Sunday, November 1, 2020

New Home Makeup Storage Solution + Travel Bag | Minimalist

Left: old makeup storage / Right: new makeup storage

I've always been big on organizing...Searching for ways to better store my makeup and skincare is actually how I discovered the world of Blogging and Vlogging.

I have been slowly downsizing my makeup collection (and working on other areas of my home) over the years. I went from using a large drawer in my desk to store my makeup to using the pink acrylic organizer shown above. More recently, the acrylic organizer was becoming such an eyesore to me as it sat on my home work desk, so I sought out other solutions for my makeup organization conundrum.

I decided to purchase a large makeup storage/ travel bag that comes with customizable dividers. I did a lot of research as I didn't want anything too big nor too small. The first one I purchased was plain black (shown above). Unfortunately, it came with a defective liner so the dividers wouldn't line up or stay in place. After returning that one, I ended up choosing another one that is the exact same size, just different colour and seller. I think that all of these organizers in this size range are the same size although they each show slight variations listed on Amazon (where I purchased mine).

The actual dimensions of both of the cases I ordered are 9" x 10" x 3.5" measured from the exterior

Although they refer to these cases as "travel cases" it's too big for travel for my liking.

I find that the case is very sturdy on the inside and the outside and has a solid zipper closure. The dividers are pretty fabulous for customizing your case to fit your products. In fact, this case would also be great for storing crafts, essential oils, skincare, photography equipment, sunglasses etc. 

The top has pockets meant for makeup brushes but I am storing my eyeliners, lipliners and brow pencils there for now. There is also a side pocket but when I put a small eyeshadow palette inside, I cannot close the case. It would be suitable for thinner products like facial sheet masks. 

I guess I'm a bit of a blush junkie as that seems to be the bulk of my makeup. The funny thing is that I don't wear blush as often as I used to (mask anyone?!). I am definitely a bronzer and highlight girl though!

I am able to fit all of my makeup except for my lip product collection as well as my eyeshadow palette collection. But, let's be real, I have too much makeup still!

I know that once I use up some of these products and as some expire, it will definitely be possible to store my entire makeup collection in this organizer

The organizer sits comfortably in my Ikea Alex desk drawer (the deeper drawer).

I'm so happy to have my makeup collection out of site now and the new makeup storage bag is working out perfectly. It sits in my desk drawer as I get ready. I just pop open the lid and everything is in arms reach and organized so well. Getting ready is a breeze now as every makeup item is in its place.

For now, I still have my makeup brushes and small lip collection on my desktop which I barely even notice compared to when I had the big acrylic organizer on my desk. Don't get me wrong, I love that acrylic organizer and it's gone to good use storing my skincare in my bathroom (shown below).

My acrylic organizer has been repurposed and now lives in the bathroom housing skincare and some hair accessories.

Above you can see the dividers in the organizers and some examples of how you can customize the case. 

The case would also be great for travel if you need or want to travel with a lot of makeup and or skincare as the case is so sturdy. 

I am enjoying this organizer so much that I am definitely thinking of purchasing more for other storage purposes! 😍

This makeup storage case cost me a whopping $20 and it was the best twenty dollars that I've spent in a long while!

Have a great week ahead! 


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