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7 Yoga Exercises that Help Accelerate Hair Growth

7 Yoga Exercises that Help Accelerate Hair Growth

Losing our hair undoubtedly feels awful and it creates a great havoc on our mind. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, both men and women suffer from hair loss. Especially when it comes to the latter, every woman wishes for long, healthy and shiny hair.

There are a number of reasons that can lead to hair loss, such as age, environmental pollution, poor diet, stress or hormonal unbalance. No doubt, technologies have definitely made our lives easier but everything has its own pros and cons. We look for temporary solutions to combat hair loss, like cosmetic products or hair styling products, without addressing the cause from within.

As beauty comes from the mind and a healthy mind leads to healthy living, It is important to maintain a balance in your life. For this, yoga is your ultimate guide to a strong mind and healthy body. Furthermore, yoga can be exceptionally beneficial for hair growth. The more downward-facing yoga positions you do, the more blood goes to your scalp and follicles, resulting in faster and healthy hair growth.

There are various factors that can lead to hair loss, including but not limited to:
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Thyroid
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Stress
How does yoga help with hair growth? 

Yoga has many wonderful benefits for a healthy body, healthy skin and healthy hair. At the same time, it is very important that you maintain a healthy diet and eating habits, which will also boost your yoga practice and hair growth simultaneously. Yoga and pranayama have been proven as an effective method for improving overall health. Yoga will benefit your hair by:
  • Removing stress & anxiety
  • Enhancing blood circulation to your scalp
  • Increasing oxygen transport to the brain
  • Increasing better nutrient absorption 
  • Balancing hormones
  • Improving digestion
  • Improving physical and mental health

Best yoga poses for hair growth

Ancient yoga practice has now become popular worldwide. Following are seven yoga exercises for hair growth:

1. Balayam Yoga

Balayam yoga for hair growth is one of the simplest and most natural yoga exercises mentioned in the ancient books of yoga.

Benefits of Balayam yoga:
  • There are nerve endings below our fingernails which stimulate the blood supply to hair follicles.
How to do:
  1. Bring your hands close and rub your fingernails (except thumb) of both your hands.
  2. Try to rub the surface of the fingernails hardly against each other.

2. Sarvangasana 
Image Source:

Also known as shoulder stand pose, Sarvangasana is considered one of the best asanas. It also supports hair growth by activating the most important glands of the body. 

Benefits of Sarvangasana :

The most important benefit of this asana is that it addresses the thyroid and parathyroid glands. By bending the neck, there is increased blood circulation to these glands.

How to do:
  1. Stand straight and take a big step to right.
  2. Wider the stance you will do easier will be the stretch.
  3. Try to keep your spine straight and bend forward and grab your ankles.
  4. Keep this position for few minutes and take rest for sometime before repeating

3. Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana
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Also known as standing separate leg stretching pose, this asana is the eighth of the 26 Bikram poses.
It increases the circulation to the brain and adrenal glands. When these hormones do not work properly, testosterone levels changes, which can lead to hair loss. Bikram yoga can fight hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances.

How to do:
  1. Stand straight and take a big step to your right.
  2. By widening your stance, it will be easier to stretch.
  3. Try to keep your spine straight while bending forward and grabbing your ankles.
  4. Keep this position for a few minutes and take a short rest before repeating.

4. Sirsasana

Also known as headstand, this pose helps relieve stress and calms the mind. Sirsasana also helps solve endocrine-related problems and improves blood circulation.

Benefits of Sirsasana:

Sirsasana helps rejuvenate and revitalize the brain by directing an enriched supply of oxygenated blood to the brain cells. As a result, scalp cells gets nourished, which leads to hair growth.

How to do:
  • Kneel down with your buttocks resting on the heels of your feet.
  • Lean forward and place your forearms on the floor and interlock the fingers of both of your hands.
  • Place the top of your head flat on the floor while pressing the back of your head against the interlocked arms and lift your heels.
  • Stay still in this position and return to normal position after a few minutes.

5. Ustrasana
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Also known as camel pose, Ustrasana directs the blood flow towards the scalp, while also balancing any abnormalities of the thyroid gland that can also lead to hair loss.

Benefits of Ustrasana:
  • It increases the blood circulation to the brain and scalp cells, leading to hair growth
  • It also regulates the thyroxin hormone of the thyroid which can lead to hair loss.
How to do:
  • Sit on your knees while keeping your body straight.
  • Bow your spine backward and touch the heels of your feet.
  • Move your face upwards and retain this position for a few minutes and slowly come back to normal position.

6. Vajrasana
Image Source: The Fit Indian

Also known as diamond pose or thunderbolt pose, Vajrasana will make your body as strong as a diamond! It is one of the easiest yoga poses, and you can even perform it after finishing your meal.
Benefits of Vajrasana:

Vajrasana helps improve digestion and increases the blood supply to all parts of the body. With the increased supply of blood, our scalp cells (i.e. dermal papillae cells) also get nourished, resulting in hair growth.
How to do:
  • Simply sit down on a flat surface and bend your legs backward.
  • Try to match your ankles to buttocks and retain this position for a few minutes.

7. Uttanasana
Image Source: Yoga Destiny

Also known as standing forward bend, Uttanasana helps rejuvenate the entire body. You can practice this asana in the morning or in the evening.

Benefits of Uttanasana:
  • It helps in the proper blood circulation in the upper part of the body.
  • It also helps to provide relief from stress and anxiety, which are one of the main causes of hair loss.
How to do:
  • Stretch your hamstrings and abdomen muscles and bend downwards.
If you will do these yoga poses regularly, along with natural remedies for a healthy hair, you will surely be able to combat your hair loss.

Author Bio: Dr. Kapil Dua, Co-founder, Chairman & Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon of AK Clinics. He always stresses the importance of best results & patient-physician relationship in the era of hair restoration.

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Healthy is Beautiful, Beautiful is Healthy: The Relationship Between Health and Beauty

Healthy is Beautiful, Beautiful is Healthy: The Relationship Between Health and Beauty

In the current age of social media, it is easy to get caught up in skewed perceptions of our physical self. Societal ideals of beauty focus heavily on vanity, rather than what is truly important, the inner self. Rather than vanity, beauty is found in the things which make us happy and whole. But how does one recognize the importance of maintaining their health in order to change their perception of beauty?

Owning a practice with a focus on both physical and spiritual health, Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra of MIMIT Health encourages patients to recognize their health as important and beautiful. Dr. Chopra combines both holistic and modern health practices, to treat the body as a vessel which needs the utmost quality of care. The meaning of beauty, he believes, is not limited to concepts of vanity, but exists within the person.

Health is one of the most, if not the most, important thing we have in life so without our health, what do we have? Despite the ideals that have been instilled in us for decades from society and pop culture, there are ways to turn correct them and learn that being healthy is the best way to be beautiful. Dr. Chopra has tips on recalibrate the brain to that way of thinking.

Mind and body balance: When a person is able to find a balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion, there is harmony. If those four components fall out of balance, it can lead to negative effects on overall health. Through holistic and modern medicine, it is instilled through self-care and lifestyle how to strike that balance and maintain it. Finding this balance creates a harmony that projects inner and outer beauty

Self-care: Self-care is key to learning that healthy equates to beauty because it allows one to be in tune with what their body is trying to tell them. It is about assessing what stressors and factors might be contributing to the cause of the aliments the body is fighting. If we are able to identify the outside factors, such as stress, lack of sleep, etc., then it is easier to take the steps to change those factors and find a level peace within oneself. When at peace, the inner health radiates out to reflect beauty on the outside.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is very similar to the act of self-care. While self-care is being aware of what the body is trying to tell us and correcting it, lifestyle is about incorporating self-care into everyday life to establish a continued balance. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can consist of a number of components ranging from taking a daily prescription to adjusting diet and exercise routines. If there is nothing to release serotonin and endorphins the body will feel stagnant and heavy, which creates a negative outlook of self. With a balanced schedule that includes proper sleep schedules, exercise and eating right, the body will find its balance on the inside, which is exuded outward with clearer skin, better mood, etc.

Know yourself: Everyone is born with different bodies; tall, short, broad, lanky, etc. Being in tune with how your body helps us determine what will make you healthy. Finding not only a balance of diet and exercise that works for an individual body type, finding a balance of doing things on the day to day that makes you happy will help project your inner peace and beauty outwards. If we spend all our time working and not engaging in things that make us happy, the body will not only not be healthy but it won’t feel beautiful as a result. Burning the candle at both ends won’t work easy, balance is key.

Despite the standard of beauty set by society, there are a number of ways to correct that train of thought. Knowing that you are healthy should be the key to feeling beautiful, and being healthy is the key to projecting inner health outwards. Balance of mind, body and soul is one of the best ways to bring inner and outer beauty together in harmony. To be balanced and healthy is the new definition of being beautiful.

About Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, M.D:
Dr Romi Chopra is an interventional radiologist with over 30 years’ experience in the field of interventional radiology and endovascular therapy. The standards for his daily work were set after completing his medical studies and training in Mumbai, India, followed by his fellowship and residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the US. After working extensively in academia and research, Dr. Chopra became one of the youngest heads of an interventional radiology department in the US. Eager to share his experience, he placed great emphasis on training and introduced a wide range of education and research programs for students, colleagues, and residents. At the same time, however, he was committed to keeping the focus firmly on patient needs at all times.

Dr. Chopra opened the Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies (MIMIT) in 2004. As an interventional radiology and endovascular therapy practice, MIMIT specializes in minimally invasive treatments for arterial disease such as peripheral artery disease (PAD), uterine fibroid disease (UFE), venous disease and musculoskeletal disease (spine interventions).

Dr. Chopra believes the path to long-term success lies in treating patients’ spirit, mind and body – not just their medical conditions. His institute has given him the opportunity to create a well-thought-out environment where patients and their families can feel calm, get the information they need and be treated with cutting-edge healthcare technologies.

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How to: Hacks to Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally!

If you're like me and suffer from horrible menstrual cramps every month, I want to share with you something that I wish someone told long ago! It would have saved me decades of unnecessary suffering.

First, let me start by saying that menstrual cramps can have many causes from PCOS (which I have had) to more serious causes,  so you should always check with your doctor and rule out anything serious, and get the okay to take any medications and/or supplements.

After suffering from severe cramps for over a decade, one day, I found out about a natural way to reduce my horrible cramps substantially.  I was with a boyfriend who was seeing a very expensive natural doctor in Yorkville and before we left, he said: "Hey, Doc, any recommendations for monthly cramps for my Girlfriend?" The doctor replied that I should take a calcium/magnesium supplement every day for at least 10 days before the onset of my period. Seemed so simple, and it was!

I picked up some calcium/ magnesium supplements right away and followed the doctor's orders. To my delight, when my period came, the pain was about a 2 out of 10 vs. the usual 8 or 9 out of 10. Keep in mind, you must take the calcium/magnesium for at least 10 full days leading up to your period. If you just take it the day before your period or on the day of, it will not reduce the pain. If you have trouble swallowing pills, a liquid calcium/magnesium supplement will work just as well, if not better due to the better absorption.

Shown are some of my go-to products. I've been using them for years.

Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Liquid Calcium/Magnesium

Also, a heating pad can work wonders! But, we obviously can't always be attached to a heating pad all day. If you can't spend all day on your heating pad, there are also stick on heat patches that were created for back pain that can be used. Just place a patch on your tummy and the heat will penetrate your skin and help reduce the pain. These patches are another great hack for relieving cramps naturally.

Heating Pad
Heat Patches

And, don't forget to make some time to relax as relaxing the muscles is what reduces much of the pain. Sip some hot beverages, too. Preferably chamomile and/or ginger tea as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

A tip worth mentioning is to stay away from caffeine as it can worsen cramps as it's a stimulant and vasoconstrictor, which means that it makes blood vessels constrict and that can also worsen cramping of the uterus.

I wish I had learned these tips sooner as it would have saved me from so much suffering... these hacks really work! This isn't to say that I never take some Ibuprofen. There are times that I forget to take my calcium/magnesium for the 10 days prior and I have to turn to Ibuprofen for relief.

I hope these hacks help you if you also suffer from debilitating cramps. I'd love to hear if these hacks work for you or if you have any other tips and hacks to relieve cramps naturally.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Beauty Lover With FarleyCo Beauty!

Today, I'm sharing some fabulous stocking stuffer ideas for the beauty lover on your shopping list. Some of these are absolute favourites of mine and all are super affordable! 🎁

EcoTools makes some of my favourite makeup brushes. They are priced right, are super soft and they don't shed. They are also a cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand.

The set featured here is their Start the Day Beautifully Kit and includes a storage tray, angled foundation brush, blurring brush, defined crease brush, angled liner brush, and full blush brush. SRP $18.99.

Available online and at many drugstores.

You can also find them here:

Real Techniques is another one of my favourite affordable makeup brush brands. They are also cruelty-free and their products are innovative and high-quality. I've yet to have a Real Techniques brush that has shed on me.

This Mini Multitask Brush is perfect for travel or to keep in your makeup bag as it has a short handle but it has a full-size head, so you'll get the same application and results as you would with the full-size brush. SRP $8.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailers, and online.

Also available

If you have someone on your list who loves to stay organized or is tight on space, check out this Real Techniques Single Pocket Expert Organizer. You can store anything in here from makeup brushes to skincare, or any kind of tools you wish. It securely clings to glossy bathroom surfaces like glass, mirrors, marble, tiles, and laminate with no residue, no suction cups, adhesives, and no wall mounts needed. SRP $14.99.

Available at most drugstores and online.

Can also be found

7th Heaven face masks are so affordable and accessible. They have over 50 face and hair products so there is definitely something for everyone.  They stay away from harsh and toxic chemicals and always use all natural ingredients whenever possible. They are also cruelty-free! SRP $1.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailer, and online.

Can also be found

Splat Hair Color makes fun and affordable hair colouring products that you can use at home. From fun pastels to super vibrant shades, there's a colour for everyone! Some of their products leave permanent results, while others can be washed out.

Featured here is their Midnight Amethyst Hair Color. SRP $14.99

Splat Midnight hair color kits is made for having fun and expressing yourself - anytime, anywhere, any way you please. And no one gives you more vivid color than Splat.
This bleach free kit contains everything you need for one dye job: dye, instructions, gloves, the works. And this color lasts, you can expect our color to last up to 30 washes depending on your hair type. Splat - If you can dream it, you can dye it.

Available at most drugstores.

Also available

Flexitol Heel Magic is literally like magic for your feet! I have used this product in the past and was blown away. The stick type applicator makes it easy to apply to your feet and heels and is mess-free. It claims visible results in 3 days and I had visible results after one application before bed. It transformed my dry scaly heels and made them look sandal-ready. No skin cream has ever worked remotely as well as this product does. My partner always wants to steal mine, so this is a great unisex product for gift-giving! Flexitol also has lip care products as well as products specially formulated for eczema. SRP $14.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailers and online.

Can also be found

MesmorEyes Full Lashes are the first false lash brand that I ever tried. I like that they specify what eye shape each set of lashes is suitable for. For example, they specify that this particular set is suitable for almond, mono, round, and hooded eyes. I found them very easy to apply and they stayed on all day. This is their Dramatic Lash set in #304. SRP $5.99.

Available at drugstores, Amazon, and online.

Can also be found

I hope you liked these beauty stocking stuffer ideas and hopefully, it gave you some ideas for the beauty-lover on your list!

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