Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ebay Beauty Sponge vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Dupe or Dud?!

Hi everyone! You all know how I love a great deal and there's plenty to be found on eBay. I previously purchased some fabulous $1 makeup brushes from eBay that are supposed to be Mac dupes (linked here). So I figured why not give this sponge a shot. For only $2 with free shipping, I didn't have much to lose.

I'm sure many of you love a good bargain too, so today I wanted to compare this beauty sponge from eBay with the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge.  I had heard they were dupes. 

Let's find out

(above: eBay sponge)

Unfortunately, I no longer have my Real Techniques sponge, so I can't do a side by side comparison. But I can tell you that the eBay one is slightly larger in size.

Here is the Real Techniques Sponge (Stock photo)

Here is the ebay beauty sponge

Compared to my hand (sponge expanded with water here)

The foundation does stain both sponges and even with a good cleaning the stains are not fully removed.

  • ebay sponge: $2
  • RT sponge: $6

  • Both sponges are the same colour and shape
  • Both have a flat edge and a pointed tip on the other end
  • Both sponges expand with water 
  • Approximately the same size

This is where the similarities end.


  1. The Real techniques sponge is much softer and a pleasure to use (no comparison here)
  2. Even when wet, the eBay sponge is very hard against my face. It doesn't soften.
  3. The Real techniques sponge blends my foundation effortlessly into my skin, leaving no streaks
  4. The eBay sponge doesn't blend my foundation or BB cream into my skin. I am left with streaks and swirls of makeup on my face. I don't think any of us are going for that look! 

Final verdict: This was a dud! I find the Real Techniques sponge is far superior and worth every penny more than the eBay one. Again, no comparison!

As much as I love a good deal, this is one I will pass on and spend more for better quality and performance. Unless of course, I discover another cheaper "dupe" that works just as well as the Real Techniques one.

And by the way, I do highly recommend the $1 eBay brushes that I mentioned earlier in this post. If you didn't go check that post out I'll link it again here in case you'd like to go check it out.

I purchased my Real Techniques Complexion sponge for $5.99 here. I think next time I may go with the 2 pack for $10.99. Why not save a buck!  (Note: Using either of these links will get you $5 off your order if you have never shopped with iHerb before).

Maybe there are some better "dupes" out there than what I tried. If you know of any, please leave a comment and share! I just love saving money and finding great products at the same time!



  1. Thanks for the good information. xoxo
    @JustGinaJoan on Twitter 💚💚

    1. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for coming by, Joan! <3

  2. Wow, that eBay sponge sounds terrible, but at least it only cost you $2! Really interested to read your Makeup Brush Dupe post now! :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. haha. it is pretty terrible! I have a great makeup brush find coming soon. Not sure what it dupe's tho.

  3. I guess it's not a great deal if it doesn't work! Thanks for posting this comparison.

    1. Definitely not a deal. I wouldn't pay .50 cents for this one. I have another ebay makeup brush coming soon that's a good one!

  4. I'm kinda glad the eBay one wasn't as good. Nice to know RT sponge is a good quality product

    1. ya, the RT is sooo much better. I need top replace mine pronto! This ebay one was horrible!

  5. Very interesting post Amy, thanks hon - confirms my belief that I'm not missing too much by not purchasing from eBay, although the brushes look excellent. Now THAT was a great deal xxx

    1. There are some excellent products on ebay and some that are crap, like this sponge. It's hit or miss. I may try another sponge from eBay at some point but for now I'm going back to my RT sponge. xo

  6. Great informative post! great idea to post reviews on your ebay finds. I love reading about bargains that are and aren't worth the money x www.beyoutyfulyou.com

    1. Thanks, Louise. There are some great finds on eBay but it's very hit or miss. I hope to do more of these.

  7. That's odd. I actually found a dupe that's so close to the Real Technique that I have to return it to the store. I can hardly tell there is any difference at all. Did I just get a weird Real Technique sponge? I feel that it is really not that soft so I am opting for the eBay one.

    1. There were SO many of them on eBay. Maybe you got a really good one. I'm sure there are different manufacturers making them and I happened to order one that wasn't good. Can you share the link to the seller you purchased from?


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