Sunday, January 5, 2020

NARS Afterglow Lip Balm in Orgasm Review with Swatches!

Nars Afterglow Lip Balm in Orgasm $28 USD/ 3 Grams

True to other Nars Orgasm products, this lip balm is described as a sheer, peachy pink with golden shimmer. The Afterglow Lip Balm is available in 8 shades.

Described as moisturizing lip balm infused with a blend of antioxidants to condition and protect lips.


  • Sheer coverage
  • High shine colour
  • Contains Monoï Oil for long-lasting hydration
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol-free

As I get older, my lips get more and more dehydrated and lined. So I tend to look for hydrating lip products that add a hint of colour and this lippie seemed to tick off all of my boxes. And, with the Nars Orgasm name behind this shade, I was expecting something really special!

I have to admit that the rose gold packaging is stunning! I find the lip balm to be hydrating and it provides a sheer wash of colour to my lips. However, for the price, I was expecting it to have a wow factor. Don't get me wrong, I do really like it and enjoy using it but the wow factor just isn't there for me. I fee that I can get the same look from a lot of tinted lip balms.

It's very sheer, as it claims to be, but adds a decent amount of pink to my lips (this will vary for each person depending on how pigmented your lips are to begin with). It does swatch quite light and I didn't expect it to show up as much as it does on my lips based on that. It's described as a peachy pink with golden shimmer. It shows up as a sheer, shiny pink on my lips, however, I do not see any golden shimmer.

It is quite hydrating, as it should be. I find that the lasting power is average for a balm. Considering the price tag, I was expecting more here as well. After about 30 minutes, the colour, shine, and hydration start to wear off and I feel the need to reapply. However, if I do not reapply, I find that it does leave a very slight pink tint to my lips that does last as does a little bit of hydration.

Below are swatches from various angles during a dreary day, some with overhead lighting and some without.

As you can see, it is quite sheer against my pale skin. Of course, the effect will be different on your lips since they will have more pigmentation.

Here are a few comparisons of Nars Afterglow LipBalm in Orgasm beside ELF's Bare Kiss Lip Balm and Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Pink Blossom.

I read on a very reputable website that ELF's Bare Kiss was a DUPE for Nars Afterglow in Orgasm, so I purchased it right away. As you can see, they are not even close to each other. The formulas are also completely different (ELF is waxy and dry, Nars is sheer and hydrating).

Top: Nars Afterglow in Orgasm, Middle: ELF Bare Kiss, 
Bottom: Burt's Bees Pink Blossom

Below is right after application

30 minutes after application in the car

Overall, I do love this product even though it didn't have that wow factor that I was expecting. But, I also feel that I can get the same effect from many tinted lip balms. I would definitely repurchase this product if the price tag was around $10. But, at over $30 here in Canada, I would say it is very overpriced for what it is. However, I do think it would make a nice gift for someone who likes tinted lip balms as it comes in such beautiful packaging and it is very pretty. It's just not something I can justify repurchasing at its current price.

In hindsight, I would probably purchase the mini Afterglow Lip Balm that comes with the corresponding blush (linked here), and probably will when I finish this balm. 😊

$28 USD (Shop Now)

Once I find a DUPE for this product, I will be sharing with y'all as soon as I find it!

Let me know what your favourite coloured lip product is for aging lips in the comments below!

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  1. Ooh it is very pretty! But like you, I'd be going for a cheaper option since it's so sheer :)

  2. I definitely feel I can dupe this for much less but it is so pretty!

  3. Great post..Thanks for sharing some awesome products :)

    1. Thank you! I wear this all the time and love it! I just can't get over the price!


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