Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Beauty Lover With FarleyCo Beauty!

Today, I'm sharing some fabulous stocking stuffer ideas for the beauty lover on your shopping list. Some of these are absolute favourites of mine and all are super affordable! 🎁

EcoTools makes some of my favourite makeup brushes. They are priced right, are super soft and they don't shed. They are also a cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand.

The set featured here is their Start the Day Beautifully Kit and includes a storage tray, angled foundation brush, blurring brush, defined crease brush, angled liner brush, and full blush brush. SRP $18.99.

Available online and at many drugstores.

You can also find them here: www.farleyco.ca/ecoTOOLS

Real Techniques is another one of my favourite affordable makeup brush brands. They are also cruelty-free and their products are innovative and high-quality. I've yet to have a Real Techniques brush that has shed on me.

This Mini Multitask Brush is perfect for travel or to keep in your makeup bag as it has a short handle but it has a full-size head, so you'll get the same application and results as you would with the full-size brush. SRP $8.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailers, and online.

Also available herewww.farleyco.ca/Real-Techniques

If you have someone on your list who loves to stay organized or is tight on space, check out this Real Techniques Single Pocket Expert Organizer. You can store anything in here from makeup brushes to skincare, or any kind of tools you wish. It securely clings to glossy bathroom surfaces like glass, mirrors, marble, tiles, and laminate with no residue, no suction cups, adhesives, and no wall mounts needed. SRP $14.99.

Available at most drugstores and online.

Can also be found herewww.farleyco.ca/Real-Techniques

7th Heaven face masks are so affordable and accessible. They have over 50 face and hair products so there is definitely something for everyone.  They stay away from harsh and toxic chemicals and always use all natural ingredients whenever possible. They are also cruelty-free! SRP $1.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailer, and online.

Can also be found herewww.farleyco.ca/Montagne-Jeunesse

Splat Hair Color makes fun and affordable hair colouring products that you can use at home. From fun pastels to super vibrant shades, there's a colour for everyone! Some of their products leave permanent results, while others can be washed out.

Featured here is their Midnight Amethyst Hair Color. SRP $14.99

Splat Midnight hair color kits is made for having fun and expressing yourself - anytime, anywhere, any way you please. And no one gives you more vivid color than Splat.
This bleach free kit contains everything you need for one dye job: dye, instructions, gloves, the works. And this color lasts, you can expect our color to last up to 30 washes depending on your hair type. Splat - If you can dream it, you can dye it.

Available at most drugstores.

Also available herewww.farleyco.ca/Splat

Flexitol Heel Magic is literally like magic for your feet! I have used this product in the past and was blown away. The stick type applicator makes it easy to apply to your feet and heels and is mess-free. It claims visible results in 3 days and I had visible results after one application before bed. It transformed my dry scaly heels and made them look sandal-ready. No skin cream has ever worked remotely as well as this product does. My partner always wants to steal mine, so this is a great unisex product for gift-giving! Flexitol also has lip care products as well as products specially formulated for eczema. SRP $14.99.

Available at most drugstores, mass retailers and online.

Can also be found herewww.farleyco.ca/Flexitol

MesmorEyes Full Lashes are the first false lash brand that I ever tried. I like that they specify what eye shape each set of lashes is suitable for. For example, they specify that this particular set is suitable for almond, mono, round, and hooded eyes. I found them very easy to apply and they stayed on all day. This is their Dramatic Lash set in #304. SRP $5.99.

Available at drugstores, Amazon, and online.

Can also be found herewww.farleyco.ca/MesmorEyes

I hope you liked these beauty stocking stuffer ideas and hopefully, it gave you some ideas for the beauty-lover on your list!

Not sponsored. No affiliate links. Pr, all opinions are my own.

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