Tuesday, January 12, 2016

December Health, Beauty / Skincare Haul from iHerb!

I wanted to share this little health and beauty haul with you all, especially because ALL the products contained in the order happen to be staple/must-have items for me. I have been using most of them for years and I will not be without them!  If you see my empties posts you have surely seen these products in those posts. I will provide links to the products if you'd like to read up on them some more.

Healthy Origins Q10- Vital for heart health and I'd say anyone over 40! It's used by all the cells in our bodies. I take one 100mg gel cap per day. Note: I have read many articles that claim that the latest form of Q10 called Ubiquinol, that is much more expensive, is converted to the Ubiquinone form in our stomachs. So, I opt to continue taking the more cost effective form of Q10 called Ubiquinone.

George's Always Active Aloe Mist- I use this morning an night when layering my skin products. It really helps my other products absorb into my skin better. It's very refreshing and healthy for the skin since it's made from pure active aloe vera. It comes out in such a fine mist, that I have saved an empty bottle and re-purposed it to dispense my favourite leave-in hair conditioner. ps. This aloe lasts forever because the mist is so fine!

Reviva Labs Collagen & Elastin Toner- This is hands down my favourite toner ever! It is so soothing to the skin. It has replaced my previous favourite toner by Thayers, which was also alcohol free, but this is MUCH more soothing to my skin. I use Retin-A, so I like to use gentle products. The fact that it contains collagen and elastin can't hurt my aging skin either.

Nature's Answer Rhodiola- This is the best Rhodiola I have tried and I've tried many. Rhodiola is an adaptogen, which helps our bodies deal with stress. This single-handedly stopped me from waking up at 5 AM everyday. I'm guessing my body was spiking the stress hormone cortisol in the morning and this supplement is helping my body deal with any stress. I take one 100 mg capsule daily.

BHI (Previously Heel Homeopathics) Calming Tabs- These are great little homeopathic tabs that are a combination of remedies. Most classic homeopaths don't believe in combination remedies and use only single one's, but I say whatever works. This helps me on many nights with my insomnia when nothing else does. I always have a bottle by the bedside. Homeopathics do not interact with allopathic medications.

Now Foods Xyli-White Cinnafresh Toothpaste- This is a fluoride-free and SLS free toothpaste and the Xylitol is great for oral health. My dental checkups improved since starting this toothpaste years ago, so I've never looked back. It's more expensive than drugstore toothpaste but so worth it. I just make sure to not squeeze out more than I need. I never see it on sale but it happens to be on sale today for only $1! ahhh.. I want to buy a whole box full at that price. It would save me so much $$, but it's one per customer at that price.

Sierra Bees 8 pack of Lip Balms in Tamanu & Tea Tree- This is an iHerb brand and I love all of their Sierra Bees lip balms that I have tried. They have so many types and they are always having some kind of deal on them, so I usually pickup a pack when I see them having a promo. This pack was on promo for only $1!

A tip when shopping on iHerb- always check their "daily deal's" and "trial" links at the top of their website, you can find some really amazing deals there! The daily one's change every 24 hours, sometimes I check daily until I see the deal I can't pass up and then place my order. ;)

If you have never shopped at iHerb before and you would like a $5 coupon, you can use my referral code to get $5 off your first order. The code is AGU725 and you can just enter it during checkout or you can use this link to have it apply automatically.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my must have health and beauty products. I'd love to hear what some of your must-have products are!

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  1. I'll have to check out iHerb! I've never used or visited their website to date.

    1. I just love iHerb! I've been shopping there for too many years to remember. It's like a one stop shop for me, I get all my supplements, skincare, makeup etc. they even have ELF and Real Techniques! And the shipping is super cheap, usually around $4 flat rate and that's international. Great place to save money since everything is so much cheaper compared to in the stores. :)


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