Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thrift Store Haul! Women's Clothing from Salvation Army #thrifting

Lately I've been seeing so many people (online) finding great buys at thrift stores.

I started to get the urge to try this out myself. So, I went to my local Salvation Army.  I didn't find the same kind of pricing that I've been seeing in other people's hauls. I guess most of them are in the USA and their thrift stores are much cheaper. I see them get things from .50 cents to $2.50. 

My Salvation Army charges $3.99 for a used basic t shirt! I think that's a little cray cray! Honestly, I can go to Old Navy, hit up the clearance rack and pay less for brand new items! Luckily, the Salvation Army seems to be willing to negotiate prices.

I have to say, sifting through all the racks, searching for the "good stuff" is very time consuming. I was searching for new items, hopefully with retail tags still on them, good jeans, and high value items for low prices.

It was still a fun experiment and I may go from time to time to see what I can find. 

I was told they get 2500 new items of clothing every single day! Can you imagine!? I guess if you're good at snooping out the great deals you could go everyday and have a lot of success.

Here is my haul!

Forever 21 sweatshirt $5.99

Cleo tank top $7.99

American Eagle T-shirt $3.99
(this colour was SO nice on me I had to get it!)

Esprit Jacket $14.99

Columbia button down with sun protection $7.99

Company 81 button down $5.99

Total before negotiation = $46.94

After negotiation = $25.00 ($4.17 per piece)

Total savings = 21.94

Because they are a non-profit organization they don't charge taxes.

The prices shown for each piece are the prices the store had each item listed at but I negotiated with them and in total I paid $25 for everything. That works out to $4.17 per piece which I guess isn't bad. The Esprit jacket was very well loved and needed a lot of repairs so that brought the $14.99 way down in price. I can't remember exactly how much each piece came down to but I just gave myself a budget of $20 (which I obviously went over) and wanted to see how far it could go.

I don't usually wear button downs, but I was attracted to these for some reason. I'm sure I wouldn't have bought them in a regular retail store, so I hope they don't end up just sitting there, I really hope I wear them! I'm sure the Columbia one with sun protection has a really high retail price, and it looks like it was maybe worn once. 

Perhaps being in an unusual shopping situation had me buying outside my norm.. which may be a good thing. I'm so used to getting the same types of things that I know I like and suit me. This could be a good thing, we shall see.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thrifted!

Do you go thrift shopping? What are your favourite places to thrift at? Do you have any tips or secrets for successful thrifting?



  1. I have the worst luck thrift shopping! I think my patience/interest tends to wear out after 20 mins of searching racks and only finding well worn clothing!
    In Australia it became 'trendy' a few years ago, so I agree with you Amy that I don't always find it cheap!

    1. I hear you! In the USA I see them get brand new items for .50 cents. They have days where everything is one low price or fill up a big brown bag for $15! My Aunt lived in NZ, and always said that Canada was way behind trends and such over there. Just goes to show as thrifting seems to becoming popular here just now!

  2. Love the items you found and how awesome they negotiated the prices with you. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores, when I am in the right mood. I agree US Salavation Army does have lower prices.

    1. Thanks, Joan! I had no idea that they negotiate. A women waiting to check out told me then showed me how. lol


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