Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Declutter Your Closet | Tips, Tricks and Hacks!

So, I kinda Mario Kondo'ed my closet! I say kinda because I used some of her ideas but I didn't follow all of her methods. I can't believe how many things I had that no longer fit, didn't fit well, or I never wore. 🙈 I tend to declutter my wardrobe every season and it was overdue!

I love getting tips from others on how they declutter and what makes them decide to part with something. I figured I'd share my tips on how I tackled my current declutter and ways that I made money so I could purchase some new items.

I did not take all of my items and throw them in a pile per the Marie Kondo method. That might work for some but I have too many things. Instead, I broke things down into sections.

  • I started with all of my undergarments and tried on EVERYTHING. Yep, even underwear. I couldn't believe how many bras and undies no longer fit or were just uncomfortable!
  • Outerwear was another category I did on its own. Again, I tried everything on
  • Next, I tackled my dresser and started with the top drawer and worked my way down
  • I went through my closet. Starting at the back and trying on each garment
  • Next were shoes, again, trying everything on
  • On another day, I went through my jewellery, hair accessories, purses, scarves, hats, and other areas of my home

Try Everything On:

I pretty much tried everything on. I especially recommend this if your body seems to change over time like mine does. Even when I got to an item and thought "nope, no need to try this on, I already know I love it." I forced myself to try it on and low and behold many of the items that I thought I'd never part with, I decided to let go of after trying them on.

Factors To Consider:
  • I asked myself "does this spark joy?" taken from Marie Kondo, but often they didn't but they were perfectly good clothes that I use to sleep in, lounge in, clean the house in, run errands in etc. This method may work for some but what worked better for me was to ask myself "Would I buy this in a store today?" If the answer was no, I got rid of it.
  • Do I like it?
  • Does it fit well/ is it flattering?
  • Is it your style?
  • Is it damaged? Can it be repaired? Is it worth repairing?
  • Is it associated with any bad memories? If so, get rid of it.
  • If you are still uncertain about a piece, take a selfie and that often can help you make the final decision. I used this method a lot!

What to do with the get rid of pile:
  • Give to friends and family
  • Donate
  • Garbage or better yet, use anything too beat up to donate as rags
  • Sell

How/ Where to Sell:
  • Consignment shops (Plato's closet, local shops etc.)
  • Online Consignment Apps (Poshmark, Depop)
  • Other Apps: I have a lot of luck with Letgo, there is also Kijiji, Varage sale and more. You can find plenty in the App Store on your phone
  • Garage Sale
  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • Swap (was recommended to me by an online buddy but I've never gone to one)
I donated anything that I didn't think I could sell, which really wasn't much. I sold everything else that was new or like new, which helps me purchase new items 😁 You'd be surprised at what will sell and how easy it is. Although, I will admit that it can be time-consuming. 

Selling inexpensive items in bundles is a great way to make a sale for items that would be difficult to sell on their own. I was able to sell the majority of my items this way, especially the inexpensive clothing from shops like Old Navy etc. Not knocking Old Navy, it's actually my favourite store!

Through consignment shops, Facebook Marketplace, and Apps like LetGo, I was able to sell the majority of my unwanted items. Anything that was of a higher value, I sold on its own, while inexpensive clothing was sold in bundles as described above. I sold everything from shoes, to hats, and even an old jewellery box as well as unwanted makeup!

Decluttering always makes me feel good as I have more open space and room to breathe, but inevitably, the spaces slowly get filled again. 🙈

I didn't touch on storage or organization in this post as this post would be far too long, so I'll save that for another day. What I will add is that bins and vertical space are your friends. :)
I hope you found some of my tips helpful! Let me know if you have any tips for decluttering! 💗 

Happy Friday and happy decluttering if you plan on tackling your home!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Makeup Collection | Bronzers

When the makeup hoarder in me wants to go buy a new bronzer because Summer is coming but clearly I don't need any! 🌞😛🙈😂

I gathered up all my bronzers because I knew I didn't need any and I wanted to kill that urge to get something new by looking through my collection. So, I thought I'd share my bronzer collection with y'all.

I mainly use bronzers to add colour to my face and make me look like I have a bit of a tan or at least look like I'm alive and somewhat healthy. That's why I prefer bronzers with a bit of a red undertone vs. something orangy or ashy. I do contour my jawline and nose, but I just use the same bronzer for that purpose as well.

BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise palette - I use this palette mainly for the eyeshadows but I do use the bronzer in here as a crease shade on my eyes. The bronzer here isn't my favourite formula, but at least it's there for when I might need it during travel etc.

Covergirl Serving Sculpt Palette in Bloom Babe - What an awesome and smooth formula that Covergirl created here! Each powder in this palette is fabulous and the colours are perfect! I know I've shared it on my site before. Definitely one of my favourites and great for travel since you have a highlight, blush, and bronzer in one.

Physicians formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer & Deep Bronze- I purchased the original shade which is Bronzer, I find it a little muddy on me but I adore the smooth, blendable formula, so I purchase the Deep Bronze when it came out. Although my skin is fair, I much prefer the Deep Bronze shade as it is less cool-toned than the Bronze shade and doesn't look muddy on my skin.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark- As you can see, I've hit pan on this one. TBH, it's so old now I should probably toss it but I really like this one. I do take some packing tape to it once in a while to take off any hardpan that's formed on the top. :)  The tone of this one is perfect and it's not shimmery and not matte. There are little shimmers in the pan but they don't translate on the skin. It's hard to describe but it just makes it so the bronzer doesn't look powdery or flat on my skin. This formula is not as soft as the Butter Bronzer by PF but it still goes on smooth and blends well. This is probably my favourite bronzer of the bunch! It gives me that tanned, kissed-by-the-sun look that I'm after.

Gathering up all my bronzers together has indeed worked and the urge to go purchase a new one is quelled... for now. 😉 I might have to do this with the rest of my makeup collection when I get the urge to shop for something that I don't need. And, I should definitely do this with my closet!

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Help Put An End To The Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Today's post is one of my most important ones ever, and I hope you'll join me in taking a moment to help put an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Message from Kitty Block, 
Humane Society International:
"Across China, pets are being stolen, roaming dogs—owned and unowned—are violently grabbed from the streets and slaughterhouses are filled with terrified dogs. This cruelty supplies the country's dog meat markets and the annual dog meat “festival” happening next month in Yulin. But this is only the beginning of their suffering.

The journey to Yulin is a ruthless and appalling one. Crammed on top of each other and transported in trucks for days without food or water, some won’t make it alive. For those who do, they’ll wait, frightened and helpless, until it’s their turn to be pulled by the neck with iron tongs and beaten to death for someone’s meal.

Make your voice heard. Join HSI in urging Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang, to end Yulin and the dog and cat meat trade once and for all.
This is not a lost cause, and you’re the reason why. With your support, we’re closing dog meat farms in South Korea, rescuing animals, helping dog meat farmers transition to humane ways of living and supporting the closure of dog slaughterhouses. And across Asia, we're promoting an adoption culture in those nations where the dog meat trade flourishes. Our work to end the Yulin dog meat festival forever will greatly strengthen those efforts.

Thanks to public outcry from compassionate animal lovers like you, this event has shrunk in size year by year, with fewer animals suffering and dying for their meat. Now more than ever, we must stick together to keep the pressure on.

Please stand with us this year as we work to end this festival for good and put an end to the dog meat industry across Asia.

Thank you for all that you do for animals, and for standing with us. Your support is critical to putting a permanent end to this horror and the many other cruelties we seek to prevent."

Friday, May 3, 2019

iHerb Haul | Health, Supplements, Beauty

It's been a long time since I shared an iHerb haul. I shop there pretty much every month and have since I've had a computer... aka, a very long time. They have the best prices even with the Canadian exchange rate, shipping and prepaid taxes!

Today, I wanted to share my purchases as I ordered quite a few items this time.

Nature's Answer Rhodiola
This is the best Rhodiola that I've tried so I keep going back to it. It's a great adaptogen that helps my body deal with stress. This one is 100mg, which I find is the right dose for me. Purchase HERE.

CocoCeps Dark Chocolate Cocoa Beverage
I've been drinking this in my morning protein smoothies for as long as I can remember. It contains certified organic unsweetened dark cocoa plus Cordyceps and Reishi Powders. Excellent for immunity, heart health, energy and provides antioxidants. Purchase HERE.

Now Foods Glycine Pure Powder 1lb
I purchased this for sleep as it's reported to promote restful sleep. I'm not sure that it's doing anything for my sleep, as I still have sleep issues, but what I did notice while taking this is that it helps with daytime stress. I need to take a whole teaspoon in my water bottle to notice a difference. I believe the recommended dose is 1/4 tsp. I ran this by my Doctor and he told me it's okay for me to be taking 1 tsp as it's water soluble, meaning you'll just pee out what you don't use. :) Purchase HERE.

Brain Awakening Magnesium Supplement
I actually didn't order this, it just showed up in my order. It's funny because in all the years that I've been shopping with iHerb this has never happened before. I contacted them and they told me to keep it. I've been taking it but I really haven't noticed anything yet. I cannot find this on their site.

Now Foods Vitamin D 1000IU
This is my first time ordering Now Foods Vitamin D. Vitamin D is such an important vitamin as so many of us are deficient, especially in this part of the world where we don't get enough sunshine for much of the year. This has a dropper, offers 1000mg per drop and is very affordable. D is fat soluble, so I always take it with my fish oil capsule and preferably some food or drink with fat in it. Purchase HERE.

HyaFlex Hyaluronic Acid For Joints
I've been purchasing this for my cat for a while. I noticed a difference after the first time he took it, he went charging around the house about 2 hours after taking it. It's expensive, so I give him half of the recommended dose. Purchase HERE. There is also one for Dogs, linked HERE.

Now Foods 5-HTP 50mg
I keep this on rotation for my insomnia issues. I prefer the 50mg so I have the option of taking 50mg or more vs. the 100mg caps. 5-HTP often helps put me into zzz land. As a side benefit, it helps to improve my mood as well. I guess I should really take it more often :D Purchase HERE.

Jarrow Milk Thistle
Milk thistle is great for our liver. I actually purchased this because I read that it's good for balancing hormones on top of the fact that it would help my liver, so win-win. This is a great brand and it's very affordable. Purchase HERE.

Wet Brush Mini
I have a large wet./dry brush and I like it so much that I wanted the mini for my purse. This one was only a few dollars and works just as well as the full size. Can be Purchased HERE.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my iHerb haul!

If you haven't shopped with iHerb before, I can highly recommend them. They have amazing prices, super fast shipping, and excellent customer service!

My tips for shopping iHerb: I try to spend the amount that will get me free shipping if they are offering it, otherwise, I go for the cheapest shipping method with taxes prepaid. I use a discount code each time like the one shared below. I pay in my own currency as my credit card conversion will be more than iHerb's conversion. I always choose to prepay the taxes, you'll save the customs fees and it makes shipping much faster, too!

*You can save $$$ on your orders with iHerb by entering discount code AGU725 into your cart or just click this link to save! This code can be used by anyone and can be used every time you shop!

Remember to always check with your health care practitioner before beginning any new supplements.

*Contains referral links. All opinions are my own.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Monthly Empties | Health, Beauty, Skincare Favourites and Fails!

Happy Friday, everyone! 💗

I'm way overdue for an empties post. I can't believe my last one was in January (linked here).

I had so many empties since then that I just had to toss some in the recycling as my empties box was severely overflowing.

I'll keep my reviews for each product as brief as possible and provide links to products whenever possible.

Skincare & Beauty

L'Oreal Wrinkle Expert 45+ Day/ Night Moisturizer (gifted)
I LOVED this moisturizer! I have never looked to L'Oreal for my skincare before, just their makeup but this moisturizer was as good as high-end products in my opinion. It was really hydrating and made my skin feel great, and it's SO affordable! Now I want to try the one for 55+ even though I'm not over 55 yet, but the more antiaging the better as far as I'm concerned. Seems that drugstore skincare has really stepped up their game! I was also blown away by Cetaphil's new moisturizer! L'Oreal Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

Paula's Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster 
I love using oils to seal in my serums and moisturizers. This oil booster has a blend of oils plus ceramides and argan oil. I do like this oil but I feel like any oil gives me the same effect, whether it be argan, almond oil, or avocado oil which are a few of my favourites, and they can be purchased in large quantities at low prices. I usually get mine on iHerb as they are usually even cheaper there. Paula's Choice is linked HERE.

Repurchase- Possibly

Organic Nation More Than Rose Hydration Mist (gifted)
This is a gorgeous rose toner that's just about as organic as you can get. It's packed with amazing, skin-loving ingredients. I found it very soothing and hydrating and the scent was gorgeous! I love using it to set my makeup and to layer my skincare for better absorption. If it was more accessible and priced lower, I would definitely purchase it. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- No

Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges
I adore these sponges. I don't just use them to remove my face masks, I also use them when I cleanse my face and remove my makeup. They are so gentle on my skin but help to remove all traces of dirt and makeup, plus, I get a bit of exfoliation with them. They are made of the same materials used in high-end spas! They are so cheap on iHerb and I'm always stocking up! I replace mine every few months. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- YES!

Simon & Tom BB Cream All-in-one Beautifying Balm SPF 15 (Light)
I loved this BB cream! I needed the tiniest amount and it evened out my skin tone and it looked like my skin but better! The only issue for me was that it's too dark for me and this was the shade light :( It lasted forever, too! Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Even though the light is too dark for me, I still may repurchase as I was able to make it work by applying very little. I loved the effect on my skin!

Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer
Tinted brow fibres are my preferred way to groom my brows. Unfortunately, I could not make this product work for me. The brush is just too large for me. I always ended up with too much product and it would end up all other my eye area and I'd have to clean it up. I went back to my favourite one by Essence. The Maybelline one has great reviews, so perhaps it's user error. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- No

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in I Lilac You
I am decluttering this polish. It looks more like a baby blue on me. Every time I put it on, I immediately want to take it off. So it has to go! I think it would suit someone with a darker skin tone.

Repurchase- Not this shade

Cocoa Locks Chocolate Hair Shake (gifted)
I adore this product! I had amazing results with it. I was losing heaps of hair and once I started the Cocoa Locks, the shedding stopped. I have before and after pics and a full review here. This stuff is the real deal. I was grateful to receive it in PR but unfortunately, it's not in my current budget.  Note: there is also a Hot Chocolate version. Both are good! Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- When it's in my budget, yes!!!!

Health & Wellness

GNC SuperFoods Ultra Mega-Green Women's Whole Food Advanced Multivitamin
This was my first time purchasing this multivitamin. It was on sale, so I decided to give it a shot. I also read that GNC had met many standards through 3rd party testing. I have to say, I was impressed. I felt good while taking these and noticed improvements with regularity right away. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

Paradise Herbs Orac-Energy Greens 
This product won Best of Supplements. It has alkalizing greens plus freeze-dried berries and veggies, superfood concentrates, herbal adaptogens, probiotics and more! It's great in smoothies, I just kept forgetting to take it. I do love the blend of ingredients in this product and the fact that it's an award-winner. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

Now Food Glycine Powder
If you follow my blog, you've heard me talk about this product before. I purchased it for its claims to help with sleep. Although I did not notice an improvement with my sleep, it did make a significant difference with my daytime stress levels. I still have stress but not as much. I have to take a full teaspoon of this in my bottle of water. I won't be without this product! Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Heck Yah!

Bach Flowers Rescue Night Spray
Although this product is certainly not a cure-all for my severe insomnia, it does seem to help somewhat so I always keep it on hand. Bach flowers have a very gentle and subtle action on the system. Would probably do wonders for those with less severe sleep issues. I even take a few sprays when I wake up and it often helps me go back to sleep. It's all natural and doesn't have any contraindications with medications. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

Mercola Sleep Support With Melatonin
This has to be my best discovery for help with sleep in a LONG time! I can only imagine how it would help someone with less severe insomnia that what I have. The first night that I took it, I passed out almost immediately. My body gets used to things, so I no longer pass out immediately, but it does help. I did find that my magic dose is 2 sprays per night and the same if I wake in the middle of the night. The recommended dose is 6 sprays but you can customize it to your needs very easily. I use it every night in addition to other sleep aids. I always buy it in bulk! Can purchase HERE.

Repurchase- Oh ya!

Hyalogic HyaFlex for Cats, Oral Hyaluronic Acid, Joint Care
This product is pricey but worth it. Within 2 hours after my cats first dose, he was charging around the house like a kitten. I give him half of the recommended dose to make it last longer. If I need to, I will up the dose but he seems fine with half the dose. There is also a formula for dogs (linked here). I cannot recommend this enough if you have an ageing pet or one who has joint issues. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

Now Foods Better Stevia French VanillaI have this stevia in about 5 flavours. They are not bitter at all and a bottle lasts for years! I use them in everything you can think of from baking to smoothies, coffee, tea and more. It's super affordable and great tasting. Can be purchased HERE.

Repurchase- Yes

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I finished up recently, what I loved and what didn't work for me.

*Remember to always check with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any new supplements

Some links are referral links and support this site. Thank you if you choose to use them!

All opinions are mine :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Look Good Feel Better Campaign With The Hudson's Bay Company | #LGFBCanada

Look Good Feel Better, Canada’s only charity dedicated to helping women manage the appearance-related effects of cancer and its treatment, and Hudson’s Bay Company are raising funds in support of women and teens with cancer at the Share Strength, Shop Beauty Charity Event, from April 12th - May 4th. The in-store events offer HBC customers exciting ways to give back while shopping their favourite beauty or fragrance products.

How Hudson’s Bay customers can give back:
  • Purchase a $10 beauty ticket at any HBC store during the event - $5 from every ticket sold will benefit Look Good Feel Better
  • Pick up a Spring 2019 HBC Charity Tote Bag for $20 with any beauty or fragrance purchase. $8 from each tote sold before June 1, 2019, will benefit Look Good Feel Better
Head to your local Hudson's Bay to show your support. 💗

For more information, please visit the LGFB Event page here:

#sharestrengthshopbeauty #lgfbcanada

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 | Top 10


With Mother's Day approaching on Sunday, May 12th, I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favourite gift ideas this year.

Whether you want to treat a Furbaby Mom or Mom to Human Beings, this gift guide has a range of gifts from jewellery to health and beauty. I'm also a firm believer in "treat yourself if no one else will." 😉

Hopefully, this gift guide will give you some great ideas for you or your loved one this year.


There's nothing like receiving a beautiful piece of jewellery as a gift. Make it personalized and it's even better! I have several pieces of personalized jewellery from Sincerely Silver Co. and I absolutely love all of them! They have a ton of options and they are high quality yet affordable. The piece that I'm showcasing here, the Name Necklace, has been a popular style for years and it never seems to go out of style. It's available in silver, gold, or rose gold. I chose the gold here in the 18" length. It's made from solid .925 sterling silver and plated with 18k gold, available in 16", 18" or 20" lengths. Shipping is fast and they have amazing customer service!

Retail $55


I'm not one to splurge on expensive makeup, but once in a while, there's a product that is really worth the high price tag. I received this infamous Charlotte Tilbury blush in Pillow Talk blush for my birthday in February, which I had actually requested, and it's totally worth the $50! This is the gift that keeps on giving since I use it most days of the week. It's just stunning and really is a magical makeup product which is what I've always dreamt of but had never found before. If you have a makeup lover in your life, I can't recommend this enough! I have a full review with swatches, linked here.

Retail $50

Bath & Beauty

Crystal Hills Organic Crystal Love Bath Salts are not your average bath salts. The packaging is spectacular and looks stunning by the bathtub. But what's inside is what really makes this special. "This is crystal infused skincare and is certified organic. Made with Rose Quartz Crystals, it's pink hue symbolizes the essence of love. This beautiful gemstone lifts up our vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love, bringing us to a state of peace, happiness, forgiveness, and compassion."

"Enjoy a long and luxurious soak in the tub surrounded with the delicate fragrance of rose blossoms. Sixty thousand petals go into one ounce of the rose absolute that is added into these lavish bath salts." All of the ingredients are natural and the fragrance comes from essential oils including geranium rose, organic neroli, and rose absolute. Muslin bag is included.

Retail $44


If you know someone who has trouble getting their beauty sleep, a silk sleep mask is a must. The secret to a good sleep mask is finding one that blocks out ALL of the light. I had tried a lot of sleep masks before I found one that actually did block out all of the light. The secret to it is a large and soft mask, this way it can conform to the shape of your face and nose which blocks out the light. The silk material is not only soft but is breathable and can help reduce wrinkles since it keeps the skin from crinkling up while sleeping.

Retail $10

Beauty Tools

A Jade Roller is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your skin. By massaging the skin with the roller it helps improve Chi circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and can reduce the look of puffiness around the eyes and the face. It can also help with product absorption, and with regular use, you should notice improvements in the look of your skin. It doesn't take long at all to massage your face with the roller and there are all kinds of videos online on how to use the roller to increase lymphatic drainage which will reduce puffiness and rid the skin of toxins.

Prices vary greatly but I don't see any reason to spend a lot of money on this item as long as you purchase one made of genuine materials like jade etc.

Retail $10


If you know someone who loves to pamper themselves or just take good care of their skin, a facial steamer like this is wonderful! I remember in high school, I used to put my face over a sink filled with hot water and put a towel over my head. Once I got this Kinga steamer it took facial steaming to a whole other level. This was a much more gentle and effective way to steam the face compared to the sink method, which isn't very comfortable and is usually too hot and actually dehydrates the skin. The steam from this professional steamer is very gentle and it cleans out and opens up the pores and prepares the skin for any other treatments. The skin will absorb any treatments, serums, or moisturizers much better after using this product, and it will actually hydrate vs. dehydrate the skin.

Retail $34.99


The Body Shop makes some of my favourite masks! I usually like to use a detoxifying mask like The Body Shops Himalayan Charcoal one and then follow it up with a hydrating mask like this British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. I think that any skincare lover would appreciate this gift. The Body Shop is cruelty-free, too!

Retail $28

The Eco Tools Mask Mates set is a must-have! I use the sponges in this kit every day when I cleanse my skin. But, I also use it to remove my masks as it's intended for. The handy brush in the kit makes applying face masks less messy and more precise. It really does make me use my masks more often. Although my first thought was that this product was gimmicky, it is far from it! The sponges are also made from the same materials used in spas.

Retail $10-15


I love this affordable version of the trendy Gucci belt. I actually have it in 2 different sizes. It's great quality and no one would know that it's not the real deal. A great gift for the fashion lover in your life.

Retail from $12.99


There is nothing better than the gift of health. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is into health or considering changing their diet or health for the better, I can't recommend this book enough. This is a life-changing book! I purchased it years ago and it changed my life as well as many others after I passed the book along to loved ones. The book, Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline, is eye-opening and will change the way one eats. The reader can take recommendations and customize it to suit their needs. I actually didn't follow the diet recommendations all the way to the last chapter, but it still changed the way I ate and I lost the 20lbs that I had gained and it was quite easy to follow. I still follow most of the principles in this book to this day.

Retail Approx. $13

I hope you got some ideas to treat the special person in your life, or maybe even to treat yourself. 💝

Some links are referral links which support this site. Thank you if you choose to use them! Some items were gifted. All opinions are my own. 
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