Sunday, December 8, 2019

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer #Review

I finally "hit pan" on my Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer in the shade Bronzer. This bronzer definitely took time to grow on me. The formula is fabulous, it's soft and buttery just as the name implies. The shade can look a little muddy on me though because I find the Bronzer shade to be more of a contour shade, so I use a light hand. I like to bronze all over for a sunkissed look, because of this, I actually prefer bronzers with a bit of a red undertone to mimic a fake tan. I find the darker shade from this line "Dark Bronzer" (which is waiting patiently in the wings for me to use it) has more of a red undertone, so I prefer that one for an all over bronzed up look . These bronzers do have a sweet tropical scent which fades once applied. I'm really not offended nor sold by the scent. I actually prefer unscented beauty products but it wouldn't stop me from purchasing this product. 

My all-time favourite bronzer is still Laura Geller's Bronze n' Brighten and it's been my favourite for at least 10 years! But since I like to try new products, I had purchased the Butter Bronzers to give them a go. You never know if you'll find a new favourite, eh? Until I use this up, I will alternate my PF Butter Bronzers and my Laura Geller one, which I use in medium, btw.

Overall, the formula is fantastic and now there are 4 shades to choose from Light, BronzerDeep,  and Sunkissed, so there is something for everyone. Physician's Formula is a Cruelty-free brand. Plus, they are accessible and affordable if you wait for a sale. Right now all shades are half price at $7.69 on

Shop Physicians Formula Butter Bronzers HERE.

What's your favourite bronzer? 

Hope everyone has a great week ahead. 

XO's Amy

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Philosophy Renewed Hope in A Jar Peeling Mousse, Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer + Time in A Bottle Serum Review

I had the pleasure of testing out Philosophy's Renewed Hope in A Jar Peeling Mousse, Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer, as well as their Time in A bottle Resist, Renew and Repair Serum thanks to Topbox Circle

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Although each sample was only 7ml's they did last me for a week, using AM + PM. Granted, this isn't nearly enough time to gauge any long term effects but it was enough time to notice some results.

Firstly, I love that these products are unscented. Although, I'm not against products with fragrance, I definitely prefer products that do not have any fragrance.  I have aging, combo, dehydrated and reactive skin. I was actually having a breakout all over my face from some other products that I had just started using when I received these samples. I started the Philosophy samples right away and found them very soothing on my skin. When I woke the next morning, my breakouts were going away already! I was already a fan based on that alone.

The Peeling Mousse is similar to some other products that I've used in the past where it's supposed to exfoliate your face as you massage the product into your skin, and your dead skin cells bead up and roll into little balls. I have never been sure if this is actually skin or the product that's beading up. However, I can say that my skin looked clearer, fresher, softer, and brighter after using this exfoliator. 

The Renew and Repair Serum, also unscented, absorbs nicely and doesn't leave my skin with any sticky residue or greasy feel. It's perfect under the Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer and also underneath makeup. It adds a bit of hydration and is very gentle on my reactive skin. I would love to see the long term benefits, if any, of this product as it has some great anti-aging ingredients. 

From Ulta's site:

An exclusive liposome complex stimulates skin's natural repair functions to help repair skin damage at its source. Next, potent vitamin C8 and a patented antioxidant complex neutralize damaging free radicals to help renew skin's protection from daily aggressors; and third, extracts from rare Himalayan red rice, red grape ferment and plantain leaf help reactivate skin's natural age-resisting mechanisms, for results you can see and feel.

The Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer was also a delight to use. Fragrance-free, extremely soothing to my dehydrated skin, and really does provide long-lasting hydration. Again, no sticky or oily residue with this product either. My skin was left so soft that I couldn't stop touching it for a while there. hehe. I know, that's a no-no. The other noticeable difference was the rough, bumpy texture, especially on my forehead was gone and smoothed out after using these products for a week!

In Summary:

My favourite products are the serum and moisturizer. With the moisturizer, I had immediate benefits and it gave me long-lasting hydration. The serum has such great ingredients that I would have like to continue using it in conjunction with the moisturizer to see if I would experience any anti-aging benefits. I could take or leave the peel. Although, my skin did look fresher and brighter after using it, I can get that from most exfoliators. However, I do prefer a chemical exfoliator over a physical one, and the peeling mousse is a chemical exfoliator. Overall, I find that these products do what they claim. They offer fabulous hydration without being heavy or greasy and would be suitable for all skin types including sensitive and reactive skin like mine, and the prices are reasonable.

Have you tried these products? What is your favourite?

Thank you to Topbox Circle and Philosphy for sending over these products for me to test out.💗

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

New! Live Clean Foaming Holiday Hand Soaps in Fresh Snow + Frosted Apple

Live Clean is back with their holiday hand soaps and they're better than ever! They have 2 new scents in their Foaming Hand Washes made just for the holidays; Frosted Apple and Fresh Snow. I don't know how they manage to capture these scents in bottles filled with all-natural goodness, but somehow they do!

I wash my hands A LOT and these hand soaps actually leave my skin clean but moisturized as they are loaded with skin softening, organic botanicals, and they're free from drying SLS and Sulfates, and also free from Triclosan (a possible hormone disruptor!).

I love both scents and I like that they are so different from each other so that there is something for everyone. Fresh Snow is as fresh and crisp smelling as they come. And, Frosted Apple smells like a fresh-baked apple pie with an extra dash of cinnamon.

As always, these products are all-natural, free of harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, effective, and affordable.

Fresh Snow Foaming Hand Wash 400ml/ $4.99-$5.99

  • This scent is as crisp and fresh as they come!
  • The rich lather is very effective at cleansing yet leaves my hands moisturized
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, Certified Organic Botanicals of Lavender, Chamomile, and Rosemary
  • 98% plant-derived, triclosan-free, SLS free, Paraben-free, pure Vegan

Frosted Apple Foaming Hand Wash 400ml / $4.99-$5.99

  • Frosted Apple smells like Freshly baked apple pie with an extra dash of cinnamon spice! This one should come with a warning as it may make you hungry :) 🍎
  • This one is also gentle yet effective and leaves my hands soft and moisturized
  • Also enriched with Vitamin E, Certified Organic Botanicals of Lavender, Chamomile, and Rosemary

Both scents linger just a little bit on my hands after washing, which I quite enjoy!

These products are:
98% plant-derived
Made with certified organic botanicals
SLS Free
Triclosan Free
Petrolatum free
DEA free
Silicone free
Dermatologist tested
Pure Vegan
Cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny Certified)
Made with Recyclable packaging

I'll never understand how Live Clean makes such affordable, all-natural products for the whole family at such affordable prices, I'm just so grateful that they do!

Suggested Retail $4.99-$5.99 / 400ml each.

These products are available at Walmart,,, Sobeys, London Drugs, Metro, Pharmasave, Loblaws Real Canadian Superstore

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hello + New Blog Schedule!

Hi Everyone!
I know it's been a while since my last post, almost 2 months now. I had no intention to just stop posting suddenly, but personal issues and serious family medical issues have taken over my life for the last couple of months, leaving no time for other things that I love. I have definitely missed posting here and have thought about it often but family and health matters will always be my priority. I'm sure many of know how draining and all-consuming it can be when you're dealing with serious medical issues in your family and such.

Regarding my schedule here at HGB, I hope to be able to come back and start posting again. I'd like to aim for one post a week, most likely every Sunday. Even if I just have a quick post to share, I'd like to try and keep this schedule up for the next little while until hopefully things settle down 🙏

I hope things are good on your end and I hope to see you here on Sundays! 🤗

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New! So Fragrance Launches Miss So... Perfume Mists + Eau Fraiche #Giveaway

@sofragranceca have become my go-to fragrances ever since I discovered their products. 💯 I love that they have so many scents to choose from and they are much lighter than perfumes and colognes, so I don't get headaches from them. 🙌 They are also #crueltyfree and very affordable.

They just launched a new line, Miss So...? With eight signature scents inspired by the woman who seizes every opportunity in life with fierce optimism and passion. To celebrate, I'm hosting a giveaway for some of these fab new products! One of you will win ALL four full-size products shown in the photo!

Miss So...? Love Potion
This spellbinding scent contains notes of wild berries and apple, with a base of jasmine. Other layers reveal sandalwood and musk.

Miss So...? Daydream
This fragrance begins with fruity notes of pomegranate and pear, progressing into sumptuous notes of white chocolate and caramel, leaving you with a hint of sandalwood and amber.

Miss So...? Secret Crush
Transport your senses to fields of peony and cherry blossom, settling into fruity notes of blushing apricot, then wrapping you in a sweet embrace of amber and musk.

Miss So...? Midnight Magic
Dewy notes of nectarine and strawberry open up the fragrance, complemented by mysterious notes of oriental vanilla and praline.

These scents are gorgeous! I love that they are fresh and light, none are overpowering. I think there is something for everyone in this lineup. Love Potion is my personal favourite at the moment. 💓

The Miss So...? range consists of 50ml Eau Fraiche (SRP $14.97) and 140ml Perfume Mist (SRP $9.97).

Available at and select Pharmasave stores.

More information is available online at


Open to Canada only

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Giveaway will close on October 4th. Winner will be randomly selected. Must be the age of majority and reside in Canada.
Good luck, everyone! 

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Not sponsored. Products are kindly provided by FarleyCoBeauty and So FragranceCA.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Live Clean 10 Year Anniversary Argan Oil Celebration and Giveaway!

Who's ready for Fall!? I know I am. Bring on the cool breezes, better sleep, and TV marathons! 🍂

With the change in weather, our skin and hair could always use a little extra TLC and Live Clean's Argan Oil products are just the ticket. They are packed with the hydration that our skin and hair crave.

Live Clean and I want to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the launch of their Argan Oil line by giving one lucky reader 6 full-size products from their Argan Oil line.

Fun fact: My love affair with Live Clean actually began with their Argan Oil line when it first launched here in drugstores. I was on the lookout for some clean and cruelty-free products and these checked all the boxes, and that's when my love affair with them began.

Let's have a look at one of you will win...

Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Wash

Antioxidant rich Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Wash harnesses the moisturizing, reparative powers of 100% Argan Oil to nourish the skin, improving the skin’s texture and elasticity – all the while gently cleansing. Certified organic botanicals of Grape Seed and Olive Leaf extracts help restore the skin’s moisture balance. 500 mL. Suggested retail: $7.49 - $7.99.

Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Lotion

Moroccan Argan Oil, famed for its high concentrations of natural Vitamin E and rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, is at the heart of Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Lotion. Certified organic botanicals of Grape Seed and Olive Oils help protect the skin’s moisture barrier. 500 mL. Suggested retail: $7.49 - $7.99

Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccan Argan Oil is now well known for its high concentration of Vitamin E and other antioxidants. We use 100% pure Argan Oil in Live Clean Exotic Nectar Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner for enhanced long-term conditioning, maximum shine and protection from the damaging effects of the sun. We’ve added Panthenol for even more moisture and shine, certified botanical Olive Oil to protect against free radicals and certified organic Grape Seed Oil to regenerate and restructure damaged, stressed hair. 350 mL. Suggested retail: $7.49 - $7.99 each.

Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner Spray

Long-term conditioning…shine…protection from sun damage…these are some of the exceptional benefits of Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner Spray with 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil. The precious oil is now well known for its high concentration of nutrients and other antioxidants. We’ve added certified organic Grape Seed and Olive Oils for even greater conditioning. 150 ml. Suggested retail: $7.49 - $7.99

Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap

Gentle cleansing and all the benefits of Argan Oil make Live Clean Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap the best among the best! Our 100% pure Argan Oil formula nourishes and replenishes the skin for improved texture and tone and certified organic botanicals of Olive Leaf and Grape Seed extracts help to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. 500 mL. Suggested retail: $4.99 - $5.99.

With your well-being and the environment in mind, Live Clean is a unique collection of eco-conscious personal care products that deliver exceptional results using plant and naturally derived ingredients. Making it simple to Live Clean.

Minimum 97% Plant and Natural ingredients * Enriched with Certified Organic Botanicals * Petrolatum Free * SLS Free * DEA Free * Paraben Free * Silicone Free * Phthalate Free * Phosphate Free * Dye Free * Pure Vegan & Vegetarian * *Cruelty Free * Never Tested on Animals * Hypoallergenic * Dermatologist Tested

Packaging Recyclable * Contains Biodegradable Ingredients

Live Clean is available at drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online.

Instagram: @livecleancan

Facebook: @liveclean


How to enter: Visit me on Instagram and tag your buddies 😍

Prize: The 6 Live Clean Argan Oil products featured in this post

Rules: Follow me and Live Clean on Instagram. Tag as many friends as you like (more deets on Instagram)

Other info: Open to Canadian Residents. Must be at least 18 years of age or have parental consent. Giveaway will run until September 27, 2019. Winner will be notified on Instagram and have 3 days to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. By entering this giveaway, you release Live Clean and Health and Beauty Girl from any and all damages that may arise from entering or winning this giveaway.  Winner must answer a skill-testing question. 

Not sponsored. Products are generously provided by Live Clean

Monday, July 22, 2019

Cheap Z Palette Dupe | Makeup Forever Magnetic Palette

Featured Product: 
Makeup Forever XL Refillable Makeup System / $3 CAD

Since I decluttered the majority of my old single eyeshadows because of their age, I no longer needed a large Z Palette to store the few eyeshadow singles I had left but because they were depotted, I needed a smaller magnetic palette to store them. After a bit of searching online, I came across this super cheap alternative to purchasing a small Z palette.

This Makeup Forever magnetic palette was just the ticket! And for only $3 you just can't beat it! It is very solid and sturdy, sleek, has a magnetic bottom inside, as well as a full-sized mirror. Although it's designed to hold Makeup Forever eyeshadow singles, you can store any blush or shadows that will fit.

From Sephora's site:

Artist Color is a refillable palette system. Your highlight, sculpt, blush powder, and eyeshadows will come as a refill. Be sure to also add a palette to your cart to hold your new powders.

The Extra Small Palette is designed to hold a single Artist Color Eye Shadow. The Small Palette can hold two Artist Color Eye Shadows, or one Artist Face Color Powder. The Medium Palette holds three Artist Color Eye Shadows. The Large Palette can hold four Artist Color Eye Shadows, or two Artist Face Color Powders. The Extra Large Palette can hold six Artist Color Eye Shadows, or three Artist Face Color Powders.

I was able to fit 5 mixed shaped eye shadow singles. You could also fit a blush with a couple of eyeshadows too.

I'm so happy with this little palette. It's really helped me reach for these beloved eyeshadows of mine that were being neglected.

I highly recommend this palette if you are looking for something to store your depotted makeup and need something small. Or just want something for travel.

Makeup Forever has many other sizes available, including smaller palettes as well as some larger ones.

Another cheaper alternative to a Z Palette that is larger is linked here.

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