Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fun Old Navy Summer Fashion Haul! Poncho, Fitness/ Workout Clothing and More!

Okay, so we all know by now that I have a healthy addiction to clothing. Mostly the denim sort. Surprisingly there are no jeans in this haul as denim is my biggest weakness!

I just posted a Thrift haul (found here) last week! But, after getting an Old Navy email about some deals, I made 2 trips there in the last 2 weeks.

I get such a thrill from new things and finding great bargains, which I've become quite good at.

I know some of you love to see my fashion hauls so I thought I'd share my finds from my last 2 trips to Old Navy (which is quickly becoming my favourite store)!

I also sold some clothing to Plato's Closet and I started a "get fit journey (found here)" both of which helped me justify my purchases. :D

I got some deals that are pretty amazing!! I hope you enjoy seeing what I scored!

First Trip:

I had Old Navy cash/ bucks to use for this trip.

Hoodie (can never have enough) reg $35.
After sale + ON cash paid $8.73

Tanks on promo for $5 each. reg $24.94 (woah!) each.
After promo + ON cash paid $3.04 each!

Poncho I found on the clearance rack

I haven't worn a poncho since I was a kid but this (surprisingly) looked so good on!

It's like a poncho/ cardigan

It was the last one and didn't have a tag, not sure reg price.
After sale + ON cash paid $12.14

The bills show you how much you saved:

Total paid this trip: $26.95
Total saved this trip: $77.86

Second Trip:

I got an email that these workout shorts were on sale from $20 for $7 for one day only!

So, I ran to the store!

Shorts on promo for $7. 
After 10% off coupon paid only $6.30 per pair! 

Striped top reg $16.94 on promo for $5. 
After 10% off coupon paid $4.50

This top has a vented / open back. 

Really cute but I would wear a tank underneath.

Total for this trip: $23.40
Total saved: $53.36

I'd like to say I'm all set for summer clothes and workout gear, but I'm not gonna promise anything!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased over the last two weeks. 

If you want to find out about the best deals at Old Navy just sign up for their emails. 

Also, when you get the survey printed out with your receipt in store, make sure to do the surveys,. It's quick and you'll get a code for 10% off your next purchase!

Happy Shopping!



  1. You picked up so many great bargains!! Love the shorts!

    1. Thanks! I just love finding great deals. The shorts are amazing. Already worn all 3! :D


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