Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Makeup Collection | Bronzers

When the makeup hoarder in me wants to go buy a new bronzer because Summer is coming but clearly I don't need any! 🌞😛🙈😂

I gathered up all my bronzers because I knew I didn't need any and I wanted to kill that urge to get something new by looking through my collection. So, I thought I'd share my bronzer collection with y'all.

I mainly use bronzers to add colour to my face and make me look like I have a bit of a tan or at least look like I'm alive and somewhat healthy. That's why I prefer bronzers with a bit of a red undertone vs. something orangy or ashy. I do contour my jawline and nose, but I just use the same bronzer for that purpose as well.

BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise palette - I use this palette mainly for the eyeshadows but I do use the bronzer in here as a crease shade on my eyes. The bronzer here isn't my favourite formula, but at least it's there for when I might need it during travel etc.

Covergirl Serving Sculpt Palette in Bloom Babe - What an awesome and smooth formula that Covergirl created here! Each powder in this palette is fabulous and the colours are perfect! I know I've shared it on my site before. Definitely one of my favourites and great for travel since you have a highlight, blush, and bronzer in one.

Physicians formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer & Deep Bronze- I purchased the original shade which is Bronzer, I find it a little muddy on me but I adore the smooth, blendable formula, so I purchase the Deep Bronze when it came out. Although my skin is fair, I much prefer the Deep Bronze shade as it is less cool-toned than the Bronze shade and doesn't look muddy on my skin.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark- As you can see, I've hit pan on this one. TBH, it's so old now I should probably toss it but I really like this one. I do take some packing tape to it once in a while to take off any hardpan that's formed on the top. :)  The tone of this one is perfect and it's not shimmery and not matte. There are little shimmers in the pan but they don't translate on the skin. It's hard to describe but it just makes it so the bronzer doesn't look powdery or flat on my skin. This formula is not as soft as the Butter Bronzer by PF but it still goes on smooth and blends well. This is probably my favourite bronzer of the bunch! It gives me that tanned, kissed-by-the-sun look that I'm after.

Gathering up all my bronzers together has indeed worked and the urge to go purchase a new one is quelled... for now. 😉 I might have to do this with the rest of my makeup collection when I get the urge to shop for something that I don't need. And, I should definitely do this with my closet!

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