Saturday, November 21, 2015

One 'n Only Argan Oil - Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment for Hair #Review

I haven't used this One 'n Only Argan Oil in over a year. I have such difficult hair (curly, frizzy, and unmanageable) that I'm always trying new products in hopes of finding a miracle worker. Also, I feel like my hair gets used to products, although I've heard some stylist say this isn't possible. Anyhow, I should probably change it up more often, but I was trying to finally focus on what I was using so I could finish up some products. Beauty Junkies, you know what I'm talking about!

I had just had my hair cut and coloured and I was getting ready to go back and get another haircut because no matter what I did, I just couldn't make my hair look good. I could flat iron the heck out of it and it still looked horrible; it was dry, heavy, stiff and full of kinks, as if it didn't have a style, something was amiss. So, I thought the cut must be to blame and I needed it tweaked a bit (even though I have a very talented stylist). I was also having a lot of hair fall out every time I'd run my hands through my hair and so I placed the blame on having my hair coloured and/or my thyroid issues. Then suddenly, I had run out of the product that I was trying to finish for eons which was a higher end salon product, and I went back to using this Argan oil instead.

I began by applying a dime sized amount of the oil to wet hair and I did not use any other products. I styled my hair as usual and I couldn't believe it, it looked and felt like I had my hair done at the salon! I didn't even use a flat iron or any hot tools for that matter, just a blow dryer and round brush. My super frizzy hair came out so smooth and soft I couldn't believe it! So, my haircut wasn't the issue, it was the product I was using. Thankfully, I went back to this product before I went back and got another haircut!

I've been back to using this Argan oil for a week now and my hair feels super soft, light, and it has movement again! It looks like I DO have a style now. Also, since going back to this product, I don't have the constant hair fallout/breakage when I run my fingers through my hair, there is still some, but not as much.

Only time will tell if my hair will get used to this product and I will have to switch to something else (no lack of products to try in this house). But, for now me and my hair are happy and we're sticking with this.

Lesson learned: If my hair (especially freshly cut and coloured) looks horrible no matter what I do to it, and /or is falling out more than it should, try changing hair products!

ps. I purchased mine at Sally's Beauty Supply where the price was significantly less than the salon that initially tried to sell me on this product. I think I paid around $11

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  1. Sometimes the cheaper, non salon products like this Argan Oil, are just as good if not better than the more expensive products! I'm glad you've found the perfect product for your hair!

    1. The bottle is actually 1/2 empty since I've had it for over a year. I'm always trying new products and my hair get used to products so I switch around A LOT! Glad I rediscovered this though. I am enjoying how my hair feels so much that yesterday I put way too much in, I guess I wanted to slather my hair in the goodness, but a little goes a long way! xo


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