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SureThik® Hair Thickening Fibers | 10 Seconds to Thicker Hair!

Featured Product:
SureThik® Hair Thickening Fibers - 15g / $32.95CAD or 30g / $49.95CAD

SureThik® is an award-winning Canadian brand that manufactures innovative hair and brow products.

From SureThik®:

What It Is:

SureThik® is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut into tiny micro sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair and scalp to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage. SureThik® is made from the same organic keratin protein as your own natural growing hair. It is completely safe and an all natural solution for both men and women.

What It Does:

SureThik® blends in and bonds electro-statically with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair structure and volume. Even seemingly bald areas on the scalp contain thousands upon thousands of tiny vellus hairs which SureThik® can pump up and dramatically increase in appearance.

What Else You Need To Know:
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Rain, wind and perspiration proof
  • Compatible with hair loss medications
  • No special hair styling products needed
  • Available in virtually every hair color
  • Washes out with shampoo

The product comes in a shaker style bottle that makes it convenient and easy to apply.

The fibers are extremely fine but somehow they don't make a mess whatsoever. I was super impressed by this as I was kind of expecting it to be messy. There was no cleanup required after application. Additionally, the product stays where you put it and does not transfer! And, it washes out easily.

You have total control and can apply as much or as little as you'd like. Just shake and apply to any sparse areas or wherever you'd like to have fuller looking hair. I used my hands to massage the product into my roots. Note, that a little goes a long way!

This is the shade medium brown as I am using the product on my roots where I have not coloured or highlighted my hair yet. It matches my virgin hair colour very nicely and blends in like a dream!

Note: The first ingredient is Keratin which is the main structure of our hair.

There are 8 shades to choose from so there is something for everyone!

Here are my before and after shots.  It took very little product to fill in my part where my hair was looking quite sparse. Bonus, it also helped to cover my greys since I hadn't had my highlights or colour done in quite some time, so it actually serves double duty in this way. I can easily apply more if I want more grey coverage, but I was happy with this and it looks so natural!

The product stayed all day and did not transfer. I am super impressed with this product and have really enjoyed using it. I definitely felt more confident with the added look of fullness to my hair and the grey coverage that I got as well.

Since these photos were taken I have highlighted and coloured my hair. Luckily, SureThik® offers free samples so you can try a colour before you buy it! Just pay for shipping!

I am extremely happy with this product and recommend it to anyone wanting to experience fuller looking hair!

SureThik® also offers products for brows and hair regrowth products.

You can learn more about SureThik® and purchase their products (including the free sample) HERE.  

Note: Sign up for their emails and receive a $10 off promo code!

Not sponsored. Product was provided free for review consideration. All opinions are mine. 

How To Heal A Canker Sore Quickly!

When I was a kid, I got canker sores all the time. I really haven't had any as an adult... until recently. I really believe that my recent canker sore was caused by exfoliating my lips too aggressively. Lesson learned.

My canker sore wasn't healing. It was painful, annoying and very unattractive as it was on the inside of my lower lip. Eating was difficult as I kept biting it and making it worse. So, I scoured the internet looking for a solution.

I took zinc tablets to boost my immunity, tried honey, sipped chamomile tea, and even left the cooled tea bag on the sore in an attempt to heal it more quickly but nothing was working. It wasn't healing at all and I was getting worried.

Then it dawned on me, coconut oil is excellent for oral health. It's also antibacterial..... After applying coconut oil to my cold sore a few times a day as well as before bed, it felt better and began to shrink and heal very quickly. Within 3 days my canker sore was completely gone!

I always recommend cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO extra virgin coconut oil.

If you decide to give this a try, while you're at it apply some to your hair, it will definitely thank you!

So, if you or your child runs into one of those annoying canker sores, try healing it with some coconut oil. If it's a chronic problem, look at ways to boost immunity.

Here is a great site with 101 uses for coconut oil

*Don't use the coconut oil if there are any known allergies. As always, I recommend checking with your healthcare practitioner.

*Not sponsored

Acure Organics Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes #AcureOrganics

Featured Product:
Acure Organics Seriously Soothing Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes - SRP $8.99/ 30 Towelettes

I love micellar water and I love makeup wipes! Acure Organics has taken two of my favourite things and combined them together for a wipe that is not only gentle but very effective.

I've always preferred to use natural products whenever possible and I've heard of the Acure brand before, but just realized that I don't think I had tried any of their product until now. I have to say, I'm impressed!

These wipes contain rose and cucumber and they're suitable for normal to sensitive skin. These wipes are perfect for travel, on-the-go, to refresh after a workout, to remove makeup, or to gently cleanse any time of day.

Ingredients: water, rosa damascena flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, althaea officinalis root extract, avena sativa (oat) kernel extract, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, rosa centifolia flower water, glycerin, disodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, lactic acid, phytic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol, fragrance.

The wipes are on the thin size (#ecofriendly), and smaller than my usual facial wipe. They measure 6" x 7.75". They are nicely saturated and the packaging is designed to seal in that moisture.

Although the wipes are on the smaller side, I am able to utilize both sides of the wipes and they do a great job at removing my makeup and I don't experience any irritation. They are actually very gentle on my skin.

This product is 100% VEGAN. 0% QUESTIONABLE. and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum and silicone.

If you're looking for a natural makeup wipe, I can definitely recommend these.

You can purchase this product and/or learn more about Acure Organics products at

Not sponsored. This product was provided free for review consideration. All opinions are mine
Thank you #msquaredbrands and #acureorganics for this fab product!

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DIY All Purpose Cleaner | Divine Essence Organic Peppermint Oil

There are so many uses for Peppermint oil! From treating sore muscles to headaches, stress relief, nausea + vomiting, and more! 🌱 I like to use my @divineessence_aromatherapy organic Peppermint oil in my own DIY All Purpose Cleaner! Because peppermint oil has antibacterial properties, it's the perfect ingredient to add to your at home DIY cleaner, plus it smells great! You can also add it to your bath with some #lavenderoil for a relaxing soak! πŸ›€ It's also great to use in a natural DIY deodorant spray! Peppermint oil also deters ants and spiders! Who needs harsh chemicals!? πŸ™†
Here's what you'll need to make your own all-purpose cleaner:
. Empty spray bottle
. 10-20 drops peppermint oil
.white vinegar 50/50 
.water 50/50
.1 tsp dish soap (optional)
. Shake and enjoy

You can purchase this product or learn more about Divine Essence at

* Not Sponsored. Divine Essence Peppermint Oil was provided free for review. All opinions are my own.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Nude By Nature Perfecting Primer #LoveNudeByNature

Featured Product:
Nude By Nature Perfecting Primer - SRP $32 

From Nude By Nature:


The Airbrush Mineral Primer smooths skin and creates an even, luminous base for make-up application. The untinted formula blends seamlessly into the skin, restoring freshness and helping fight visible signs of ageing, while helping to extend make-up wear and disguising skin imperfections. The primer is composed of active natural ingredients, including the native Australian Kakadu Plum, known for its abundant Vitamin C content, rich antioxidants Vitamins A and E, and Green Tea.


-Creates a smooth base for make-up
-Helps extend make-up wear


-Smooths skin without silicones
-Moisturising ingredients
-Antioxidant rich formula
-Blends seamlessly into the skin
-Helps fight visible signs of ageing

My Experience:

I'm a huge fan of natural products. This primer is made with fabulous natural ingredients and even has antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients. Plus, it's free of synthetics, silicones, and parabens.
The product has a nice light fragrance and has the consistency of a light lotion. I use it all over my face, especially my more oily areas (T-Zone), plus I use it as an eye primer! 

I found that my makeup did indeed last much longer. I also became less oily throughout the day. I did not have any skin irritation or breakouts with this product. I even used it one day after my skincare routine without applying makeup over it, fell asleep with it on and still no breakouts from it (some primers can clog my pores and cause breakouts, not this one!)

This product worked fabulously as an eyeshadow primer too, even though it doesn't say to use it in that way, but I did and it eliminated the need for 2 separate primers.

If you are in the market for a natural primer, I highly recommend giving this very gentle one a try!

You can read more or purchase Nude By Nature here:

#gotitfree for testing purposes from #chickadvisor . all opinions are honest and my own. #lovenudebynature

Restore Damaged Hair | Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Review

Featured Product:
Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula- 50ml / $29.95

I received Quinoaplex R3 for review consideration. This product is hair treatment that is supposed to repair and rebuild damaged and thinning hair. Since my hair is bleached, colour-treated, and damaged, I was excited to try this product but a little nervous as I had never heard of this product before. And, I did not want to look up reviews as I wanted to see what kind of results I got without having any preconceived notions.

Quinoaplex R3 with natural quinoa protein restores even extremely damaged hair, giving strength, protection and volume.

From Quinoaplex:

QUINOAPLEX R₃ organic-based bond builder and protein conditioner, binds, moisturizes, and nourishes with natural quinoa protein. It restores even the most damaged hair, giving volume, strength and protection. It improves color retention. With certified organic ingredients in its formulation, it rebuilds hair damaged during chemical color or bleaching.
  • Organic based bond builder; protein conditioner; repair for all hair types
  • Rebuilds hair damaged by protein loss during chemical color or bleaching
  • Use before coloring or bleaching to reduce breakage and slow hair thinning (men and women); prolongs color retention and vibrancy
  • Quinoa shown to reduce damage by up to 32%; up to 51% shinier, smoother, stronger, more manageable hair
  • Visibly glossier, more vibrant hair, guaranteed

Guards from exposure to and protects against:
  • Chemical color; bleaching
  • Heat styling; over processing and/or washing
  • Hair breakage; thinning hair (men and women)
  • Sun; UV
  • Sea; Salt; Chlorine
  • Drying wind; city pollution
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera
  • Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes
  • Gluten-free; GMO-free; Toxic-free
  • Hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics
  • Not tested on animals
  • Nurture hair naturally with quinoa protein

QUINOAPLEX R₃ the organic-based bond builder and protein conditioner. Developed for professional use, quinoa protein and the protein composition of hair and nails are almost identical. So when the proteins come together they immediately bond, making the hair stronger, and rebuilding it naturally.
  • Does not leave a plastic-like film
  • Prevents split ends and improves strength
  • Ideal for thin; thinning; bleach damaged hair; slows hair loss
  • Increases elasticity and manageability
  • Refreshes scalp activating circulation and provides oil reduction
  • Replenishes amino acids and restores vitamins to hair after highlights and balayage
  • Creates sleekness and brightness keeping true color longer (when used before coloring)
  • Builds volume for easier styling and increases gloss for healthier looking hair

QUINOAPLEX R₃ may be used as a single step 3-in-1 tool or service for:

  • Scalp treatment; oil reduction
  • Rejuvenation - reverses damage
  • Pre-color; color; color correction; balayage; bleaching
  • Curl definition; perming; perm neutralization
  • Post-relaxer and post-perm conditioner
  • Keratin treatment
  • Cutting lotion
  • Use with hot tools
  • Ethnic hair care
  • Stand-alone treatment

Before and after picture after one treatment with Quinoaplex R3. No filter used. Colour appears different due to lighting, the product did not affect the colour of my hair at all. In the after picture (right), I have only round brushed my hair and my hair looks and feels much less frizzy and damaged.

Quinoaplex R3 can be used by both men and women. It can also be used as either a hair repair treatment (how I have used it here), added to colour or bleach to protect the hair, or as a scalp treatment. You can read more about these processes here. 

My Experience:

Despite being a bit apprehensive about using a product that I've never heard of before, I went ahead and gave myself a treatment.

The leaflet listed 3 ways to use this product: scalp treatment, rejuvenating, or while coloring/bleaching. I went ahead and followed the instructions for rejuvenating.

Following the instructions, I applied the product to shampooed and towel dried hair, sectioning the hair as I applied it. I massaged the product into my hair until it formed a lather. Then, waited for 15 minutes and rinsed. Then applied conditioner for 5 minutes and rinsed again. The entire process was quite quick and I was excited to see the results.

Once I finished blow-drying my hair, I could see very clearly that my damaged, frizzy hair looked repaired. It also felt different, it felt a lot stronger. Even styling my hair with the blow dryer and round brush was much easier and I didn't even need to use a flat iron after!

I ended up doing an at home bleach job on my hair a week or two after the Quinoaplex R3 treatment. I cannot say if it helped with the bleaching and colouring process as I always have my hair done at the salon but this time I had decided to DIY-it at home so the results would be different based on that alone.

Even with an at-home bleaching and colouring job, my hair has much less fallout and breakage since I did the treatment with the Quinoaplex R3 product. I used to have hair come out pretty much every time I would run my fingers through my hair, after the Quinoaplex R3 treatment, this hair loss has cut down greatly!

I am super impressed with the results of this product and I'm excited to use it again. Perhaps I will try adding it to my colour and/or bleach the next time I colour my hair. Either way, this product is a great weapon against breakage and damage and really does help to restore and repair the hair.

This product is free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes.

It's also Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free. Hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics.

Not tested on animals! 🐰

You can purchase or read more about Quinoaplex and their products at this link:

Have a great Friday!

*Not sponsored. This product was provided free for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weleda Citrus Deodorant #Review

Finally, an all natural deodorant that legit works!

I've been on a quest to find an all natural deodorant for years. I've tried quite a few but still hadn't found "the one." 

I was recently given the opportunity to test out @weleda_usa 's Citrus Deodorant πŸ’¦πŸ˜…πŸŠπŸ‹ and at last, I've found one that really works! 

My Test Run: I used this deodorant after my shower before bed, I did not reapply the next day. I went about my day and finished my day with a workout. After my workout, I went to have my shower and to my surprise, there was zero odour! 😍 

The only thing I didn't like is that it stung a bit when I applied the product to my freshly shaved pits, and it's a bit of an adjustment from using a solid deodorant, as I have to let it dry for a minute before dressing. (Note: I used only 2 sprays per pit). Perhaps I need a fresh blade in my razor or I can always apply the deodorant the next morning if I'm shaving my pits at night. Either way, I am pleasantly surprised that this product works as well as it does and I'll be purchasing the full-size when this sample runs out! 

The scent is fabulous, too! It has a nice fresh citrus scent as the name implies. This product is made with lemon peel oil which serves as a purifying disinfectant and also neutralizes odours!πŸ‹πŸŠ

This product is free of #antiperspirant #aluminumfree and is #nontoxic  

#Weleda is an #ecofriendly brand that works in partnership with their farmers and gives back to their communities. πŸ™† #citrus

This product is available in #Rose or #Sage and all scents are available for purchase at

*Not sponsored. The product was provided for review consideration by Msquared Brands.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Live Clean 8 Piece Bath & Beauty Giveaway | Earth Day 2018 🌍

I'm so excited to be bringing you guys another giveaway with my favourite eco-friendly, drugstore brand Live Clean! πŸ’š

In honour of Earth Day this year, Canadian brand Live Clean wants to celebrate by giving back to you! One reader will win ALL 8 full-size items shown above! (ARV $75). Some of these items were hand selected by me as my personal favourites and others are Live Clean's best sellers.

🌍 Earth Day takes place on April 22nd every year in order to create awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth day is celebrated in over 193 countries, and was first celebrated in 1970!

The Live Clean story:

Live Clean, created and manufactured in Canada, has led the way in eco-friendly beauty and personal care products for 11 years. With state-of-the-art formulations – highly effective, a pleasure to use and kind to the earth – Live Clean took earth sustaining products out of the health food stores and into the drug and grocery stores where Canadians shop.

Formulated without many of the commonly used chemicals that are damaging to the environment and, some believe, our well-being, Live Clean’s formulations are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a common chemical surfactant used in most shampoos, as well as Diethanolamine (DEA), a common ingredient used for rich lather and viscosity building. Live Clean is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.

Live Clean is completely vegan with no animal products or animal by-products used in the formulations. The collection is also cruelty-free; none of the products or their ingredients have been tested on animals. In its sensitivity to the environment, Live Clean is also free of phosphates, known contributors to water pollution.

The Prize Pack:

The prize pack (pictured above), includes the following 8 full-size products:

  • Exotic Silk Keratin Oil Shampoo 350 ml
  • Exotic Silk Keratin Oil Conditioner 350 ml
  • Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Liquid Hand Soap 500 ml
  • Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash 500 ml
  • Fresh Face Nourishing Night Cream 50 ml
  • Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath 750 ml
  • Exotic Shine Bali Oil Nourishing Body Lotion 500 ml
  • Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts 565 g

Exotic Silk Keratin Oil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

Live Clean has taken some of the most exceptional ingredients available to create Live Clean Exotic Silk Keratin Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, the solution to frizzy, fly-away hair (aka me!). This shampoo and conditioner go far beyond cleansing to restore smoothness, straighten and deeply hydrate. At the heart of the formulation – Brazilian Buruti Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Honey and Phyto-Keratin Protein, working together to repair damaged hair cuticles, deeply hydrate, smoothen. 350 mL. SRP $7.49 - $7.99.

Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts 

For your home spa experience, Live Clean Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts will help soothe aching, tired muscles at the end of a long day. A restorative blend of Epsom and Dead Sea Salts goes to work to relax and purify while organic extracts of Green Tea and Aloe Vera fight free radicals, soften your skin and leave you feeling renewed. Wait, there’s more! They've infused their Dead Sea Salts with aromatic essential oils of purifying Eucalyptus, calming Lavender, detoxifying Lemon and energy boosting Ginger. It’s bliss in a bath…and because it’s Live Clean, it’s plant and naturally derived, and eco-friendly. Can't live without this product! 565 g. SRP $8.99.

Fresh Face Nourishing Night Cream

Moisture-rich and hardworking, Live Clean Fresh Face Nourishing Night Cream, created for all skin types, is specially formulated to restore and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Renewing your skin’s moisture balance, you’ll love the morning result: softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. Live Clean's special Orchid extract seals in moisture and replenishes your skin’s moisture barrier while Vitamin C boosts your skin’s radiance and protects. Plus, certified organic botanicals, including Lavender, Cucumber, Chamomile, Milk Thistle, Mallow, Aloe and Buckhorn, calm and soothe. 50 mL. SRP $19.99.

Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Liquid Hand Soap

A light vanilla scent and the soothing powers of oatmeal come to life in Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Liquid Hand Soap. Live Clean has blended Vitamin E, Panthenol and certified organic botanicals of Vanilla and Chamomile in this richly lathering, hydrating liquid hand soap that gently cleanses and delivers superior softening and moisturizing, leaving hands feeling soft and silky smooth. 500 mL. SRP $4.99.

Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash is formulated to gently – but oh so effectively – cleanse and soothe dry skin, leaving it silky smooth and moisturized. In addition to Oatmeal, with its antioxidant, natural healing properties, certified organic botanicals of Vanilla and Chamomile nourish the skin. The fragrance? Heavenly. 500 mL. SRP $7.49 - $7.99.

Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath

Relaxing….intoxicating…Live Clean Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath blends certified organic Lavender and Vanilla extracts in a rich, naturally foaming formulation that eases away the stress of the day. Certified organic Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine and Bergamot add to the sensory experience. 750 mL. $8.99 - $9.49. 

Exotic Shine Bali Oil Nourishing Body Lotion

Rich Coconut Oil moisturizes and hydrates…Sweet Almond Oil and Soy Proteins nourish and prevent damage…Live Clean Exotic Shine Bali Oil Nourishing Body Lotion leaves skin perfectly soft and protected. Not to mention its delicate island scent. 500 mL. SRP $7.49 - $7.99.

I hope you like what we've selected for this giveaway! Some of these are my die-hard faves! I wanted the prize pack to include everything you need to pamper yourself from your head down to your toes! πŸ’š

Live Clean products are available at drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online @

⭐A second chance to win!?⭐

Live Clean is also running a “Digital Detox” contest in honour of Earth Month, where you'll have the chance to win a week at a digital-free resort! It's running until the end of the month, so if this sounds like something you'd love to do, visit this link to enter to win!  Live Clean Earth Month Giveaway!

To enter my Live Clean Earth Day giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter form below. The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment. Another option will earn you extra entries into the giveaway. 

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only. Must be 18 years of age or have parental consent.

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

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Enter To Win Tickets To The 2nd Annual Holistic Beauty Experience in Toronto (May 31, 2018)

Do you love natural beauty? The @holisticbeautyexpo is bringing together Canadian Holistic brands that focus on skin care, self-care and self-love. Fabulous brands and speakers will be there for a day of fun and exploration.

Here's your chance to enter to win tickets to the 2nd Annual Holistic Beauty Experience in Toronto on May 31, 2018. 

One winner will receive 2 tickets to attend the event.

Entering is easy! Just retweet THIS TWEET, follow the hosts in the tag, and tag a friend! 😍😍

The winner will be randomly selected and notified once the giveaway ends. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

Must be 18 or have parental consent to enter, and answer a skill-testing question.

Event details: 
Thursday, May 31st 12:00-8:00pm at  The Berkeley Church, Toronto

Good luck, everyone!

* This post is not sponsored. Nor affiliated with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. 

#HBE #HBE2018 #TheHolisticBeautyExperience #HolisticBeauty #byandreaashley #HBGxHBE

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HUGE Monthly Empties | Skincare, Makeup, Health, Pets

I knew that it's been a while since my last empties post but I didn't realize that my last empties post was actually back in November 2017!  I haven't saved everything that I've used up but I've saved a lot for this post.

Usually,  when Spring arrives, I get in full-on Spring cleaning mode. But, this year, I don't have the urge to Spring clean at all. So, I'll let this clean out of my empties box be my Spring cleaning this year.😁

I will include links to products in the headings and be as brief as possible with my mini-reviews.


This product has a ton of 5-star reviews! I found that it was okay, but I didn't notice anything special. Maybe it's more suitable for younger skin types. 

Repurchase: No

I really enjoyed the way this cleanser worked and seemed to clarify my skin. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it up before it seemed to turn as I'm always testing new skincare. This product has the symbol that indicates how long it's good for and it's only good for 6 months after opening. I'm sure that would be sufficient time if I wasn't switching my products so much. Nip & Fab is a great affordable brand whose products are actually very effective!

Repurchase: Yes

I didn't like this product as it stung my eyes and my eyes are not sensitive. I do LOVE this brand's micellar water which also removes eye makeup. Now that we have micellar water, I do not find a need for a separate eye makeup remover.

Repurchase: No

NeoStrata SecureWhite Brightening Serum
I didn't notice much brightening with this product but it's possible that it was just sitting too long before I got to it and it may have lost some of its efficacy.

Repurchase: No

This product claims to moisturize, strengthen, and prevent dryness. I would agree with all of these claims. This product provides long-lasting hydration and I feel it would be great for many skin types including sensitive as it seems to be fragrance-free.

Repurchase- Yes

I used this product over my Retin-A as I read that it's good to use antioxidants with Retin-A products. I did like it but I didn't notice anything special. I do like Paula's Choice and would try some of her other products that may give me the results I'm looking for.

Repurchase: No

This was just a sample size. I recall that this product irritated my skin and my skin is not really sensitive but can be reactive and acne prone. 

Repurchase: No

Sonia Kashuk Cream Eyeshadow in Tiger's Eye
I LOVE this cream eyeshadow. I wish I had used it up before it expired but you know how it goes when you love makeup! I have heard that SK is no longer going to be selling makeup. If that's true, it's unfortunate as she makes some great products including my Holy Grail Lipstick (Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Color in Sheer Pink Lust).

Repurchase: If available

Paula's Choice Best Face Forward Foundation SPF 25 (in Best Champagne Beige)
Claims to give natural-looking coverage, shield against wrinkles and dark spots, leaves a silky matte finish. Check, check and check! This colour was surprisingly good for me (it can be hard to choose the right colour online). I liked the finish, the feel on my skin and the SPF 25 coverage.

Repurchase: Yes

I love this scent. It reminds me of my signature scent "Fantasy" by Brittany Spears. I know, I know but it suits my chemistry and I've been wearing it since it came out. I don't like to wear a lot of fragrances or perfumes so a light misting of this gives me that hint of sweetness that I'm looking for. 

Repurchase: Yes


Madre Labs CocoCeps Organic Dark Cocoa Beverage with Medicinal Mushrooms
This product gets featured on my site a lot! I go through about one per month and I've been using it for years. It tastes great in my smoothies and has the benefits of organic dark cocoa as well as cordyceps and reishi mushroom powders (no, you can't taste the mushrooms!). I have an aversion to mushrooms, so this is the only way I can get their health benefits.

Repurchase: Always!

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin
As the name implies, these vitamin gummies are supposed to be good for hair, skin, and nails. I'm not sure if they are doing anything, but I'll keep taking them for a little insurance as I'm experiencing more hair loss as I get older. I have had issues with acne breakouts with biotin on its own but I don't have these issues with this supplement.

Repurchase: Already have 2 on backup!

Nature's Way Calcium & Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin K2 and Collagen
I love that this liquid calcium and magnesium supplement also includes collagen and vitamin K2. Great mix of vitamins. Good for bone health and tastes great. Can also assist with sleep if taken at night time.

Repurchase: Yes

Nature's Way Alive Once Daily Women's Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin
I've been using this supplement on and off for years. It has an excellent array of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, and more. I purchase the one with Iron since I am always a little low in Iron and this vitamin contains 18mg of iron in just one pill (just what my Dr. Recommended). I take so many other supplements, so it's important for me to have a multivitamin where I only have to take one a day. The price is right, too!

Repurchase: Yes

Now Foods 5-HTP 50mg
This is an excellent supplement for sleep. I've tried other brands but I prefer this one as I find it more effective. I also like the 50mg capsules as sometimes 100mg can make my sleep more restless. The 50mg dosage allows me to customize my dosage as needed. I take it for sleep but noticed my mood improve when I take these more regularly.

Repurchase: Always!


True Raw Choice Colloidal Silver
If you have a pet, I highly recommend that you keep this product on hand. It has many uses and is good for both cats and dogs.

Colloidal Silver is used against 650 disease organisms found in pets and bacteria, fungi, viruses and infections. Can be used internally and externally to combat yeast infections in the ears. Can also be used internally to combat immune system disorders and much more. Can be used externally to help speed healing on cuts and sores, open wounds, hot spots and skin irritations.

I purchase mine at my local Pet Valu.

Repurchase: Always!

Hyalogic HyaFlex Hyaluronic Acid Feline Hip & Joint Formula
This is a fabulous product! I purchased it for prevention. As my kitty ages, I want to make sure to support his hips and joints. Luckily, this product is easy to add to his wet food and he laps it up! The first time that I gave my kitty this supplement, about 3 hours later he went nuts running around the house like a madman! He played like he was a kitten again. So, although this is a rather expensive product, I will continue to purchase it as it seems to work wonderfully.

Repurchase: Absolutely!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I used up, and hope that you find my reviews helpful. 

Happy Spring, everyone!

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