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One 'n Only Argan Oil - Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment for Hair #Review

I haven't used this One 'n Only Argan Oil in over a year. I have such difficult hair (curly, frizzy, and unmanageable) that I'm always trying new products in hopes of finding a miracle worker. Also, I feel like my hair gets used to products, although I've heard some stylist say this isn't possible. Anyhow, I should probably change it up more often, but I was trying to finally focus on what I was using so I could finish up some products. Beauty Junkies, you know what I'm talking about!

I had just had my hair cut and coloured and I was getting ready to go back and get another haircut because no matter what I did, I just couldn't make my hair look good. I could flat iron the heck out of it and it still looked horrible; it was dry, heavy, stiff and full of kinks, as if it didn't have a style, something was amiss. So, I thought the cut must be to blame and I needed it tweaked a bit (even though I have a very talented stylist). I was also having a lot of hair fall out every time I'd run my hands through my hair and so I placed the blame on having my hair coloured and/or my thyroid issues. Then suddenly, I had run out of the product that I was trying to finish for eons which was a higher end salon product, and I went back to using this Argan oil instead.

I began by applying a dime sized amount of the oil to wet hair and I did not use any other products. I styled my hair as usual and I couldn't believe it, it looked and felt like I had my hair done at the salon! I didn't even use a flat iron or any hot tools for that matter, just a blow dryer and round brush. My super frizzy hair came out so smooth and soft I couldn't believe it! So, my haircut wasn't the issue, it was the product I was using. Thankfully, I went back to this product before I went back and got another haircut!

I've been back to using this Argan oil for a week now and my hair feels super soft, light, and it has movement again! It looks like I DO have a style now. Also, since going back to this product, I don't have the constant hair fallout/breakage when I run my fingers through my hair, there is still some, but not as much.

Only time will tell if my hair will get used to this product and I will have to switch to something else (no lack of products to try in this house). But, for now me and my hair are happy and we're sticking with this.

Lesson learned: If my hair (especially freshly cut and coloured) looks horrible no matter what I do to it, and /or is falling out more than it should, try changing hair products!

ps. I purchased mine at Sally's Beauty Supply where the price was significantly less than the salon that initially tried to sell me on this product. I think I paid around $11

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Makeup Purge and Declutter!

The other night I got the sudden urge to purge! This isn't unusual for me, but it usually happens with my wardrobe. I just love organizing and re-organizing. I think I could do it full-time! hehe  I've been like this for as long as I can remember. It's somehow so satisfying to purge and organize, which is why I guess I love it so much!  But, of course, the urge usually seems to hit me at night.

In this day of consumerism, many of us have too much! Self included. I struggle with wanting more but also wanting less. I find that when I have too much I feel overwhelmed by it. So, I donate, consign, and toss.. slowly. As you can see, I am usually not able to purge a lot at once, whether it be clothing or makeup etc. Everyone is different but this is how I have to do it. I know there is a lot more I could should get rid of but for now, baby steps for me. :)

Pictured above is what I am purging. I will share my process and why I chose to purge what I did.

Here, I had selected possible items to purge. Items that have either expired or I don't use. I had separated them here into "need to test out and do some comparisons," and "most likely going,"

I left them like this till the next morning when I would have better lighting to swatch, compare and test.  (Note: Milani Luminoso was only in the picture for doing comparison swatches, It was never on the chopping block. Although, I admit that I don't really get the hype over it,, maybe I don't have the right skin tone for it or something, but I do like it when I have a bit of a tan).

Blush & Face

Here are the blush and face products that I decided to let go of, minus the little Prestige Mineral blush pictured. (This pic was taken before I took it out of the purge pile).

2 Jordana blushes in Blushing Rose and Touch of Pink- These are awesome blushes, never mind the $2 price tag. How can something so inexpensive be so good!? I owned 5 shades. These are two shades that just don't work for me.

Boots No7 Blush in Petal- I have several other blushes that are dupes and this one is less pigmented. It's also very old and has hardened a bit.

Elf blush in Flushed- This isn't that old but it's already completely hardened.

Marcelle blush in Blossom- Such an unusual colour, like a deep mauve but It's far too dark for me.

100% Pure cream blush in Pink Grapefruit- I do like this product but it's extremely old and I never reach for it.

Revlon Smoothing Primer- This was a freebie with purchase. I never used it so I can't say if it's any good but it has gone bad (colour and scent has gone rancid).


Revlon eye quad in Siren- I never use this product. Of the two colours I would use, one is a total glitter bomb, so I don't use it and the other is a pretty silvery taupe which I depoted and put into my Z-Palette. I have many taupe's but none like this!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Liner- This comes in the tower of 3 shades. I have never used this particular shade and never will. Bye!

Sally Girl eyeshadow in Eggplant and Olive- I have duplicate colours that are better but they are not bad.

Pixi Pretty Eye Perfection Palette- I never reach for this. I gave it a second chance but the pans are just too small and it's become super powdery.

Manual Override Brow Pencil- This came in a kit years ago from The Shopping Channel. Not sure why I even kept this, the colour is WAY too dark for me.

Marcelle Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in Cobalt- This came free with my Marcelle BB cream. I never use it and I've had it since at least 2010.


A few of the glosses were expired. The others were either glitter bombs, shimmer bombs or just the wrong colour or texture for my liking. (Not pictured: Covergirl Lipstick in Creme and Essence lipgloss in Nude Kiss).

Annabelle Volume Lip Plumping Gloss- I have no idea why this is called "plumping" I didn't see or feel any plumping. I can't stand the applicator and have others I like better in the same colour.

NYC Big Bold Gloss- I can't find a colour name on the tube. This came FREE from Influenster years ago. It's very goopy and sheer but shimmery. 

Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss in Baby Doll- Wow, what was I thinking!? Pretty colour but major glitter bomb! My aging/lined lips just aren't about that life!

Essence XXXL Lipgloss in Nude Candy- This has separated and gone bad. 

Elf Shimmer Gloss in Festive- This has to have the most horrible texture in a lipgloss that I have ever experienced. I just can't explain it. Stay away!

Essence XXXL Lipgloss in Big Night Out- This is a really neat mauve colour that I like. But it is way too shimmery and has also separated and gone bad.

Wet n Wild Fergie Lipstick in FOMO- This is a nude that is very concealer like. It has a super white base and is a very thick lipstick. I can't recommend this to anybody. The colour Fergie Daily is a much better nude in this line.

NYC Lipstick in Matte Mauve- Mauve? This is bright pink! I gave it away. At least it was only $1.50.

Not Pictured:

Covergirl Lipstick in Creme- This is not pictured above. I was able to return it to the store for an exchange. It was very drying and showed every crack in my aging lips. No Bueno!

Essence Lipgloss in Nude Kiss- This is a great colour but beware it does have some small silver glitter to it although it is not apparent on the lips. It's probably my 3rd tube. I was unable to finish this tube before it turned bad (probably due to all my new product testing). 

Second Chances

The above pictured items were rescued from the purge. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have gotten rid of Milani's Luminoso but it did cross my mind and went through the same comparisons and testing as everything else. 

Prestige Lipgloss in Delicate Mauve- Totally in style right now. But, it's old for a gloss, at least 2 years. I figure since I haven't used it much and it's not separated and no change in scent, I'm good to go.

Burt's Bees Lipgloss (the colour was on the wrapper.. ugh)- Great Mauve colour and I've always loved mauve's on me. I'm just not thrilled with how little comes out with the applicator. I have to apply several swipes.

Prestige Skin Loving Mineral blush in Natural- It barely shows on my skin, but is for just those days that I want that.

Milani Luminoso- Cult Favourite but I'm not really sure why. I hear everyone say it's the perfect peachy-pink. I only see orange with sparkles, no pink. But I do like the glow from it if I have a tan.

Kirkland / Borghese Mineral Eyeshadow Palette- This palette has been so neglected. There are only a few colours I like so I considered tossing it. For now, it gets a second chance. I tried a couple of eye looks and was very happy with it. Although it's quite old, the powders are still soft and buttery.

YBF beYOUtiful Basics- I won their two palettes in this set from their facebook page this year. One palette was super dark so I gave that one away. This palette has some lighter neutrals but they are all very shimmery, so I would only use them as lid shades. I have done a few eye looks and I'm enjoying it, so it's staying! 

Now, what do you do once you purge!? Buy something new of course! 

Hello, Lover! 

Okay, well I actually didn't have to purchase it. When I returned the Covergirl Lipstick in Creme, they let me exchange it for this! I've wanted this since it came out and my store never had this colour in stock but yesterday was my lucky day! This is Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in #45, it's a great nude-y mauve colour.

Here's a summary of what I purged (for those who like numbers, like me): 
  • Blushes: 6
  • Face Product: 1
  • Eye Products: 7
  • Lip Products: 10
      Total purged: 24

I hope you enjoyed this post. Whether you just breezed though it to get an idea of what I purged or you read the details on why I decided to purge them, I hope this gave you some helpful info or even just some inspiration to get rid of what's not working for you. 

If you have a declutter/ purge post to share, please do, I'd love to check it out! 

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