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Tweak-D: Peaches & Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment, The Stylist, Face & Body Butter #haul & #review

I just discovered this natural hair product line called Tweak-D on The Shopping Channel. They are a Canadian company that uses exotic and natural ingredients in all of their products.

The creator behind Tweak-D is Denis Simioni. Denis created the very popular hair care line called Ojon and then went on to create Tweak-D.

I was really curious about this line as I love great hair care products and I also love really natural products.

The kit I got (found here) contains not only the Peaches and Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment, but also a styling product called Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème, and a face and body cream called Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream.

I've been using the products for 2 weeks now and I can't wait to share my experience with you.

Peaches & Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment

Peaches and Cream Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment.

From TSC: 
"The Tweak-D Peaches & Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment formula changes how you go about treating and cleansing your hair. The multi-functional treatment was developed to help offer consumers the opportunity to use an intensive hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and shine enhancer all in one product. It is a multi-tasking, no-fuss system that saves you time, effort and money, and it is not your typical five-in-one hair care product! Tweak-D Self Cleansing Hair Treatments are formulated without harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, mineral oil, paba, triclosan and animal ingredients. The Peaches & Fresh Cream Hair Treatment is formulated with Hawaiian Kukui oil and a proprietary blend of exotic extracts, oils, and milk-based proteins, helping protect hair against sun rays, wind, dryness and humidity."

My Experience:
I love that this is a five-in-one hair product. I find that it does what it claims and I don't need extra products, although I do use The Stylist that came with this kit for added control and style. You are supposed to apply this product to dry hair first and leave it on for a couple of minutes. The concept is that your hair will absorb the product more, right to the core of the hair shaft to nourish and repair the hair follicle. Then you get in the shower and rinse it out. Then add more product and massage for a few minutes as if you're shampooing your hair. I was a little worried during this step as this product didn't create ANY lather whatsoever. I was afraid that my hair would be left greasy and limp.

My fears were totally put to rest after I dried and styled my hair. I was completely shocked that my hair felt very clean without being stripped. It was super soft and had more body than usual- even at the roots! I couldn't believe it!

This product has also allowed me to go LONGER between shampoos... crazy, right!? I'm really loving this stuff. It's so gentle on my frizzy, bleached, and dyed hair. I'm just afraid that I'm going to go through it rather quickly... perhaps I am using too much.

The Stylist Sprayable Styling Creme

The next product in the kit is The Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème

From TSC:
"This "stylist in a bottle" is a multi-tasking spray that adapts to any hair type or styling process. This innovative styling treatment helps deliver volume, texture, smoothness, conditioning, static control and polish in one easy application. The styling crème contains a proprietary blend of extracts and exotic oils to help nourish the hair and defend against free radical damage, while the Marrubium vulgare extract helps to provide protection against the negative effects of constant pollution exposure and premature aging hair. "

My Experience:
The Stylist is actually a lotion that comes out in a very fine mist, which I love! The Stylist gives my hair a TON of volume if I apply it to damp hair before blow drying. A little goes a long way, so I would say less is more. I also like to apply a few pumps to my hands and smooth over my dried hair for heat protection and to tame frizz.

Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Butter Cream

The 3rd product in this kit is the Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream.

From TSC:
"This velvety, Hawaiian-inspired, ultra-hydrating cream is air-whipped to perfection. Tweak-D's naturally derived, lightweight cream helps to rejuvenate skin, restores softness and protects against the damaging effects of pollution and summer elements. The cream's featured ingredient, Kukui nut oil, an ancient Hawaiian secret, helps to soothe, protect, soften and moisturize the skin. In addition to this oil, the butter cream is also enriched with essential fatty acids to help rejuvenate and restore the skin's barrier, helping to protect against environmental assailants, as well as repairing and maintaining the integrity of the epidermal barrier for soft, supple, hydrated skin. Pollution has become a major concern for the consumer market, due to its harsh effects on the skin, such as loss of elasticity, firmness and the breakdown of collagen and the lipid layer of the skin. The butter cream works to help protect the skin cells from the penetration of pollutants and genetic ravage, removes and neutralises the toxic oxidant species that damage proteins and lipid structures and helps to strengthen the skin barrier, stimulating the skin's natural antioxidants. Let this butter cream help improve your overall complexion to feel soft and smooth, while looking radiant and purified. "

My Experience: 
As for the Face & Body cream, I have never used a product before that is good for both face and body. So far I have only used it only my body. It has a very luxurious smell and feel to it. It's a very thick cream that is deeply moisturizing without being greasy. I'm not someone who is a fan of vanilla body lotions but this one isn't a cheap vanilla scent, it's made with natural and quality ingredients and the scent reflects that. It has some spicy notes to it as well. I will eventually give it a go on my face. You're supposed to be able to apply your makeup right after application, meaning that the product gets absorbed into your skin very quickly and easily.

This kit currently retails for $89.99.

To learn more about any of the products I've reviewed in this post, you can check them out on The Shopping Channels' website. There is also a video on that page all about the products.

More info from TSC on this kit:

What else you need to know:
• This is the worldwide launch of the Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream and the Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Sprayable Styling Crème (both exclusive to The Shopping Channel)
• These formulas contain seasonal ingredients that are harvested once a year, and are therefore, only available in the summer or while supplies last
• Tweak-D is a proudly Canadian brand

What is included:
• Peaches and Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment (300g)—valued at $29.99
• Aloha Vanilla Ultra-Hydrating Face + Body Butter Cream (240ml)—valued at $44.00
• Mai Tai Honey Peach "The Stylist" Styling Crème (130ml)—valued at $46.00

Although I love all of these products, the star of them for me is the Peaches & Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment.

This line is Canadian, natural, cruelty-free, and effective. Can I ask for anything more! 

I just can't wait to try more from this line.. I have my eye on their Self Cleansing Hair Treatment  in Ultra Nourishing and Rise and Shine to try next.

Have you tried this line before? What are your favourite products from this line?


  1. Great shares & pics- love finding new clean, Canadian companies :) I'd love to try their Self Cleansing Hair Treatment too. Heard great things about these kinds of treatments, just haven't tried any yet :)

    1. Thanks, Angie! My hair just keeps better and better with this cleansing hair treatment. It's crazy to me. And, I swear, my colour is looking better too! Let me know if you try it. xo


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