Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Declutter Your Closet | Tips, Tricks and Hacks!

So, I kinda Mario Kondo'ed my closet! I say kinda because I used some of her ideas but I didn't follow all of her methods. I can't believe how many things I had that no longer fit, didn't fit well, or I never wore. 🙈 I tend to declutter my wardrobe every season and it was overdue!

I love getting tips from others on how they declutter and what makes them decide to part with something. I figured I'd share my tips on how I tackled my current declutter and ways that I made money so I could purchase some new items.

I did not take all of my items and throw them in a pile per the Marie Kondo method. That might work for some but I have too many things. Instead, I broke things down into sections.

  • I started with all of my undergarments and tried on EVERYTHING. Yep, even underwear. I couldn't believe how many bras and undies no longer fit or were just uncomfortable!
  • Outerwear was another category I did on its own. Again, I tried everything on
  • Next, I tackled my dresser and started with the top drawer and worked my way down
  • I went through my closet. Starting at the back and trying on each garment
  • Next were shoes, again, trying everything on
  • On another day, I went through my jewellery, hair accessories, purses, scarves, hats, and other areas of my home

Try Everything On:

I pretty much tried everything on. I especially recommend this if your body seems to change over time like mine does. Even when I got to an item and thought "nope, no need to try this on, I already know I love it." I forced myself to try it on and low and behold many of the items that I thought I'd never part with, I decided to let go of after trying them on.

Factors To Consider:
  • I asked myself "does this spark joy?" taken from Marie Kondo, but often they didn't but they were perfectly good clothes that I use to sleep in, lounge in, clean the house in, run errands in etc. This method may work for some but what worked better for me was to ask myself "Would I buy this in a store today?" If the answer was no, I got rid of it.
  • Do I like it?
  • Does it fit well/ is it flattering?
  • Is it your style?
  • Is it damaged? Can it be repaired? Is it worth repairing?
  • Is it associated with any bad memories? If so, get rid of it.
  • If you are still uncertain about a piece, take a selfie and that often can help you make the final decision. I used this method a lot!

What to do with the get rid of pile:
  • Give to friends and family
  • Donate
  • Garbage or better yet, use anything too beat up to donate as rags
  • Sell

How/ Where to Sell:
  • Consignment shops (Plato's closet, local shops etc.)
  • Online Consignment Apps (Poshmark, Depop)
  • Other Apps: I have a lot of luck with Letgo, there is also Kijiji, Varage sale and more. You can find plenty in the App Store on your phone
  • Garage Sale
  • Facebook Marketplace 
  • Swap (was recommended to me by an online buddy but I've never gone to one)
I donated anything that I didn't think I could sell, which really wasn't much. I sold everything else that was new or like new, which helps me purchase new items 😁 You'd be surprised at what will sell and how easy it is. Although, I will admit that it can be time-consuming. 

Selling inexpensive items in bundles is a great way to make a sale for items that would be difficult to sell on their own. I was able to sell the majority of my items this way, especially the inexpensive clothing from shops like Old Navy etc. Not knocking Old Navy, it's actually my favourite store!

Through consignment shops, Facebook Marketplace, and Apps like LetGo, I was able to sell the majority of my unwanted items. Anything that was of a higher value, I sold on its own, while inexpensive clothing was sold in bundles as described above. I sold everything from shoes, to hats, and even an old jewellery box as well as unwanted makeup!

Decluttering always makes me feel good as I have more open space and room to breathe, but inevitably, the spaces slowly get filled again. 🙈

I didn't touch on storage or organization in this post as this post would be far too long, so I'll save that for another day. What I will add is that bins and vertical space are your friends. :)
I hope you found some of my tips helpful! Let me know if you have any tips for decluttering! 💗 

Happy Friday and happy decluttering if you plan on tackling your home!


  1. Awesome post, girl! Great tips! I need to do some decluttering as well. Clothes are hard to part with! Lol

  2. Awesome post, girl! Great tips! I need to do some decluttering as well. Clothes are hard to part with! Lol

    1. Thanks, Julie! They are hard to part with but once I tried on a lot of my Summer items from previous years it was easier to see what had to go. Luckily, I was able to sell most of them 😍

  3. Hi Amy Happy Sunday Dear Have a Wonderful Week Enjoyed and shared our new post Luv You xxoo

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! Hope you have a fabulous week xoxo

  4. So good you got all this done! I think I'd get sick of trying everything on. I definitely need a clothes clean out though and you've done an amazing job!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Trying things on became very daunting and at one point I was going to stop doing it, until I reminded myself of how many items I thought for sure I'd keep until I tried them on and decided to get rid of the. Pain in the butt but worth it. Especially if they are items from last summer or you haven't worn in some time. 😊


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