Monday, October 22, 2018

iHerb Haul | Health, Beauty, Supplements (Hormones, Stress, Sleep)

I have a little iHerb haul to share today. Most of these items are repurchases for me. I'll share links to products in the headings and a little about them and/or why I take them or how they help me. I Hope you'll find the info helpful.

Brain, Heart, Hormone, Stress, Skin and Hair Health

Jarrow Max DHA 600 mg
I've been taking this fish oil for years. I've tried others but I always go back to this one. It has 600 mg of DHA per serving! I take it for many reasons from heart, brain, and skin and nail health. I've never had fishy burps from this product. I only take one per day just to make it even more affordable and also because I take so many other supplements. This product is dairy-free and gluten-free.

From iHerb:
DHA is the predominant fatty acid in the brain, nervous system and retina of humans. DHA is important for fetal and infantile neurological development. DHA also supports neurological function in seniors.

I stopped taking evening primrose oil for a while and decided I needed to start taking it again. It's supposed to help with hormone balance and also increase progesterone. Since I cannot tolerate even bio-identical progesterone, I look to supplements like this as well as vitex (which I am not currently taking but will probably go back to). As a bonus, evening primrose oil is also fabulous for skin and hair health! I like this dosage as it was recommended in a book I read a long time ago (I can't remember which book it was). I remember reading that our bodies will only be able to process 500 mg's at a time, so it's best to take 500 mg 2 x a day. I tend to only take one a day because I take many other supplements. This product is soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

From iHerb:
NOW Evening Primrose Oil has naturally occurring Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an Omega-6 fatty acid also found in Borage and Black Currant seed oils. Although the body can synthesize GLA from other dietary fats, it can be more efficiently utilized for bodily functions when consumed in its preformed state. By supporting the body's healthy immune system responses, GLA may help to maintain normal skin barrier function, as well as a healthy vascular system. It may also be used as a nutritional support for mild discomfort associated with PMS.

I purchased this product years ago based on its claims to help with sleep. I didn't notice anything so I didn't bother to keep taking it regularly. Fast forward to recently, and I decided to give it a try again, as our bodies changed and I thought maybe it would help me this time. I haven't noticed a marked difference in my sleep but what I did notice after taking it daily for a while was that I felt more relaxed and less stressed during the daytime. I take 1 tsp in a bottle of water and sip on it throughout the day. The results are very subtle and happen over time, at least for me. It's not like I drink it and then feel relaxed after like a herbal tea might. Its actions are subtle but effective. I will continue to take this. My Dr. informed me that what my body doesn't use will be eliminated in my urine, so I feel safe taking the larger doses. This product is also gluten-free, soy-free, and free of milk. 

From iHerb:
Glycine is the smallest and simplest amino acid, making it versatile for use in a wide range of functions. Glycine is necessary for the production of glutathione, DNA, creatine, bile, hemoglobin, and most proteins. It also helps to promote glycogen storage, thereby making glucose readily available for energy production. Glycine also functions as a calming neurotransmitter in the brain, where it facilitates nerve impulses and is important for the maintenance of healthy sleep patterns.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge with Travel Case 2 pc
I have purchased many Real Techniques products from iHerb as it's usually much cheaper than buying it at my local store. I was so happy to see that they carried this new product that contains their Miracle Complexion Sponge with their new travel case! Such a neat idea, even for use at home to keep my sponge protected from germs and dirt. The travel case is vented so the sponge can get some air and dry out properly.

Cococare Cocoa Butter Cream 1 oz
I added this product to get my order to approx $50 dollars so I could get free shipping! It's a nice size for my purse and will surely help out my dry, dehydrated hands during the cold months to come.

I always check my cart on iHerb and make sure that I'm getting the most bang for my buck. For example, if you're shopping on iHerb, keep checking the cost of shipping as you add and remove products, you'll see that the price will fluctuate and I can usually get free shipping on my orders. Being in Canada, I usually opt to prepay duties and taxes as it eliminates the "handling fee" that Customs will impose if they decide to charge you for taxes etc. Also, check for samples and trial sizes if you need to get to that free shipping threshold.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased this month and found some of the info helpful.

If you plan on shopping with iHerb, you can save 5% OFF your entire order with discount code AGU725 or just use this link. This code can be used by anyone, unlimited times and it doesn't expire so you can share it with your friends and family as well. The discount code is good for new and existing customers. (This is a referral link).

iHerb's shipping is super cheap and super fast!

Remember to always check with your Doctor or healthcare practitioner before adding any supplements to your routine.

Not sponsored. Referral links are used in this post. Thank you if you choose to use them.

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