Thursday, May 31, 2018

Monthly Empties! Health, Beauty, Skincare!

This month went by so fast, I can't believe it's practically June already! I wasn't very successful this month at finishing up a lot of products. I'll have to work a little harder at it next month.

As always, I 'll share mini-reviews, whether I'd repurchase, and links to products whenever possible.


Anbber Makeup Sponge
This is a newer find for me and it's hands down the best beauty sponge that I've ever used! I had planned on doing a post dedicated to it but it kept going out of stock and I didn't want to post about an item that you couldn't get. It comes in a 6 pack for approximately $10 and can be purchased here

Repurchase- Absolutely!

Home Health Goji Berry Eye Cream
Another favourite of mine. Only this one has been a favourite for many years. I've found one other eye cream that gives me the same results, only it's more than double the price, not cruelty-free, and not natural. This product IS cruelty-free, natural, and very effective. It helps to moisturize and reduce the appearance of my hooded eyes! It's approx. $10 and can be purchased here.

Repurchase- Definitely!

Essence Lash Princess Mascara
I had heard a lot of hype over this mascara, and for good reason, it's a fantastic mascara! I find it works best after the first week of opening it. It's so affordable at approx. $5CAD. I get great volume and length, and it doesn't smudge or flake. Essence is also cruelty-free! It can be purchased here.

Repurchase- Already have a backup

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Leave-on Mask
I received this product free for review. It was a good moisturizer and I didn't experience any breakouts or irritation. However, I have come across a new drugstore option that suits my aging, combo but very dehydrated skin much better (Spoiler- It's Cetaphil's new Night Cream!). Approx. $15 and can be purchased here.

Repurchase- No


BHI Calming Homeopathic Tablets
I've talked about this product on my site before. I've been using it for years to help with my insomnia. It's often the ticket to help me nod off or to help me go back to sleep if I wake up too early, and because it's homoeopathic, it doesn't have any contraindications. At about $12, it can be purchased here.

Repurchase- Already have!

Webber Naturals Daytime Stress Formula
This product contains a herb called Rhodiola which I have been taking forever and a day! This is a combo formula so it also contains other herbs. I like the ingredients and its effects are very gentle, I didn't find it sedating at all so it is definitely good for use during the daytime. I think this may be discontinued as I couldn't find it online.

Repurchase- Seems unavailable

Equate Chromium GTF
I was taking this supplement to help with sugar metabolism and to assist with weight loss. Unfortunately, I found that it exacerbated my insomnia. I've given the balance away. Equate is a store brand. Chromium GTF is very affordable and can be purchased online here.

Repurchase- Not unless my insomnia goes away!

Nature's Bounty Sleep Gummies
I purchased these on a whim and I love them! I can only tolerate low doses of melatonin and this product contains 1.5mg of melatonin plus 100mg L-Theanine per gummy. The recommended dosage is 2 gummies but I just take one. I rotate this product with Webber Naturals Super Sleep which also contains melatonin but it also has 5-HTP. Approx. $10 and can be purchased here.

Repurchase- Already have


These may be the most boring empties of the bunch but they are very useful products! πŸ˜›

Jason Sea Fresh Strengthening Flouride and SLS Free Toothpaste
I've been avoiding toothpaste that contains fluoride for years. I like this toothpaste and do have a backup but I have to say, my favourite is still Now Foods XyliWhite in Cinnafresh! Approx. $4.99, can be purchased here.

Repurchase- Already have

Adidas Cotton Tech Deodorant in Fitness Fresh
I've been using this product for too many years to count. It was the first deodorant that I was able to find that didn't contain aluminum. It may not be natural, but it works for me and I don't have to worry about the potential dangers of aluminum. This is a Coty product. Prices vary but I can usually pick it up at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada for approx. $5. Can be purchased online here.

Repurchase- Already have

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I used up in May, and hopefully, you found some of the info helpful!

Looking forward to a new month which is always an opportunity for a new start!πŸ’•

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New! Cetaphil Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid Review

Featured Product:
Cetaphil Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid 48 grams/ Approx $12 USD

I haven't used Cetaphil products since I was in my 20's when a dermatologist recommended this line for my problematic skin. Now, over 20 years later, I was given the opportunity to test out their new Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid through Topbox Circle. 


Cetaphil Hydrating Night Cream nourishes skin to provide intense overnight hydration for normal to dry skin. Formulated with HYALURONIC ACID, olive extract and a pro-vitamin E, A & C complex, this creamy moisturizer rehydrates skin and boosts moisture reserves to protect skin from dryness for 24 hours. This rich, non-greasy night cream leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

  • Made with hyaluronic acid and olive oil
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben and fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

I wasn't expecting much but a good basic moisturizer. Boy was I wrong! 

The packaging is pretty simple and had I not received a sample, I probably wouldn't have tried this. This night cream has blown me away! It has to be the most hydrating night cream that I've ever used, without being greasy or heavy. It takes care of my dehydrated like nobody's business!  It has not broken me out and it's so soothing. My skin feels like glass, so soft and smooth and the hydration lasts forever! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ It contains hyaluronic acid which I have used before but not with results or effects like this! This product actually works better at combating my dehydrated skin than expensive spa products! I love it so much that I'm also using it during the daytime as I can't get enough of how wonderful my skin feels when I use this product!

I am completely sold on this night cream and will definitely purchase it and use it in conjunction with my serums, Retin-A etc. 

Note: I use a little beauty spatula to keep things sanitary. 

You can learn more about this product and purchase it HERE.

Not sponsored. I received this product free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Novex Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask With Baobob Oil!

When it comes to haircare, I'm big on anything for frizz control! I have the most difficult hair. It's not only an odd mix of curly and wavy, but it's super frizzy and really tough to style. So, I was excited to try out Novex Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask which contains the powerful Baobob Oil! This brand is the #1 seller in Brazil which peaked my excitement even more!

Featured Product:
Novex Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask- 400g/ SRP $9.99

The new Novex Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask provides the most powerful hydration and magical shine for damaged and tangled hair. Free of parabens, silicones and sulfates, it contains intense, hydrated oil from the seed of the Baobab Tree which originated in Africa. This new extreme treatment from Novex helps to prevent dryness and brittleness and repair split ends caused by heat tools, weather and chemical treatments. The Baobab seed is a soothing and rich element from Africa that is rich in Vitamin A, C, D and E. It also has omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • Intense hydration, splits ends protection and frizz control
  • Suitable for very dry and split ends.
  • Enriched with Baobab Seed Oil
  • Paraben, Silicone and Sulfate FREE
  • pH 3.5
  • High concentration
  • High density
  • Rich in vitamins

There are several ways to use the mask. You can use it as a pre-treatment on dry hair and then follow up with your shampoo and conditioner or use it after shampooing as a deep conditioning treatment. I have tried both ways and both worked well. Generally, I prefer to go the more traditional route and use it after shampooing. It recommends that you leave it on for 10 minutes, although I left it on for up to 30 minutes while I was doing other things around the house. This would also be a great time for a little masking session! 😍

After rinsing, I followed up with my usual routine so I could gauge the results fairly. After styling, I felt that my hair was a lot softer than usual and my frizz was reduced by about 80%. If I let my hair air dry, my frizz is reduced even more, but I hate wearing my hair wavy/curly as it just doesn't suit me. To be honest, I've yet to find a product that gives me 100% frizz control. I'm not sure if it's even possible but it would sure be nice. In the meantime, I think that this product does a good job of reducing my frizz and my hair does feel healthier, and that's only after 2 uses. I can't wait to see the results after long-term use!

There is also a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner within this line. All of the products are super affordable, too!

Right now, Novex is having a summer special and they're offering 25% off 
(No coupon required!)

You can learn more about this brand and purchase their products at

#novexhaircare and #mysticblack 
Not sponsored. This product was provided free for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

b.liv Age Eraser Youth Preserving Bio-Cellulose Anti-Aging Sheet Mask Review

Featured product: 
b.liv Age Eraser Youth Preserving Bio-Cellulose Mask  $35USD / 4 sheet masks (currently buy 2 get 50% off!)

Pronounced as “believe”, b.liv was established in 2009 and derived from a cosmeceutical brand. b.liv was created to cater to a strong demand for an easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regimen. b.liv seeks to inspire and gives confidence to the youths of today in making a difference.

The Age Eraser mask claims to regenerate the skin and have a firming effect.

It's also said to:
  • increase radiance by 89.1%
  • increase skin firmness by 49.3%
  • decrease fine lines by 30.1%

From b.liv:
bio-cellulose is a specialized nano scale fiber structure that fits perfectly like your second skin. it serves as a high volume serum reservoir i.e. holds moisture while allowing air to transfer freely and skin can breathe better. its 30 nanometers fiber increases extra contact surface area for crevices and wrinkles ; maximizing the absorption of effective essence.

turn back the clock and restore skin to its original youthful radiance. thanks to a unique formulation of multipeptide, this youth preserving bio-cellulose mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing premature skin aging. the result is maximum skin regeneration and a firming effect.

youth preserving + firming + fine line reducing

Best for:
all skin type

Sheet masks available: Soothe Me Now, Hydrate Away, Age Eraser

How to use
1. open the sachet and take out the mask. remove protective material from both sides of the mask.
2. place mask over face and lightly press with both hands to ensure it adheres completely.
3. remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into skin.
4. proceed with remaining essence skin care steps. for best results, use 2-3 times a week.

(It's not easy to take a photo with a sheet mask on and not look super creepy. lol)

Above: wearing the Age Eraser mask and in the after photo, I am completely makeup free. I had an existing blemish from another product that I had used before. #nofilter

Key ingredients: 

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12
Acts like Botox which relaxes visible tension lines while relieving stinging sensation and discomfort thus helps minimize long-term formation of lines and wrinkles.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
Soothes and protects skin against oxidative stress caused by sugar, browned foods, alcohol, UV light, environmental pollution, and stress.

Hyaluronic Acid
Keeps skin layers full of moisture. It holds water 1000 times its weight. Keeps collagen hydrated and promotes a youthful look.

My Experience:

The mask is supersaturated with the ingredients. It also has a protective mesh cover on both the front and back of the mask. It's quite heavy with all of the essence in the mask, so I very carefully removed the mesh from the front and back of the mask.

I have a small face and I found that the mask had some extra material once applied to my face, so this mask should also fit those with larger faces. There was a lot of essence left in the packets which I applied to my neck and chest.

After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, I removed and discarded the mask and massaged the remaining essence into my skin, neck and chest. 

I did not experience any irritation whatsoever. In fact, it was quite soothing to my reactive skin.

After wearing the mask for the full 20 minutes recommended my skin looked plump, firm, fresh, hydrated, and I definitely found that my face looks more relaxed thanks to the ingredients (see above). 

I've been obsessed with my large pores lately so it was ironic that this brand specializes in pores! I checked my skin in my magnifying mirror after this mask treatment, and I did notice a big difference in the size and appearance of my pores. They no longer looked like large black holes! They were much smaller and cleaner looking. I wasn't expecting this mask to help with my pores as I didn't read that it helps with pores, but I couldn't be happier with my results!

I think this mask would be great to use before an event or anytime you want to pamper yourself or improve the look of your skin. I personally love masking and sheet masks make the process so quick, easy and mess-free. 

I have used the mask twice so far and I'm super happy with my results. 

If you'd like to learn more about this product or any of b.liv's products, you can visit b.liv

This post is not sponsored. The product was provided free for editorial consideration. All opinions are mine.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ipsy May 2018 Glam Bag Review

I have always been interested in Ipsy, which is a monthly beauty subscription service. I was really happy to get the opportunity to try their May bag. 

I filled out a profile selecting my preferred makeup and beauty products and style. Based on the profile I filled out, I received a flat shader eyeshadow brush by SLMGLAMM, 2 samples of a green tea mask by Pure Heals, a sample of Doucce mascara, a Kokie nail polish in Fresh Picked, and an Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow in Mermaid Teal (even though I selected that I like neutral colours in my profile). 

I can see how this would be an o.k value for those in the USA at $10USD, but for us Canadians, these little samples would have cost $20 with the added shipping and the exchange rate! 😣 I've seen previous bags and thought it always looked like a good value. Sadly, I don't think my bag is.

I'd love to hear what is your favourite beauty subscription service! 

Not sponsored

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Makeup Haul | Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale 2018

Yesterday, I finally made it to the semi-annual Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse sale in Markham, Ontario.

This is probably my favourite warehouse sale as they not only have drugstore brands but also some higher-end brands like Stila Cosmetics and much more!

Note: They also had some great health and household items, purses, tons of fragrances and much more!

I was trying to be good and not go overboard with purchasing all kinds of things I don't need as I already have so much, but it was all very tempting for sure!

Here, I thought I'd share what I purchased in case you have any interest in these items. Note that they had testers for a lot of the makeup and most products were sealed!

If you are able to make it to the sale it is on until May 13th. I'll post the schedule at the bottom of this post.

This was the highest priced item that I purchased at $12.99. It retails for approx. $30. This is Vasanti blush duo in A Charmed Life. It looks like the perfect everyday nude blush with a hint of pink. It contains 7 grams of product which is a nice size! This product is paraben-free and contains skin loving ingredients like Lotus, Orchid, and Evening Primrose!

I was on the lookout for some blushes as I don't really have any favourites right now. This is Annabelle Blush in Spring Petal. It looks like the perfect blush for Spring and Summer. To me, it looks like the perfect mix of a coral and rose! It was only $2.99 and contains 3 grams of product.

This highlighter by Mariposa in #2 swatched so beautifully, I had to have it! It was only $3.49. I have never tried this brand before but I believe it's a budget brand. This shade is a beautiful peachy/pink light highlight. Great for light-medium skin tones. I am not even sure where this brand is available but I checked online and it looks like it may be available at some dollar stores, so I may not have scored a great deal here but it's so beautiful that I really don't care. 😊

I also picked up this Annabelle Bigshow Lipgloss in Whisper. It's a holo lipgloss and I couldn't resist for only $2.99 - a great price to try out one of the latest trends in makeup! I've had Annabelle Bigshow lipgloss in the past and I already know that I love it! It's not sticky at all.

Lastly, I picked up 2 mascaras to test out. Both of these were on sale for $2.99. There were many formulas available at the sale, most of which were $2.99 with the exception of the Revlon mascaras which were $4.99.

1. Almay One Coat Mega Volume mascara with a flared brush design.
2. Annabelle Super Nova mascara with a combing conical brush (retail approx $10)

Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale 2018 Schedule and Address

I had so much fun shopping this sale. Honestly, I could have gone completely HAM at this sale! They had so many great items to choose from but I really tried to be good! 

I wish this sale would come back to the west end of the GTA as I can rarely make it to this sale when it's in Markham, Ontario. I am grateful that I was able to make it this year though. 

The sale is on until May 13th. I hope you can make it too if you're in the area. If you do, let me know what you scored!

Happy weekend!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Milani Berry Amore Baked Blush VS. Luminoso with Swatches!

Featured Product: 
Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore 3.5 g / prices vary (Usually under $10)

I recently picked up @milanicosmetics Baked Blush in Berry Amore. πŸ“ It had been on my wishlist for a while but it wasn't the easiest to track down. 

I love the formula of Milani's baked blushes. They are smooth, not powdery at all and blend well. Although the shade Berry Amore appears pink with some brown, and gold shimmers in the pan, it swatches more peachy bronze. It's a very warm shade and I don't see the pink once it's swatched.

Berry Amore definitely gives my skin that healthy glow I was looking for, especially in certain lighting. 🌟 I also find that it gives my cheeks a bit of a lifted look. When I wear this shade, I forgo highlighter and bronzer.. It's kind of an all-in-one for me.

My favourite way to wear it (besides as a blush) is to add a bit of the blush above whatever eyeshadows I'm wearing with a fluffy blush to make the blush and eye look blend seamlessly. Try this if you haven't already, the look may surprise you!

Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

If anyone was curious about how my new @milanicosmetics blush in Berry Amore compares to Milani's blush in Luminoso, I snapped a pic of them swatched side by side in natural light before the sun went down. Berry Amore is almost like a darker version of Luminoso. 😍  Both shades contain micro-glitter that can only be detected in certain lighting. 

I find that Berry Amore is a tad dark for my fair skin and therefore I must take the time to blend it before leaving the house or else I run the risk of looking like that crazy blush lady! Most days, I don't have the time to blend, I want to just slap something on and go. Although, the look once blended is quite gorgeous and side note: blending always makes makeup look better, whether it's face or eye makeup etc. I definitely need to take the time to blend more often! 

I think this shade is best suited to medium to darker skin tones unless you don't mind blending. If you have very fair skin, I'd recommend Luminoso.

I find that Berry Amore provides a beautiful colour + flush + healthy glow πŸ™† 

You can purchase Milani's Berry Amore here 

and Luminoso here.

Milani is #crueltyfree too! 🐰

This post is not sponsored. Contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support if you choose to use them.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Monthly Empties + Declutter | Health, Makeup, Beauty, Skincare!

Welcome to another monthly empties and a mini declutter. As always, I will share mini-reviews and links to products where possible.


HyaFlex Hyaluronic Acid Feline Hip + Joint Formula
This is a fabulous product. I started giving it to my cat as prevention as he is aging. The first time that I gave it to him, a few hours later he began to run and jump around like a kitten. That was all the proof I needed that it's definitely benefiting him, so I continue to purchase it. To make the product last longer, I give him 1/2 the recommended dose. I add it to his wet food and he laps it all up. It has no flavour and my cat loves the liquid parts of food, so no problems getting him to ingest all of it.

Repurchase- Absolutely!

Madre Labs CocoCeps Instant Organic Dark Chocolate Beverage
This product has been featured on my site many times, that's because I've been using this product for so long I can't even remember when I started taking it. It contains organic dark chocolate plus certified organic cordyceps and reishi mushroom powders. I use it in my morning smoothies. It tastes great and it's heart healthy and great for immunity too.

Repurchase- Yep!

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies with Biotin
I can't take biotin on its own or I breakout. I don't have that issue with these gummies. I can't be certain that they're doing anything but I do notice that I have to clip my nails every week. However, I also take collagen supplements, so it could be either or both that are helping my nails grow like weeds. I will continue to take them as insurance, plus they taste great!

Repurchase- Already have

Reserveage Collagen Replenish Powder with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C
I did a full review on this product linked here. What I enjoyed about this product is that is mixes into my smoothies flawlessly and it has zero taste to it!

Repurchase- Yes but I have many others to test out first.

Healthy Origins CoQ10
This is another product that I've been taking for years and I won't ever stop taking it. I used to have a heart condition called MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse). During my last ultrasound to check on my heart condition, it came back that my MVP was not found! I can only attribute it to the CoQ10 as I didn't do anything else for my heart.

Repurchase- Yes but I did purchase one from Costco to test out since my heart condition is now gone!


Clairol Frost + Tip Nice 'n Easy
I'm certain that this is the same highlighting kit that I used in high school and I always had great results. When I recently decided to try my hand at doing my own highlights again, it was a no-brainer to go back to this kit. Unfortunately, my hair came out orange, so I went and purchased the one that's for darker hair and it also came out orange. I contacted Clairol via their 1-800 number to find out what level of the developer is in the box but they refused to tell me! I couldn't believe it. It's my hair and they won't even provide me with info on what I'm applying to my hair! How on earth can I make an informed decision without this info!?

Repurchase- NEVER!

Miracle 10 Toner
This product was too harsh on my skin. It made my skin red, dehydrated, and irritated. I'm thinking it's the witch hazel in this product since I checked and it does not contain alcohol. I've never had any issues with other Miracle 10 products. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing this product.

Repurchase- No

Vichy Neovadiol Fortifying and Revitalizing Rosy Cream
I have had good luck with Vichy's Neovadiol line. It's hydrating, non-irritating, and my skin does feel denser when I use them. That's a great thing for my aging skin as it becomes thinner as I age.

Repurchase- Yes, as my night cream.

Jouviance PlumpFX Lip Serum
I loved this product. It really made my lips feel hydrated. It definitely improved the look of my dehydrated lips over time. I would say that it gave my lips the appearance of being fuller and they definitely appeared healthier. It wasn't sticky at all, yet it lasted for quite some time. It reminded me of Dior's lip serum. This is still a pricey product at $32CAD.

Repurchase- No. Only because of the price.

Madre Bees Organic Lip Balm (Now called Sierra Bees)
I've been purchasing these lip balms in large packs for years. There are so many great flavours to choose from. I have one in pretty much every room in my house plus my purse. They are super affordable, organic, and quite good for a lip balm and I really appreciate that it's organic.

Repurchase- Yes

  • Skinn Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette in Seduction- I never use it anymore and it's super old, but has great pigmentation!
  • Joe Fresh Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals- I never use it and it had very poor pigmentation, is very powdery, and makes my lids look very dry.
  • Maybelline Single Eyeshadow in Tastefully Taupe- I have so many other taupe colours in palettes. 
  • Covergirl Melting Pout Liquid Lipstick in 105- Just the wrong colour for me. Too orange. 
  • Joe Fresh Waterproof Eye Crayon in Taupe- The product dried up and fell out. 
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Crayon in Trespassing Taupe- It was a great matte eye crayon for when you want a quick eye look that also looks good but it goes on patchy now. Note: the best way to apply it is with the warmth of your finger and blend it out. πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this month's empties post and mini declutter! 


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Marshall's Canada Spring Home + Beauty Haul! #LoveMarshalls

I just love shopping trips to stores like Winners and Marshalls. You never know when you're going to strike gold and find those amazing items at great prices. 

I popped into Marshalls looking for a storage container (cause who can't use that!) and ended up finding just what I was looking for and more! I'm kinda shocked that I didn't buy any clothes since I am total fashion junkie!

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share what I scored! If you're in the market for any of these items, maybe you can find them at your local Winners/Marshalls/ TJMaxx etc..

This wooden storage caddy is actually what I went into the store looking for. It's a bit smaller and more shallow than what I wanted but I think it will do the job. The brand is Polish'd and I was unable to find this brand online. It was on sale for $13CAD from $15CAD. 😍

I've been looking for a new wallet for quite some time. My current one has been broken for a while and I'm quite superstitious about things like that. I feel that if your wallet (which holds your money) is broken, it should be replaced. Well, I finally found the right size with the right compartments with this Nanette Lepore wallet. This wallet has RFID Protection, this is a special lining that protects your credit cards from identity theft. The name on the tag is "PVC French Purse In Bloom." The suggested retail price was $34USD. Marshall's price was $16.99CAD but it was on sale for only $12CAD. Score!

Lastly, is this beautiful BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise Eye and Cheek Palette which houses 9 eyeshadows plus a bronzer and a highlighter. I have never tried anything by this brand before because I like to see makeup items in person before I purchase them, and I'm pretty sure that BH Cosmetics is only available online for the most part. This palette has some great neutrals (champagne, gold, bronze, taupe, matte brown etc) plus a few pops of colour. And, it has a great big mirror! It appeared that only the highlighter had been swatched so I sprayed the entire palette with alcohol once I got home. I tested out a few of the eyeshadows after I sanitized them and they seem AMAZING!!! This palette was only $12.99CAD.

This palette is Vegan and paraben free!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I scored at my local Marshalls. After these great finds, I definitely have the urge to go back and see what else I can find!

Let me know what you've scored recently.

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone! πŸ’“

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