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Philosophy Renewed Hope in A Jar Peeling Mousse, Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer + Time in A Bottle Serum Review

I had the pleasure of testing out Philosophy's Renewed Hope in A Jar Peeling Mousse, Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer, as well as their Time in A bottle Resist, Renew and Repair Serum thanks to Topbox Circle

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Although each sample was only 7ml's they did last me for a week, using AM + PM. Granted, this isn't nearly enough time to gauge any long term effects but it was enough time to notice some results.

Firstly, I love that these products are unscented. Although, I'm not against products with fragrance, I definitely prefer products that do not have any fragrance.  I have aging, combo, dehydrated and reactive skin. I was actually having a breakout all over my face from some other products that I had just started using when I received these samples. I started the Philosophy samples right away and found them very soothing on my skin. When I woke the next morning, my breakouts were going away already! I was already a fan based on that alone.

The Peeling Mousse is similar to some other products that I've used in the past where it's supposed to exfoliate your face as you massage the product into your skin, and your dead skin cells bead up and roll into little balls. I have never been sure if this is actually skin or the product that's beading up. However, I can say that my skin looked clearer, fresher, softer, and brighter after using this exfoliator. 

The Renew and Repair Serum, also unscented, absorbs nicely and doesn't leave my skin with any sticky residue or greasy feel. It's perfect under the Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer and also underneath makeup. It adds a bit of hydration and is very gentle on my reactive skin. I would love to see the long term benefits, if any, of this product as it has some great anti-aging ingredients. 

From Ulta's site:

An exclusive liposome complex stimulates skin's natural repair functions to help repair skin damage at its source. Next, potent vitamin C8 and a patented antioxidant complex neutralize damaging free radicals to help renew skin's protection from daily aggressors; and third, extracts from rare Himalayan red rice, red grape ferment and plantain leaf help reactivate skin's natural age-resisting mechanisms, for results you can see and feel.

The Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer was also a delight to use. Fragrance-free, extremely soothing to my dehydrated skin, and really does provide long-lasting hydration. Again, no sticky or oily residue with this product either. My skin was left so soft that I couldn't stop touching it for a while there. hehe. I know, that's a no-no. The other noticeable difference was the rough, bumpy texture, especially on my forehead was gone and smoothed out after using these products for a week!

In Summary:

My favourite products are the serum and moisturizer. With the moisturizer, I had immediate benefits and it gave me long-lasting hydration. The serum has such great ingredients that I would have like to continue using it in conjunction with the moisturizer to see if I would experience any anti-aging benefits. I could take or leave the peel. Although, my skin did look fresher and brighter after using it, I can get that from most exfoliators. However, I do prefer a chemical exfoliator over a physical one, and the peeling mousse is a chemical exfoliator. Overall, I find that these products do what they claim. They offer fabulous hydration without being heavy or greasy and would be suitable for all skin types including sensitive and reactive skin like mine, and the prices are reasonable.

Have you tried these products? What is your favourite?

Thank you to Topbox Circle and Philosphy for sending over these products for me to test out.💗

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