Friday, July 21, 2017

iHerb Haul | Health, Beauty, Supplements, Heart Health

I've placed so many recent iHerb orders and I've gotten way behind in sharing my new finds, so I'm literally sharing this one right after it arrived!

I decided I needed to try out a new multivitamin, so I did some research (found a great resource for that linked here). I went with an inexpensive one by Now Foods but it's highly ranked and rated. Of course, while I'm on iHerb's website, I had to stock up on some essentials and throw in a beauty product, too.

I will provide links to each product in the headings. I won't be listing the prices as they are constantly changing.

Here are the deets on my purchases...

Madre Labs CocoCeps
This is my go-to cocoa powder for my morning smoothie. It gives me energy to start my day and has healthy immune boosting mushrooms.

"CocoCeps is a Premium, Certified Organic, 100% Natural (Non-Alkalized) Dark Cocoa Beverage, containing a Full-Spectrum Blend of Micronized Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms. This innovative Cocoa Blend from Madre Labs is the first to use MicroFungi – micronized mushroom powders, specially processed to greatly reduce particle size and assist with bioavailability."

Now Foods Eve Women's Multivitamin
This is the multi vitamin that I settled on after doing some research. It's highly rated and has great reviews. It met most of my criteria but not all. We all have our own need and it can be tough to find a vitamin that has everything that you want but this was the closest. Now to try this product and see if it makes a difference.

With cranberry, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, superfruits, pomegranate, acai, and mangosteen. This formula contains iron.

Healthy Origins CoQ10
This has been my go-to CoQ10 for years. I have heart issues, including Mitral Valve Prolapse and was recently retested and the results showed that my heart issues have dramatically improved! I can't prove that it's the Q10 but it's what I've been taking since I was diagnosed over 10 years ago. This is a supplement that I will never be without. I believe that Q10 is important for anyone over the age of 40 as our bodies produce less Q10. I've done my research and I find no reason to switch to the more expensive version Ubiquinol! This product is non-GMO. *(This is currently on sale for only $3.00. It went on sale the day after I place my order, of course).

"Healthy Origins CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) is a naturally occurring substance that facilitates the production of cellular energy. In every cell in your body there are small engines called mitochondria. Ninety-five percent of the total energy created within the body comes from these mitochondria, and none of it can take place without CoQ10. Our 100% natural (trans-isomer) CoQ10 is produced exclusively through a yeast fermentation process and is pharmaceutical grade, the highest quality available."

Link to a research article on various types of CoQ10.

Mercola Ubiquinol for Pets (263 pumps per bottle)
I started my cat on this Q10 for pets a few months ago. I can see a difference with his health and only wish that I started him on this sooner. I put it on his wet food and luckily, he laps it up as if he knows that it's good for him. I will never stop giving him this product. This is actually just a backup bottle so I don't run out.

From Mercola:
"Cells use CoQ10 to support their energy and growth. Cells with the fastest turn over – like heart cells, mouth tissue cells, intestinal mucosal cells and immune system cells –demand high levels of CoQ10."

  • Help optimize energy production for cells and bodily functions
  • Help support optimal heart health
  • Help protect cells against free radical damage
  • Help reduce the signs of normal aging that are caused by oxidative stress
  • Help support optimal immune function
  • Help support optimal brain and nervous system function

Eco Tools Dry Brush
I love dry brushing! It has many benefits. I got out of the habit of dry brushing mostly because I forget to do it before my shower. My previous dry brush has a big long handle and it's hanging up on the other side of my bathroom so I never reach for it. I had my eye on this dry brush because it's so compact that I think I'll be able to keep it handy and reach for it more. I saw this brush on other websites for over $17.00!! This was only $3.02 on iHerb so I had to throw it in my cart!

"Use the Ecotools Dry Body Brush to gently brush using long, upward strokes. Start with your legs, then midsection, then arms. Always rushing in an upward motion. Regular dry brushing exfoliates and detoxifies improving appearance and leaving skin soft, smooth and glowing."

Link to benefits of dry brushing.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this month's iHerb haul! It's my favourite place to purchase my health products as the prices are so low and shipping is cheap and fast. I paid $2.00 shipping for this whole order and received my order in 2 days (I chose DHL shipping with prepaid taxes, it's much cheaper this way).

You can get 5% off your entire order with this link
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*Not sponsored. Contains referral links. Thank you if you choose to use them!

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