, and give it the moisture it craves! When you dehydrate your skin, you age it, and can cause acne and wrinkles. I should know, I dehydrated my skin for a long time.. until I knew better. 

Now, I can have plumped, younger looking skin without the acne! It's a win-win!

This product also comes in a formula for normal-combination skin and there is also a lip balm in this line which is on my list to try.

This product retails for $45 CAD for 45ml

I received this product free for testing purposes, all opinions are my own.


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