Saturday, April 24, 2021

SHINE Health Unstress® Supplement Review | Social Nature

I was invited by Social Nature to try out a supplement called "Unstress" by a Canadian brand called SHINE Health. With all the stress in my life right now, I jumped at the opportunity!

SHINE Health's Unstress supplement contains only 2 ingredients; ashwagandha and L-theanine,  both known stress busters. Retail is $21CAD.

Info From SHINE Health:

Helps with:
  • Reducing stress
  • Sleep
SHINE Unstress® is an all-natural premium blend of bioavailable Shagandha® Ashwagandha and AlphaWave® L-Theanine making the perfect pairing to quickly and naturally lower your daily stress levels. Our hand-selected ingredients are clinically proven to reduce perceived stress, lower food cravings, and significantly lower cortisol levels.

30 Vegan Non-GMO Capsules | 1/day | NPN 80103341

Packaged in our happy planet, plastic-free and compostable convenient packs.

Tip: Don't like to swallow pills? Break open the capsule and add to the drink or food of your choice.

They are Vegan, Non-GMO, diary-free, gluten-free, GMP Certified, high-potency, and plastic-free!

My Experince:

I have tried tons of stress busting supplements and a lot of them just don't work or I have an adverse reaction to them. I love that SHINE Health's Unstress only contain 2 ingredients, so there is less chance of having a negative reaction of some sort. 

I've been taking these every day for over 10 days now. It was on the 2nd day that I noticed that I was handling the stress in my life so much better! The effect is subtle as it's not like I take a capsule and suddenly feel relaxed. I am just handling all of life's stresses so much better, no longer feeling tied up in a knot like I'm going to combust! My mind in relaxed, and clearer. My sleep has also improved. I still wake up prematurely, but I'm usually able to fall back asleep now. As a result, I am much happier, as are the people around me, and I'm much more productive than I've been in a long time!

I feel that the more stress you are under, the more you may notice results. I've been dealing with a tremendous amount of stress due to serious family health issues and many other factors, it has been quite debilitating for me. But, as I mentioned, after taking the Unstress supplements, I am feeling  a lot less stressed and therefore I'm more productive.

Another thing that I've noticed is that the hot flashes that I had recently started getting have stopped! I'm not sure if it's related to this supplement or not, but I definitely need to look into it. 

I love that you only have to take one per day.  The eco-friendly, compostible packaging is the icing on the cake!

I am completely thrilled with this product and my results! I highly recommend giving them a try if you too need some stress relief. You can either make a one time purchase or you can subscribe to make sure that you don't run out. 

SHINE Health also has supplements for Focus, Energy, Mood, and Memory. Take their health quiz to find out which supplement is right for you.

So grateful that I got to try these products. The quality is top notch! #trynatural #gotitfree 

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Free Sample kindly gifted from Social Nature and SHINE Health


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