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Tweak-D: Peaches & Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment, The Stylist, Face & Body Butter #haul & #review

I just discovered this natural hair product line called Tweak-D on The Shopping Channel. They are a Canadian company that uses exotic and natural ingredients in all of their products.

The creator behind Tweak-D is Denis Simioni. Denis created the very popular hair care line called Ojon and then went on to create Tweak-D.

I was really curious about this line as I love great hair care products and I also love really natural products.

The kit I got (found here) contains not only the Peaches and Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment, but also a styling product called Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème, and a face and body cream called Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream.

I've been using the products for 2 weeks now and I can't wait to share my experience with you.

Peaches & Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment

Peaches and Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment.

From TSC: 
"The Tweak-D Peaches & Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment formula changes how you go about treating and cleansing your hair. The multi-functional treatment was developed to help offer consumers the opportunity to use an intensive hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and shine enhancer all in one product. It is a multi-tasking, no-fuss system that saves you time, effort and money, and it is not your typical five-in-one hair care product! Tweak-D Self Cleansing Hair Treatments are formulated without harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, mineral oil, paba, triclosan and animal ingredients. The Peaches & Fresh Cream Hair Treatment is formulated with Hawaiian Kukui oil and a proprietary blend of exotic extracts, oils, and milk-based proteins, helping protect hair against sun rays, wind, dryness and humidity."

My Experience:
I love that this is a five-in-one hair product. I find that it does what it claims and I don't need extra products, although I do use The Stylist that came with this kit for added control and style. You are supposed to apply this product to dry hair first and leave it on for a couple of minutes. The concept is that your hair will absorb the product more, right to the core of the hair shaft to nourish and repair the hair follicle. Then you get in the shower and rinse it out. Then add more product and massage for a few minutes as if you're shampooing your hair. I was a little worried during this step as this product didn't create ANY lather whatsoever. I was afraid that my hair would be left greasy and limp.

My fears were totally put to rest after I dried and styled my hair. I was completely shocked that my hair felt very clean without being stripped. It was super soft and had more body than usual- even at the roots! I couldn't believe it!

This product has also allowed me to go LONGER between shampoos... crazy, right!? I'm really loving this stuff. It's so gentle on my frizzy, bleached, and dyed hair. I'm just afraid that I'm going to go through it rather quickly... perhaps I am using too much.

The Stylist Sprayable Styling Creme

The next product in the kit is The Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème

From TSC:
"This "stylist in a bottle" is a multi-tasking spray that adapts to any hair type or styling process. This innovative styling treatment helps deliver volume, texture, smoothness, conditioning, static control and polish in one easy application. The styling crème contains a proprietary blend of extracts and exotic oils to help nourish the hair and defend against free radical damage, while the Marrubium vulgare extract helps to provide protection against the negative effects of constant pollution exposure and premature aging hair. "

My Experience:
The Stylist is actually a lotion that comes out in a very fine mist, which I love! The Stylist gives my hair a TON of volume if I apply it to damp hair before blow drying. A little goes a long way, so I would say less is more. I also like to apply a few pumps to my hands and smooth over my dried hair for heat protection and to tame frizz.

Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Butter Cream

The 3rd product in this kit is the Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream.

From TSC:
"This velvety, Hawaiian-inspired, ultra-hydrating cream is air-whipped to perfection. Tweak-D's naturally derived, lightweight cream helps to rejuvenate skin, restores softness and protects against the damaging effects of pollution and summer elements. The cream's featured ingredient, Kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret, helps to soothe, protect, soften and moisturize the skin. In addition to this oil, the butter cream is also enriched with essential fatty acids to help rejuvenate and restore the skin's barrier, helping to protect against environmental assailants, as well as repairing and maintaining the integrity of the epidermal barrier for soft, supple, hydrated skin. Pollution has become a major concern for the consumer market, due to its harsh effects on the skin, such as loss of elasticity, firmness and the breakdown of collagen and the lipid layer of the skin. The butter cream works to help protect the skin cells from the penetration of pollutants and genetic ravage, removes and neutralises the toxic oxidant species that damage proteins and lipid structures and helps to strengthen the skin barrier, stimulating the skin's natural antioxidants. Let this butter cream help improve your overall complexion to feel soft and smooth, while looking radiant and purified. "

My Experience: 
As for the Face & Body cream, I have never used a product before that is good for both face and body. So far I have only used it only my body. It has a very luxurious smell and feel to it. It's a very thick cream that is deeply moisturizing without being greasy. I'm not someone who is a fan of vanilla body lotions but this one isn't a cheap vanilla scent, it's made with natural and quality ingredients and the scent reflects that. It has some spicy notes to it as well. I will eventually give it a go on my face. You're supposed to be able to apply your makeup right after application, meaning that the product gets absorbed into your skin very quickly and easily.

This kit currently retails for $89.99.

To learn more about any of the products I've reviewed in this post, you can check them out on The Shopping Channels' website. There is also a video on that page all about the products.

More info from TSC on this kit:

What else you need to know:
• This is the worldwide launch of the Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream and the Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème (both exclusive to The Shopping Channel)
• These formulas contain seasonal ingredients that are harvested once a year, and are therefore, only available in the summer or while supplies last
• Tweak-D is a proudly Canadian brand

What is included:
• Peaches and Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment (300g)—valued at $29.99
• Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream (240ml)—valued at $44.00
• Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Styling Crème (130ml)—valued at $46.00

Although I love all of these products, the star of them for me is the Peaches & Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment.

This line is Canadian, natural, cruelty-free, and effective. Can I ask for anything more! 

I just can't wait to try more from this line.. I have my eye on their Self Cleansing Hair Treatment  in Ultra Nourishing and Rise and Shine to try next.

Have you tried this line before? What are your favourite products from this line?

Week 15: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

As I write this post, I can hardly believe that it's the end of week 15 of my Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight. 

Here is a link to last weeks post if you'd like to check it out.

I tried a new DVD this week called Happy Hormones by Ana Brett. It's Kundalini style yoga which I've been doing on and off for years. I like to mix up my workouts a lot as you can probably tell.

I was a little disappointed with this DVD as it didn't have any preset workouts. You can program your own workout with the matrix, but I really appreciate preset workouts. I enjoy most of my other Kundalini DVD's by Ana Brett but this one was a bit of a disappointment. I'll still use it and see if it does help with hormones etc. and report back on it.

I continued walking when I could and I also continue to use the Pedometer App. which I cannot recommend enough!

This screenshot above was a longer walk as I decided to walk to the store that day- save gas and get in a little exercise.

I found this great rock while walking. It really sparkles in person so I had to grab it. Now if I could just find some gold!

I also did the Firm's Fat-Burning Cardio DVD that uses resistance bands. It's only a 30-minute routine which I like. I didn't feel that it worked my muscles very much but I did work up a good sweat. Maybe I need a stronger resistance band. 

I really prefer free weights to resistance bands. Although, resistance bands do have their place for things like pilates etc. (which I cannot partake in due to some old injuries).

I also continued with my personalized workout chart. I have to update it as I've added in 15 reverse lunges, 15 reverse angled lunges, and 15 walking lunges.

Note: I currently use 8 lb weights for these exercises.

Here are my workouts for the week:
Day 1- 
Day 2- 57 min walk
Day 3- 
Day 4- Happy Hormones yoga DVD- 1 hr 
Day 5- The Firm Fat Burning Cardio Toning DVD- 30 min
Day 6-
Day 7- 30 min walk + weight routine with 8 lb weights

Weigh in :
Weight: no change
Fat: no change

Let me know if you have any workout recommendations, preferably DVD's that aren't too long and have a mix of strength training with some cardio.. but more focus on weights and strength. 

Thanks for coming by this week, and hopefully see you next week!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Makeup Declutter: Eyeshadow Singles And Small Palettes

I got the urge to do a little decluttering the other day, and when the mood strikes, I have to take advantage as I have to be in the "decluttering frame of mind" to do this.

I wanted to take on my nail polish collection but that didn't go so well.. hence the one nail polish in this post. haha

Something led me to my single eyeshadows and the above happened (plus one small palette that I already knew had to go).

Some of these are great shadows, but these are items that I don't use or don't work for me,  and/or they are very old. Anything that isn't too old will be passed on to better homes.

As I get older, I'm finding that I really need to go lighter on my eyes, especially on my lids. I have very hooded eyes, which has worsened as I've aged. The dark colours on my lids don't open up my eyes like light colours do. This isn't to say that I'll never wear dark colours on my lids again, but definitely not very often. Plus, I have plenty other dark shadows to choose from, so I really don't need these. I'm also wearing a lot more mattes these days. I did declutter 2 mattes but they are very old and go on patchy now.

Singles Decluttered: 
1 Sinful Colours nail polish-(it goes on sheer and patchy)
Wet n Wild LE palette- wrong colours for me
2 Prestige matte shadows- old
 Essence Metal Glam- gorgeous but too dark
 2 Joe Fresh- dark one is patchy, light one glitter fallout
Pixi- gorgeous but too dark

After I took on my single shadows, I was drawn to my small palettes. 

Again, there is nothing wrong with any of these shadows, I just don't use them.. ever! The Love & Beauty one from Sally's Beauty Supply has great pigmentation and beautiful colours, but it's too difficult to pick up just one colour with my eye brushes, so I never use it and it's gotsta-go!

Palettes Decluttered:
Smashbox quad- old
Love & Beauty quad- colours get mixed
Annabelle duo- very old
Almay trio- very old
Essence Quattro- never use

Total decluttered: 12 shadows + 1 polish:
6 singles
6 palettes
1 nail polish

I'm really happy with this declutter. And, even though it seems like a lot to me from looking at the photos and the numbers, somehow, my drawers don't look much different at all.

This can only mean one thing... I must declutter some more!

Although this declutter was done mostly by going with my gut, I normally declutter more logically. By this I mean I usually ask myself the following questions to determine if I should get rid of something. These questions may help you with your decluttering as well.

Is it old/expired?
Do I use it?
Does it suit me?
Would I buy it again?

Out with the old and in with the new! I don't want a huge makeup collection and I already have way more than any one person needs. But, sometimes, we have to get real with ourselves and if something isn't working for us anymore, get rid of it and get something that does work. There is no point in all these items just sitting around not being used.

I am thinking about getting a good palette for everyday that is budget friendly, has a good array of colours that are more on the lighter side. and has a good amount of mattes. If you have any recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Shopping Channel Annual Summer Cosmetic Beauty Bag- Review & Haul

Today I want to share with you what came in this year's summer beauty bag from The Shopping Channel. A beauty haul if you will.

I've been purchasing The Shopping Channel's summer beauty bags for years! This summer they had a larger tote filled with products and samples as well as this cosmetic beauty bag, which is smaller and has fewer products but is less expensive than the tote.

I love getting these beauty bags as the value is usually much higher than what you actually pay, and you get quite a few samples to try out some new beauty products. This particular kit was $19.99 + $9.98 for shipping.

I will be posting reviews on a lot of the products once I've had a chance to really try them out.

From TSC's website:

What it is: Get the best from some of The Shopping Channel's most prestigious brands packed inside this luxurious beauty bundle! Within you will find the best products to help give you a lift, get you glowing and invite you to try something new.

What it does: This exclusive collection provides you with a great opportunity to test and try an assortment of different products from The Shopping Channel's Beauty category.

What is included:

• Violife Slim Toothbrush Traveller
• Wen Medium Boar Brush
• M. Asam Vino Gold Instant Lifting Mask (150ml)
• Elizabeth Grant Supreme Cell Vitality Enzyme Peel (100ml)
• Deluxe Sample Products from Perricone, Jay Manual, Vita Liberate, IT Cosmetics & Real Techniques 

Let's have a look at what came inside!

Note: I will link to products whenever possible

List of Contents

The above photo lists what came with the cosmetic bag as well as item numbers and prices. The prices listed are based on full-size products but only 4 products in the bag are full-size.

TSC Cosmetic Bag

This is the cosmetic bag that came with the products. It's actually a beautiful bag in person. 

Note: the actual bag is not listed on their website for sale and I don't see it listed on the itemized list above.

Here is what I am most excited about. These are both full-size products:

These are the only other full-size products with this kit:

Here are the sample sized products that came with the bag:

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel- Sample size (This is a one-time use packet)

Jay Manuel Beauty The Ultimate Pencil for lips and eyes in Hazel- Sample size (tiny!)

My thoughts: As you can see the value is quite good. I'm especially happy with the full-sized products. There are some products that I will be giving away as I already own the boar bristle brush from a previous WEN showstopper and I don't really have any use for the toothbrush. The Jay Manual lip and eye pencil is really smooth and creamy but the colour in Hazel is not appealing to me. I am most excited to try out all of the skincare, and I was pleasantly surprised with the cosmetic bag itself.

Final verdict: For $30 + taxes I think it's a great deal, especially if you are interested in trying out new skincare products as the majority of the contents are some type of skincare. I'm a total skincare junkie, so this worked out quite well for me, minus a few products that I will be gifting.

Look out for reviews to come on some of these products!

Did you purchase The Shopping Channel beauty tote or bag this summer? What did you think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Orange Naturals MagPop Magnesium Glycinate Supplement Review #TryNatural

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to try out a magnesium supplement by Orange Naturals called MagPop. This opportunity came through a website called Social Nature. 

From Social Nature's website:

  • Magnesium supplement - MagPop!
  • Treats the following symptoms: fatigue, low energy, agitation, anxiety, restless legs, headaches, irritability, cramping and high blood pressure
  • Helps to regulate mood and sleep patterns
  • Vegan
  • Promotes regular bowel health
  • Great for children ages 4+ 
    • Magnesium maintains bone health, muscle, and nerve function (important for growing bodies)
My Experience:

I truly believe that most of us are deficient in magnesium. I have pretty much all of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency so I know that I can benefit from taking it but I always forget to.

 I received 3 sample packs from Social Nature to trial the product. When I tried my first packet I didn't notice anything. The next time I tried this product I had just gotten my monthly migraine. So, I took two packs at once to see if it would help. The taste was much better with two packs mixed in water vs. one pack. It dissolved nicely and had a slightly sweet orange flavour. 

Now onto the good stuff! Was I ever pleasantly surprised when my migraine (which usually lasts 1.5 days and is usually very intense) was reduced by about 80-90% by taking the two packets of this magnesium supplement. I still had a migraine but it was very subtle and I was able to function normally. 

I try to avoid over the counter painkillers whenever possible and stick to natural remedies. There are often costs associated with taking medications from reactions to taking a toll on our organs, liver etc.

I know that I could probably reap many more benefits by taking this product on the regular. I am going to make a conscious effort to take magnesium more often. I began taking magnesium oil recently (which is a topical magnesium),  but I wouldn't trade one off for the other, the two forms do different things. I really need to continue with the magnesium oil and add the magnesium powder to my regimen. I do wish I had received a larger sample so I could report on the cumulative effects. But, based on how it helped my migraine, I rate this product highly effective. I would recommend this supplement to everyone! 

I am grateful to Orange Naturals & Social Nature for the opportunity to sample this product. 

*I received this product free for trial purposes and all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

#trynatural #ONatural

Monday, July 18, 2016

Milani Blush In Romantic Rose 01 Review With Swatches

Milani Romantic Rose 01

I've been lusting after this blush for eons. Ever since it came out and I heard it was a dupe for Tarte's Exposed I knew I had to have it. I didn't want to fork out the extra dough if I didn't have to on the Tarte blush- I'm always in for a good dupe. Since I don't own Tarte's Exposed I can't say if they are in fact dupes but the swatches online looked good enough to me.

It's difficult to find Milani products where I live and the one store that sells Milani near me is always sold out. Luckily, I found Milani online at Canadian retailer and it was on sale for $8.49 from $9.99. Plus, my blogger friend gave me a code to get $10 off my order! I couldn't wait any longer and ordered this blush along with some other goods as I had to spend $40 to get the $10 off, but luckily we were in need of some other items too. And, shipping was free so I couldn't resist. is new to me. After looking around their site, I found a ton of health and beauty brands that I love. They also had sales on several brands (including Milani at the time). It looks like they change the sales weekly.

I was so excited when my blush arrived as I've wanted it for so long. I immediately had to check my rather large blush collection for dupes (I'm a huge blush lover!)... to my surprise, I have nothing even close to this shade! yay!

I would describe Romantic Rose as a nude, warm, rosy-brown that is matte. I was afraid it would make me look ruddy, but luckily it doesn't at all. It's a great neutral colour that goes with any makeup look. I've been reaching for it constantly since it arrived! It performs like a high-end blush, I can't believe it was under $10, and the pan is huge at 17 grams!!

The blush has a creamy feel to it that I wasn't expecting, most of my powder blushes are much drier. It made me think that it may not blend well and go on patchy, yet it blended smoothly and evenly over my setting powder.

It's much more pigmented than I was expecting, so even on my tanned summer skin, a light hand and tapping of the brush is required.

Milani Romantic Rose 01

$9.99 / 17 grams

Get ready for a swatch-fest. I took several pictures of swatches on my inner arm, the back of my hand and at different angles. The back of my hand is tanned so you can see how it looks on medium skin tone. The inner part of my arm is fairer, so you'll see how it swatches on lighter skin tone. I have also shown the colour as I built it up.

In the next photo, I built up the colour more.

I give this blush 5 stars! Not only for the unique and beautiful colour that goes with any look, but also for pigmentation and lasting power. Never mind that it's under $10 and you get 17 grams of product! My only regret is waiting so long to purchase it.

Milani is also a cruelty-free brand.

I'm always on the lookout for a good dupe. Let me know in the comments if you know of any!

If you've never shopped at you can also save $10 off a $40 purchase with promo code "healthbeauty10" (valid until September 16, 2016).

Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 14: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

Welcome to week 14 of my Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

If you missed last weeks post here is a link to it.

Read on to see what I accomplished this week.

 I found this on Google and found it interesting. As you can see, it recommends that adults engage in 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Based on this, If I exercise just 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, I've met these guidelines. Doesn't sound too bad to me. This isn't to say that this is the "gold standard." But, it's at least a guideline for a minimum to strive for.

This week I continued with my walks, even with the sweltering heat. I'm continuing to use the free pedometer app, which I'm loving. I usually walk about 2600 steps during my 25-30 minute daily walks. I walk an extra 2000 steps on the day shown in the above screenshot of my pedometer app. I decided to walk to the store that day to get a few groceries. Save on gas and get some extra exercise in... why not.

Most days I continued on my usual route.

Coming home one day, I spotted this flock of geese. I guess they got lost and headed into someone's backyard. I'm glad it wasn't my yard as they poop everywhere! Not that I don't feel for my neighbours.

Note: I added 15 reverse lunges & 15 walking lunges to the above chart

I'm including my weight routine chart again as I've continued with this routine regularly. I strive for every other day, and I currently use 8 lb weights for all exercises.

I also got a new DVD to try out. It's another Kundalini Yoga DVD by Ana Brett called Happy Hormones. I just got it so I'll let you know how it goes. Let's hope it gives me happy hormones! Being in my 40's, I can use all the help I can get in that department.

Here are my workouts for the week:
Day 1- 25 min walk + 8 lb weight routine
Day 2- 
Day 3- 40 min walk + 8 lb weight routine
Day 4- 
Day 5- 25 min walk + 8 lbs weight routine
Day 6- 53 min walk 
Day 7- 

Weigh in :

Weight: gained 2 lbs
Fat: no change

I exercised 4 out of 7 days again this week. And, here we go with the scale again, up and down every week resulting in no weight change on the whole.

I'm going to incorporate my new Happy Hormones DVD next week, so we'll see if that makes a difference.

Let me know in the comments what you're doing to stay in shape?

See you next week!

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