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Monthly Empties | Health, Beauty, Skincare!

 It seems like I just posted last month's empties and it's already time for July's empties post! My little dollar store popcorn box that I use to collect all of my empties isn't overflowing for once! Hopefully, I can do better this month at finishing up some more products!

I'll share mini-reviews with links to products and whether or not I'd repurchase. Let's go....


Live Clean Hydrating Creamy Cleanser
This is my favourite face cleanser so far. It reminds me a lot of cleansers that I've used from spas! It's very hydrating which my dehydrated skin really appreciates! It's all natural and full of fabulous botanicals.  (I also use the foaming one for when my skin is oilier).

Repurchase- Yes

Pure + Simple Beautiful Skin Face Cream
I love many Pure + Simple products but my skin is not a fan of this cream. It was my first time trying it, and although the ingredients are great, it's just not hydrating enough for my dehydrated, aging skin.

Repurchase- No

Miracle 10 AHA Cream
I used most of this product but didn't finish it, not because it wasn't good, it was just so old. My error in letting it sit there for years before I got around to trying it out. I think it lost its efficacy over that much time. Luckily, I used most of it but I didn't notice much probably because of how old it was.

Repurchase- Unsure

Hair Care

Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo
I wasn't a fan of this dry shampoo. It didn't absorb the oils on my scalp and the scent was very overwhelming and even after a few sprays, I'd have to exit the bathroom. I purchased this as part of a Limited Edition Tarte kit, perhaps the full size works better.

Repurchase- No

L'anza Trauma Treatment
I LOVE this product! It's fabulous for dry, bleached and coloured hair like mine! It really made my hair feel softer and helped with conditioning and frizz control. I found out that a little goes a long way and using more does not yield better results. This bottle lasted me a year. Granted, I don't wash my hair everyday and I do test out a lot of hair products.

Repurchase- Yes


These 2 products will come of no surprise to my regular readers. These are 2 of my go-to supplements that I will not be without!

Nature's Answer Rhodiola Rosea 100mg/ 60 caps
This is an adaptogenic herb which is supposed to help the body cope with various conditions and stress. I used to find that it single-handedly prevented my early morning wakenings. It's not helping so much in that way at the moment, but I do find it worth taking as it has many benefits. I've tried many other brands and doses and this is by far the best one for me. Note: I only take 1 a day not the 2 recommended.. it works for me.

Repurchase- Yes

Healthy Origins CoQ10 100 mg/ 60 soft gels (Ubiquinone)
Ever since I found out that I had some heart issues, Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) being one of them, I started taking this Q10. It's been 16 years since I was diagnosed and began taking these everyday and my last echocardiogram showed NO Mitral Valve Prolapse. I couldn't believe it! I didn't follow the cardiologist's orders to do cardio every day, so I attribute my heart repairing itself to this supplement as it's the only thing I did for the health of my heart. After hearing the news, both of my parents started taking this supplement. Q10 has MANY health benefits that go beyond just heart health. I feel that anyone over 40 should take Q10 as it dwindles as we age and affects every cell in our bodies. I'm not a Doctor, this is just my opinion.

Note: I know there are debates about the best form of CoQ10. I've done my research and conclude that there is no reason to change from using the Ubiquinone form at this time.

Repurchase- Yes

That's it for this month. I hope you found some of the info helpful or informative.

Note: I am not a Doctor or health professional. I am just sharing my opinion in hopes of helping others. Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new supplements.

Happy long weekend, everyone! 💓

Not sponsored. Some links are referral links. Thank you if you choose to use them.

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