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Huge Empties | Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Supplements

Happy New Year and welcome to the first post of 2021!

I have a huge empties post to share, chocked full of makeup, skincare, haircare and a lot of supplements as per usual. No wonder I have so much.. my last empties was in September! Linked here.

I will make my reviews brief and link to products whenever possible. Prices listed are approximate.

Skin and Hair

I always use Garnier Micellar Water and have switched to the one for dry skin for the winter. I will probably continue to use the one for dry skin because I just love to get as much hydration into my skin as possible. This one would be great for people with more oily skin.

Repurchase- Yes

This was a decent product but the pump broke on me after only a few uses and the brand didn't respond to my inquiry, so I tried to decant it into a jar and use it that way but it became a huge mess. This colour was also too light for me. 

Repurchase- No

This felt more like a lotion than a serum to me. Mine also smelled of hemp or CBD oil. It is said to lift and firm the skin. I can't really say that I noticed any lifting but I did like the way it made my skin look and feel. I would purchase this again but I would like to try their moisturizer from this line first. 

Repurchase- Yes

I love this oil! Actually, I love most skin oils! This has great ingredients and a little goes a long way. It definitely made my skin feel soft and hydrated. I use it as a last step in my skincare routine to lock in all of my skincare. I love oils for all skin types. It's so soothing and healing. Oily skin should actually use oils as it will feed your skin the oils that it needs so it will stop over producing oils. Oils did wonders for my skin when I had oily skin and acne, it actually made my acne disappear. Now that my skin is dehydrated, I need oils just as much!

Repurchase- Yes

This little sample lasted for a week and I was loving how my skin was looking and feeling. I definitely felt like it was firming my skin. I would love to get a full size of this product and see the results. I am asking myself why I haven't been trying this brand sooner!

Repurchase- Yes

I heard so many Bloggers raving about this product, and since my hair is in dire need of some help, I had to try it for myself. What a let down! I used the whole bottle and not once did I notice any benefits. For some reason, I just didn't see any results. 

Repurchase- No


This was the perfect shade, a nice nude/ pink/ MLBB colour. Unfortunately, it dried out really quickly which is unfortunate because I  love that it's all natural, too!

Repurchase- No

So disappointing. Not moisturizing, only lasts a few seconds, very little colour, a dirty looking orange on my lips. I have light-medium skintone. Not good for dry or dehydrated lips. Threw it in the trash. I would recommend some other Nivea lip products over this one.

Repurchase- No

This goes on clear but is supposed to be self adjusting and add some custom colour to your lips. It quickly turns my lips bright pink and migrates outside the lip line, leaving me with clown-like-lips! Not a good look. Another one straight in the bin! I would recommend Soft Lips lip balms that are not self adjusting. 

Repurchase- No

I've been using this product for years! It's great for aging skin as the formula is moisturizing but thin, and also works as your concealer. It doesn't settle into lines (unless you use too much), a little goes a long way and it lasts forever. A tube usually lasts me for about 1 year!

Repurchase- Yes

This concealer has zero coverage. I kept trying to make it work but it just wasn't happening. However, this is quite old, perhaps their newer formulas are better. 

Repurchase- Maybe their new formula, not this one

I liked this mascara very much but definitely prefer their Lash Princess Mascara over this one. It was still nice to try something new and it wasn't bad at all. Lash Princess just gives me more length and volume. I like BIG lashes! lol

Repurchase- Lash Princess!

I just received this mascara free with an online order. It was such a let down! It gave me the wimpiest lashes, might as well not wear anything. It comes with one of those gimmicky wands that can straighten or curl. Sorry, Marcelle, you make some great products, this just isn't one of them. 

Repurchase- No

Oral Care

In my quest for a whiter and brighter smile, I switched to this mouth wash based on the rave reviews. I love that it is alcohol free! I gives me fresh breath and I do feel that it helps with the maintenance of whiter teeth. I have reorder it in a version without hydrogen peroxide to see which I prefer.

Repurchase- Yes


These were easy to take everyday and tastes great. It has the right form of D3 for the maintenance of good health. D3 is one vitamin I will not be without, especially in the wintertime. 

Repurchase- Yes

This is a Canadian brand that is new to me. Vitamin C something that I have just recently added to my must-have supplement routine, not only for it's multiple health benefits but for anti-aging/ skin benefits as well. These are corn-free, GMO, Gluten-free, and 100% vegetarian. I actually wanted to purchase time-released vitamin C but accidentally purchased delayed-release which is ok, but works differently. My goal is to take 2 time released vitamin C caps per day, but I usually only end up taking 1.

These hair growth gummies have such great reviews that I had to give them a try. I have been losing so much hair lately, maybe it's part of the menopause age, but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to do everything I can to combat this hair loss! I used up one bottle which is a one month supply. I did not notice any less shedding or any new hair growth yet, but I understand that with the hair growth cycle it can take up to 3 months to notice a difference. So I'll be trying them again.. they taste so good and have great ingredients, so why not!

Repurchase- Yes

Webber Super Sleep with Melatonin- 90 tablets x 2/ $45
I LOVE these, I always buy them in a 2 pack. I've been using them for years! The right dose for me is 1 vs the 2 recommended. It really helps me fall asleep but it doesn't prevent early awakening, so I often take one when I wake early and it will usually help me fall back asleep. I do rotate my sleep supplements so my body doesn't get used to one which can make them stop working or have ill effects. 

Repurchase- Absolutely

I've had low thyroid (hypothyroid) for years now. My thyroid med doesn't quite keep my thyroid levels optimal and my body doesn't tolerate a higher dose. I got the ok from my Dr. to take this supplement along with my thyroid med and now my blood work finally shows my thyroid function at optimal levels. Note: I only take one per day.

Repurchase- yes

This is my favourite multivitamin of all times. I actually notice a difference in how I feel when I take them. They are choked full of fabulous ingredients. They are pricey but worth it, imo. Most Garden of Life products are pricey, but they are for a reason. I have been taking their Primal Defense for over 20 years! When I can afford it, their Vitamin Code for Women is my go-to multi!

Repurchase- Yes

Country Life CoQ10 100mg -120 veg soft gels / $36
I've been taking Q10 for almost 20 years. When my usual brand was discontinued, I looked for another one that also is made under the Kaneka trademark. This one is in the Ubiquinone form which is much less expensive than the highly touted Ubiquinol form. But after much research, I find that there is no reason to take the much more expensive form. Q10 is a wonderful antioxidant and is so great for heart health and has so many other benefits as our Q10 naturally declines as we age, so a supplement is a good idea, just double check with your Dr., of course. Note: these gel caps are small and easy to take.

Repurchase- Yes

I have always tested slightly low in iron. I probably should have been taking some iron all these years. It wasn't until I started getting RLS (restless leg syndrome) that I started to take my iron. My Dr. recommended 18mg per day for me. I take this at night and it nips any RLS in the bud! This iron is gentle and non-constipating. TIP: iron deficiency can be one cause of RLS

Repurchase- Yes

Sleep Supplements

Now Foods 5-HTP 50mg - 90 veg caps/ $15
5-HTP is another must have for me. It helps me with my insomnia and I also notice an improved mood when I take it regularly. I prefer the 50mg caps to higher doses so I can customize my dose. I usually only need 50mg but sometimes I'll up it to 100mg. 5-HTP is the intermediate metabolite between the amino acid tryptophan and serotonin.

Yet another must have in my arsenal of sleep supplements. This homeopathic remedy is very gentle and doesn't have any contraindications. It's often just what I need to help me drift off to lala land. I don't feel anything per se, but it does what it's supposed to, most of the time and I never have any ill effects.

Repurchase- Yes

Here is another homeopathic remedy that works wonders for me most of the time. This one has more of an effect than the one listed above, but they are both useful to me and each has their time and place. Homeocan also has another insomnia formula that is cheaper and comes in a small tube with pellets, but it has one less ingredient than this one (copper) and that formula doesn't work for me, but this one has excellent effects for my sleep! I usually purchase this from National Nutrition or Homeocan's website. I haven't been able to find it in any stores. 

Repurchase- I buy 3 at a time! That's how much I need it in my life!

Mercola Sleep Support with Melatonin - 25ml spray bottle/ $16
I also have this one on rotation for quite some time. YES, I have a lot of options for my sleep / insomnia issues as it is complex and ever changing. Sometimes my body becomes accustomed to a supplement so I need to change things up. If I had to choose just one sleep supplement with melatonin, it would be Webber's Super Sleep. This one by Mercola is great too, though. The first time I took it, it pretty much knocked me out, which is unheard of for me. It no longer has that strong of an effect on me but it does work well and has great ingredients. If you have insomnia, it might take some trial and error before you find what works for you. 

Repurchase- Yes

Last but not least, this Bach Flower Night Spray is another one that I always keep on hand for my sleep issues. It is super gentle and sometimes just what my body and mind needs to drift off to sleep. You've probably heard of Rescue Remedy which is super popular and this is produced by the same brand.

Repurchase- Yes, always have this one on hand

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I used up for the last few months. It sure feels good to use up products or even discard those that don't work for me. It's "almost" as gratifying as a good declutter!

Disclaimer: Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new supplements. Information provided here is based on our / my personal experience only and is not intended to treat. cure, or diagnose. 


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Sunday, December 27, 2020

$6 Dupe for Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful-Look Longwear Foundation!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out as I mostly use very inexpensive makeup products. So I wonder, would I look better if I used high-end products instead?! πŸ€” Then I find some fabulous, inexpensive dupes to some high end products and realize that I don't have to spend a lot to get the look for less!

I stumbled upon Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look Longwear Foundation at my local Marshall's and it was on clearance for only $7 (Retail approx. $60 for 32ml). The shade I found "light R250" looked like the perfect shade for my skintone, so of course I couldn't leave it at the store!

Note: It was not expired when I purchased it back around March

Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation IS perfect for my dehydrated and aging skin, and the shade "light R250" was a pretty darn good match for my light- medium skintone with neutral undertones. It's available in 29 shade options at this time.

It blends so easily into my skin and is not cakey at all. It's actually quite hydrating and has light-medium coverage with a skin-like finish. This is right up my alley in terms of a base for my face. I've never liked heavy or full coverage foundations. This one has just enough coverage and makes my skin look so healthy by adding a bit of colour, hydration, and dew! 

Months later, I stumbled across Elf Cosmetics BB Cream for only $6 (28.5ml), (which I've also spotted at Marshall's). It too sounded like the type of face product that I like to wear on the daily. It claims to minimize fine lines and also contains hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba, aloe, and cucumber. I purchased the colour Buff, which is a tad darker than my skintone but it blends into my skin no problem and doesn't appear too dark once blended. 

As soon as I applied Elf's BB Cream, it immediately reminded me of the Marc Jacobs one I had been using. So, I decided to test them out by applying each one to half of my face and wore them for an entire day just to see how alike they really are. 

I am happy to report that the texture, formula, and finish are the same for both products! Although, ELF's BB Cream might have a tad bit more coverage. They are both super hydrating and give my skin the same look. And, despite the colour difference in the swatches, once I blend them into my skin, I don't see any difference. Hence why I was able to wear both at the same time with each one on one side of my face.

Elf's BB Cream has SPF 20 and has only 3.5ml less product than Marc Jacobs. While Marc Jacobs has SPF 25. Marc Jacobs BB cream also has "Flashback-free innovation." I didn't see any flashback claims with Elf's.

Other than those minor differences, these products perform the same for me. Both are super easy to blend with light-medium coverage. Both are very hydrating leaving the skin with a youthful look. 

At the time of this writing,  Marc Jacobs comes in 29 shade options, while ELF'S comes in only 7, which may make ELF'S a deal breaker if you can't find your shade.

Left: ELF in Buff / Right: Marc Jacobs R250

Despite the shade difference in the swatches, they look the same on my skin once blended. 

These are a definite dupe, in my opinion, and I find no reason to spend more. In this case, I don't have to spend a lot of money to get the look of a high end product for much less! Don't get me wrong, there are still times where I prefer something high end, like Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk blush... nothing has compared to that one yet!

Note: You may want to spend more if the flashback technology with Marc Jacob's product is important to your for a special occasion.

You can't go wrong with either one of these as they are both fabulous products, especially for dry or dehydrated, or aging skin!

*Purchase ELF BB Cream here: Elf BB Cream 

*Purchase Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation hereMarc Jacobs Foundation

PS. Both brands are cruelty-free 🐰 
Elf is also Vegan!


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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! #bye2020

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone Happy Holidays, a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year ✝️ ☃️πŸ’

What a crazy year 2020 has been! I'm hoping and praying that 2021 will bring health, happiness, and prosperity to each and every one of you. I pray for healing that the world so desperately needs, and that this earth becomes a place where we all feel safe and at peace once again πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ 

See you all next year! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Christmas Gifts for Him + Her

Shopping for stocking stuffers has always been my favourite thing to shop for at Christmas timeπŸŽ„ πŸŽ…

I have some great stocking stuffer ideas for everyone here (KITTY NOT INCLUDED 😁)

Some products are new to the market and some are tried and true originals like Provoke's Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner which I raved about in my last post... still raving!

7th Heaven's NEW Bamboo Sheet Masks- $4.50 each

You can't go wrong with a great quality sheet mask for the beauty lover in your life!

7th Heaven's new 24 Hour Hydration BAMBOO Sheet Masks are made with all natural ingredients whenever possible, staying away from harmful chemicals and additives. All products are vegetarian, never tested on animals or use suppliers who have, and are as green and eco-friendly as possible. There are several variations available.

Available at select IDA Guardian, PharmaChoice and online at ShopHali, coming soon to more Retailer stores.

Provoke's Touch of Silver strengthening shampoo and conditioner- $12 each

I raved about these in my last post *linked here! This power duo not only tones blonde, white, or grey hair, it also strengthens the hair at the same time. I am completely converted to these products when it comes to my purple shampoo and conditioner. The perfect gift for the blonde, white, or grey haired beauty in your life!

PRO:VOKE ILLUMINEX line is Sulphate Free + Silicone Free + Vegan!

Watch for them at Rexall,  Pharma Plus, London Drugs Pharma save, Save on Foods and

Invisi Bobble Original Traceless Hair Rings New Slim Rings - $8 each

These traceless hair rings are a fan favourite for a reason- they grip the hair well and hold your style in place yet they are gentle on the hair and don't yank your hair out! I love how discreet these are in my hair, too!

Available in multiple shades so you can choose something to match your outfit or blend in with your hair colour. Shown above in "Bronze Me Pretty."

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Familiprix, London Drugs and select Pharmasave.

Mika's Foam Soap Spray - $5.50 each

Make bath time fun again with these bouncy foam soap sprays. Kids will love these foam soap sprays at bath time. The bouncy foam soap sprays make fun shapes or sculptures with its pliable foam.

Mika Soap Sprays have a mild and gentle formulation. Available in a variety of incredible fruity fragrances and suitable to use in the bathtub, shower or anywhere! The soap spray is proudly made is Canada and is free from sulphates, parabens and phthalates - has a gentle formula that is safe for all ages.

Available at London and

UNIC Hair Perfume, Alcohol Free with Silk Proteins - $9 each

Know someone who doesn't like to wash their hair too often? This is the perfect way to refresh the hair in between washes!

Simply press on the pump to deliver a cloud of micro droplets that will cover your hair. UNIC hair perfumes contain silk protein extracts for shiny and soft hair that won't dry out hair. There's a scientific reason UNIC perfume is so effective. A fine, scented hair mist offers protection from bad odors and benefits your locks, with frizz maintaining qualities and shine-inducing treatments.

Available in 4 fabulous scents!

Available at, coming to Retailer stores soon!

FOAMIE Vegan Shower Sponge with Integrated Cleanser - $18.25 each

Now let's make bath and shower time fun again for the grownups! Foamie shower sponge can be used in both the bath and the shower. Suds up and get glowing skin at the same time with Foamie! It exfoliates the skin while cleansing with the built in vegan soap! A great product for home use as well as whilst travelling. Shown here in "Aloe You Very Much," a clean and fresh scent. Also available in The Berry Best, and Shake Your Coconuts. πŸ˜„

Foamie developed plastic-reduced solutions for conscious cleansing. The 100% plastic-free and vegan products are not only environmentally friendly, but of course also cruelty free, dermatologically tested and made in Europe. Free from mineral oils, PEG, soap, parabens, silicones and lilies, they massage, clean and care for every hair type. Based in Germany.

Available at ShopHali, coming soon to more Retailer stores.

Bubble T Bath Melting Oil Pearls - $12 each

Inspired by the bubble tea phenomenon and the benefits of using tea-based properties in bath and beauty, Bubble T offers a range of innovative products. Paraben, SLS and cruelty-free, Bubble T’s entire bath & body range contains a range of tea-infused ingredients and essential oils for an uplifting and refreshing experience like no other!

Available in 3 scents.

Available at Jean Coutu and coming soon to London Drugs, select Pharmasave, Familiprix, IDA Guardian stores, and  

INKredible Tattoo Care After Care Cream - $14.50 each

For the tattoo lover in your life. INKredible has 2 products for tattoo care: After Care Cream shown above, and Tattoo Glow Salve. I don't have a tattoo YET, but I am planning on getting one.. already have the design and placement all planned out, just have to go for it and I'm sure I'll be glad that I have this After Care Cream on hand!

After Care Cream (shown above) - This cream promotes a quick healing process and helps to keep newly tattooed skin soft and moist. Contains 60% fat percentage, lanolin, almond oil, dexpanthenol.

Glow Salve - This cream helps keep your tattoo shiny and bright. For use on new, but mainly old tattoos INKredible Glow Salve works to maintain tattoo colour vibrancy and leaves skin supple and fresh. It extends the lifetime of a tattoo and contains antiseptic properties and beeswax for ultimate moisturizing.

Specifically formulated by Professional Tattoo Artists. They are paraben free, fragrance free and dermatologically tested.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Uniprix & Rexall, and

I hope these gift ideas help you out with any last minute shopping you have to do! 

Happy shopping and happy holidays, everyone! 🎁


PR samples provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Provoke Touch of Silver Strengthening Purple Shampoo + Conditioner Review

The ILLUMINEX range from PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver has a new collection of sulphate-free, vegan colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners for brighter blonde hair!

I thought I'd tried pretty much every purple shampoo and conditioner but somehow I hadn't come across or tried Provoke's Touch of Silver strengthening shampoo and conditioner, and I'm pretty mad about it because I've been missing out!!! 😫 And, I just learned that they are the original purple shampoo, so I guess I've been living under a rock!

These products promise to completely remove brassy tones in just one wash = True! PLUS, they also strengthen the hair by repairing damaged hair bonds! 😍😍😍

My hair is bleached, damaged, and had become so brassy! After just one wash, my hair looks, feels, and smells amazing! Transformed, like i went to the salon! My hair is clean and looks and feels much healthier πŸ‘±‍♀️ All it took was 8 minutes to banish my brass: 5 min for shampoo,  and 3 min for conditioner. And, my damaged, brittle hair is left feeling better than ever! No joke! πŸ₯°

Both products are also sulphate free, silicone-free, vegan, and not tested on animals. πŸ™Œ

It's recommended to use these every other wash or once a week, but I've been using them back to back for the last 3 washes because I just can't get enough! 

I'm 100% converted to these beauties and will be purchasing them instead of other purple shampoos and conditioners in the future πŸ’œ 

Have you tried these? If you have blonde, platinum,  grey or white hair that gets brassy, and/or needs some repair, I highly recommend! These would make a fabulous stocking stuffer, too! 🎁

Check them out at 

Available at Rexall Pharma Plus, London Drugs,  pharmasave, and Lawton Drugs. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

Amy , XO's

* PR Samples. All opinions are my own. Links are trusted and used by this site (non referral).

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Eyeshadow Palette Collection and Declutter Fall 2020

Today's post is my eyeshadow collection and a mini declutter.  I've been trying to reorganize my makeup since I purchased this fabulous new makeup storage case (post all about it linked here).

My eyeshadow collection doesn't fit (yet) inside the storage bag because I have a larger than "normal" amount of makeup. I wanted to fit all of my eyeshadows into a separate bag that I could easily access when doing my makeup so I had to downsize a bit. 

I started out by laying everything on the floor and picking out my go-to palettes and favourites.  Then I looked to see where I had a lot of similar colours and decided to part with 3 palettes that I never reach for and I have most of the colours that are in those palettes in other ones that I do reach for.

Above: keep pile 

I use all of these palettes on the regular. Most are neutrals and a there are still a few pops of colour. The Doll 10 Pro Eyeshadow 2 is probably my most reached for palette for an everyday eye look. It would be perfect for work or any professional setting, or just everyday. 

All of these "keep" palettes work well for my aging and hooded eyes!

The Joe Fresh palette is actually a bronzer / highlight palette but I've always used it as an eyeshadow palette as it works better for me that way and it makes a beautiful eye look!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these and I'd be happy to answer. :)

Above: declutter pile

There's nothing wrong with any of these palettes. The colours are great but the BH cosmetics and Orzya shadows are a bit too creamy/ heavy and pigmented for my liking. This Wet n Wild palette is kind of meh. 

This fabulous Cherry palette missed the keep pile as it doesn't fit inside the makeup bag that is now storing my eyeshadow collection.  I also have a few cream shadows that are not shown as I wasn't decluttering any of them. Luckily,  those also fit inside my eyeshadow makeup bag.

The cream coloured bag shown here now stores all of my eyeshadows except for the Cherry palette that is wedged between my main makeup storage and the eyeshadow storage bag. 

Apologies for the lighting and photos being so varied. I'm doing this at nighttime and blogging from my phone as my laptop is πŸ’€.  And, I thought today would be a great day for a fun and simple Eyeshadow collection  / declutter post. 😊

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Monday, November 2, 2020

New Fall Beauty Products | Haircare, Skincare, Masks and More!

A new season brings fun new Fall Beauty products to play with πŸ™Œ πŸ‚ From Provoke's Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner to 7th Heaven's new 24 Hour hydration face masks, and Foamie's Foaming Cleansing Core shower sponge.. oh, and check out the new slim Invsi bobble! 😍 
I can't wait to try out all these beauties and share my favourites with you! 
Have a fabulous Monday! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Products shown:
🌸 INKcredible Tattoo care
🌸 Mika Wild Watermelon Foam Soap
🌸 7th Heaven's 24 Hour Hydration masks
🌸 Foamie Shower Sponge + cleansing core
🌸 Unic Red Fruit Hair perfume 
🌸 Bubble T Melting Oil Pearls
🌸 invisi bobble new slim hair rings
🌸 Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo and conditioner 

Check out more details on these products at πŸ˜

PR samples sent for review consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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