Sunday, August 29, 2021

Best Eyebrow Growth Serum | ADOREYES eyebrow enhancing serum

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Adoreyes Eyebrow Enhancing Serum - 6ml /SRP $79.99 CAD

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Acting on All Three Brows Growth Phases to Achieve Thicker, Fuller and Healthier Eyebrows

ADOREYES Plus Brows growth serum acts on all three phases of the brows growth cycle with Triple Peptide Complex. With time-released peptides, your brows will become thicker and voluminous looking, and you will be able to grow back your overplucked eyebrows. Merged with Hydro and Vitamins Booster, Natural Extracts, and DHT Blockers, our brow serum will condition and stimulate natural keratin and collagen production to keep your brow hair protected from breakage and dryness.

I used this brands lash serum and had such good results that I decided to take the plunge and give the brow serum a go. I was doubtful that my eyebrows had the ability to grow back at all after years of plucking them super thin. Plus, I had almost finished a whole tube of another brand's eyebrow serum and it did absolutely nothing for my brows after months of use.

I took a picture of my eyebrows just before starting the AdorEyes brow serum, that was on July 25th. I used this brow serum almost every day since (I missed to occasional day here and there). I took the after picture on August 20th, just under 4 weeks later and I am beyond excited to see the results in such a short period of time! Which confirms to me that my eyebrows can indeed grow back with the right serum!

Other good things to note, the doe foot picks up just enough product for your brows so no product is wasted. It's super quick and easy to apply. The click up style applicator from another brand made it so I couldn't control how much came out and a lot was wasted. Adoreyes can be used AM and /or PM. There was no irritation at all. When I used during the day, I applied before any makeup. Since the doe foot applicator only brings out a small amount of product, which is all you need, it will last for a long time!

Based on my experience after only 4 weeks of use, I expect to see even greater results with more time, and I'm so here for it!

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