Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Game Changing Contour Brush For Under $2?!

I had to share a new favourite of mine!

Read on if you're interested in an awesome contour brush for less than $2!

I've always contoured parts of my face to try and hide and sculpt it the way I want. 

When I was in my late teens it was all about slimming my face and chiselling out my cheekbones.

Now that I'm older I don't want to chisel them so much as I've lost the baby fat with age. 

But, I do like to contour my nose and try and sculpt a more defined jawline. And, a little bit of cheek contouring can help make the cheekbones look more lifted or prominent.

As you can see it's a smaller sized brush. I think it's a perfect size. Especially since I'm big on nose contouring but I also find it perfect for my cheeks and jawline.

I purchased my contour brush from eBay for $1.94 CAD with free shipping. It took 3 months to get to me though! I didn't think it was ever going to arrive but eventually, it did.

Stock photo of eBay contour brush

This is my new eBay contour brush beside measuring tape in inches

When it arrived the bristles were stuck to the glue on the envelope that it came in.. I mean REALLY stuck. It took all my strength to pull the bristles free from the glue (it was some strong glue). And, surprisingly it didn't lose one single hair in the process! I couldn't believe it.

I used to use the contour brushes shown below. 

The fan-shaped brush is a typical one that comes with a lot of blush or bronzer compacts and instead of throwing them out, I liked to use them for contouring. 

They did an okay job, but once I tried my new contour brush there was no comparison!

My new brush has me contouring on most days. It's the perfect size for my face and it's super soft.

Note: You can also do a search for it using the wording in the above link. There should be many sellers to choose from that have this particular brush.

I have previously raved about some $1 eBay eye makeup brushes in a post found here. They are supposed to be Mac dupes! (And, I still love them)

I don't know what this brush is a dupe for, if anything, but I love it and highly recommend it!

LOL.. practicing contouring with my new brush and acting silly, of course!

Have you scored any awesome products lately?



  1. Under 2$, what a bargain,I should check it, I never want to spend a lot of money on make up brushes.

  2. Sounds like a great brush but geez you must be the most patient person ever waiting three months to receive it!

    1. haha.. I actually thought it was lost in the mail and was never going to arrive! So glad that it did though! :D

  3. Thanks for sharing your great bargain Amy! I love receiving my ebay orders, they take so long that I usually forget about them. It's like a surprise all over again haha x


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