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Color Wow Kale and Coconut Dream Cocktail Leave-in Treatment Review!

I recently heard about Color Wow's Kale infused cocktail which is supposed to prevent hair breakage. I had to give it a try as I have a lot of hair breakage from bleaching and colouring my hair. Plus, the fact that my hair is naturally very fine, frizzy and dry to begin with, this makes breakage even more of an issue.

I decided to also try Color Wow's Coconut Bionic Tonic as it's supposed to provide a lot of moisture and the Kale and Coconut cocktails can be mixed together to tackle both breakage and dry hair.

There is a 3rd product in this line called "Carb Cocktail" which is designed to provide body to the hair. I did not try this one yet as it's not my main concern at the moment.

Color Wow Dream Cocktail Kale-Infused for Breakage (200ml / $24USD)

"Color wow cocktails are potent, leave-in supplements that counteract the major problems caused by color-processing. Kale cocktail is a strand-strengthening superpower, clinically tested and proven to make hair twice as strong after a single application. Key to this bionic tonic is sulfur-rich sea kale, which helps reinforce damaged sulfur bonds, essential to strong resilient hair. Loaded with protein-building amino acids plus b vitamins, it smoothes, detangles and helps guard hair against uv ray damage."

The Kale Infused Cocktail claims: Supplements and restores key internal bonds to strengthen hair, reducing breakage by over 50% in just one use.

My results:
In the past, I haven't had much luck with products that claim to reduce hair breakage. This product has some pretty strong claims since they say this product will reduce breakage by over 50% in just one use. 

I used the full 3 pumps (after shaking the bottle- don't forget to do this!) for my collarbone length hair. I washed and conditioned my hair with my usual products and applied the Color Wow Kale leave-in treatment as well as the Coconut leave-in treatment to my towel-dried hair. I was more than pleasantly surprised that this product does live up to its claims! After the very first use, I had almost no hair in my hairbrush! I couldn't believe it. I've been using the Kale Treatment for a couple of weeks now and I continue to see very little hair in my brush... Just amazing! I use to having a brush full of hair all the time. Not since I've been using this though. So happy with it!

I used the Kale with the Coconut Cocktail to hopefully add a lot of moisture to my hair and make it look and feel softer. Unfortunately, I did not notice an improvement in the look and feel of my hair as it wasn't softer, and still felt dry.

$24 (Shop Now)

Color Wow Dream Cocktail Coconut Infused (200ml / $24USD)  Note: I received the old packaging in the silver bottle.

"Color wow cocktails are potent, leave-in supplements that counteract the major problems caused by color-processing. Healthy, virgin hair has a natural lipid layer (made up of a unique molecule, 18-mea) that coats and protects the exterior of every strand, locking in moisture and keeping hair’s cuticle smooth and tight so hair has slip and suppleness. When hair color chemicals destroy this layer, hair loses moisture, becomes rough and frizzy. Coconut cocktail’s proprietary complex of 18-mea and coconut oil bonds to hair’s surface, supplementing and replacing the lost lubricating membrane. This leave-in bionic tonic instantly restores gloss, silkiness and humidity resistance plus enables hair strands to slide and move in unison with fluidity of motion.'

This product also has some amazing claims. It also has almost all 5-star reviews on Amazon. It sounded like it was just what my hair needs since my hair is so dry, frizzy and has a rough texture. 

My Results:
I tried using the Coconut Leave-in Treatment along with the Kale Treatment as well as on its own to see if there was any difference. I applied the Coconut leave-in product to my towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditioning. It's also recommended to shake this bottle before use, and I did that with each use. Unfortunately, this product did not leave my hair looking or feeling any better than usual, whether used on its own or with the Kale Treatment. My dry, frizzy, and bleached hair was still dry and frizzy after using the Coconut Treatment. I was so disappointed, especially after reading so many great reviews on it.

Everyone's hair is different, so the Coconut Leave-in Treatment may work for you, especially if your hair is less dry and frizzy than mine (which sure isn't difficult!) 🤣

Note: These products are heat activated,  so it is recommended to use heat on your hair after applying them, even if it's just the heat from your blow dryer. 

$24 (Shop Now)

I do LOVE and will continue to use the Kale Leave-in Treatment as I continue to see so much less hair in my brush since I started using it. I will pass on the Coconut Leave-in Treatment as it doesn't do what it claims for my hair, my hair is still dry and rough. I have many other moisturizing leave-in conditioners that I do like that I can use in place of the Coconut Treatment. For my dry locks, I much prefer AG's Fast Food Leave-in Conditioner. Two other affordable options that I love are Pantene Smoothing Combing Creme ( I can only find online at Amazon these days), and Marc Anthony's Grow Long Super Fast Leave-in Conditioner.  Not sure how I forgot one of my all-time favourites, It's a 10 leave-in treatment! It's such a good one, too! 

What are your favourite products for dry, bleached, and or frizzy hair?

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  1. Have u tried the colour wow dream coat supernatural spray it's amazing leaving hair super super soft and so shinny I read this review to see if the claims of the kale leave in is legit as I have badly bleach damaged hair I'm happy to say I'll be using it with the supernatural spray

    1. I haven't tried the dream coat one. I wanted to but saw some many bad reviews. I have an arsenal of hair products trying to improve my bleached/damaged hair. Right now I'm loving foxybae leave in hair mask, it's SO hydrating, my new favorite leave in product. I also alternate biologe fiber strong ,Paul Mitchell relaxing balm, bonacure fibre force, wow Kale cocktail, Goldwell rich repair serum, plus various oils. I always use the FoxyBae now and add a few pumps of one of the ones I listed. I find my hair needs the change of products for some reason, so I have accumulated so many. But I use the foxybae every time. It hasn't failed me yet :)

  2. I read your supposed to use them with heat did you try that? If so did it work better? I like to air dry my hair so I wonder if using a little heat will make the coconut do what it says?

    1. I always used with the heat from my hair dryer.


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