Monday, March 13, 2023

Elf Tan Lines Putty Bronzer Review + A Dupe

Elf's Putty Bronzer in Tan Lines

I've heard so much about Elf's Putty Bronzer and it's at such an affordable price that I just had to try it for myself, especially since I'm a major bronzer junkie and I want to try ALL the bronzers! I purchased mine on Amazon for $8 CAD.

It's quite a small size (.35oz) but the pan does accommodate my face brushes and I do appreciate that it takes up little space. 

My skin tone is fairly light and neutral in tone, leaning warmer. The shade, Tan Lines, is more on the warm side but quite sheer. I found it difficult to get the bronzer to show up on my skin, perhaps I need a shade darker. I also found it difficult to pick up the product with any of my makeup brushes, including synthetic ones. It also did not apply well with my fingers. I found the formula a bit on the greasy side. I know it contains some lovely ingredients but the formula seems very sheer and thin to me.

In this post, I am comparing it to my other cream bronzer by Wet N Wild which is in a convenient stick formula and has a similar tone.

Left: Elf Tan Lines/ Right: Wet n Wild Oaks on You

Above: Wet n Wild Oak's On You

Swatches of Elf and Wet n Wild's bronzers are shown below. Left: Wet n Wild Oaks on You, Right: Elf's Putty Bronzer in Tan Lines

As you can see, Wet n Wild Oaks on You is much more pigmented but has a very similar tone to Elf's Tan Lines.

Left: Wet n Wild Oaks on You/ Right: Elf's Putty Bronzer Tan Lines

I find the Wet n Wild bronzer applies MUCH more easily and has much more pigment to it. I can just swipe the Wet n Wild bronzer onto my skin and it blends out easily. It also has much more staying power as the formula is a bit dryer and not "greasy" like Elf's Putty Bronzer.

I realize that Elf has a brush that is meant to be used with their cream/putty products but I really don't want to have to purchase a new brush just for this bronzer. Perhaps it would work better with Elf's brush. 

I am disappointed with Elf's Putty Bronzer in Tan Lines. Perhaps I would do better with a darker shade from this line or maybe the formula is just not for me. I find it too light, too sheer, too difficult to pick up with any of my brushes, and too difficult to apply. I also find the formula sort of greasy and therefore the staying power is not great. I love a lot of Elf's products, just not this one. If you have a very fair skin tone or prefer very light bronzers, you may like this one. 

If you are looking for an affordable cream bronzer, I would definitely recommend Wet n Wiild's MegaGlo Makeup Stick over Elf's Putty Bronzer. Wet n Wild's Bronzer comes in a very convenient stick formula, it's easy to work with, has great staying power, and is very affordable at only $4.49 USD. It also comes in several other shades. I also love the MegaGlo Makeup Stick cream blushes by Wet n Wild, especially the shade Peach Bums, it's an all-time favourite of mine (read more about this blush and see swatches here).


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