Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cocoa Locks Hair Growth Hot Chocolate | 3.5 Week Results!

Longer, stronger, and healthier hair from a cup of hot cocoa?! Yep!

I began using Cocoa Locks on January 6th of this year, so the photos in this post show my results after only 3.5 weeks of use, and the results are amazing! You can check out my original post on Cocoa Locks HERE.

Before and after photos are taken with my hair parted in the same spot, taken at the same angle. I do not have any products on my hair or scalp in either photo.

I took this photo just to see if I would be able to see any visible difference in my hair since I started @cocoalocksofficial ☕ I figured that taking a photo at my roots, where my new hair growth comes in, might be telling and it sure is! 🙌.

The first thing I noticed when I started Cocoalocks was A LOT less hair falling out. I used to collect a pile of hair beside me while running my hands through my hair.... I no longer do that! You can also see that my hair is much denser and there is quite a bit of regrowth since the first picture on January 4th. 🤩

I'm so happy with my results. I have to admit, I was a skeptic but I'm not anymore. I've been drinking the hot chocolate once a day and I'm looking forward to trying the shake. These hair vitamins in the form of hot chocolate work!!! (Note: I have nothing in my hair or on my scalp in either photo). These results are real!

Cocoa Locks contains Biotin, Folic acid, Selenium, and zinc which all support the growth of healthy hair.

From Cocoa Locks:
  • Formulated for fuller & longer hair*
  • More powerful and effective than vitamins or gummies
  • Say goodbye to damaged, broken hair*
  • Achieve healthier hair from within*
  • Low calories, low fat. Only 26 calories a mug
  • Tastes great, so that you won't want to miss a dose
  • Contains Selenium, Zinc & Biotin, which have been clinically proven to achieve longer hair. 
Ingredients: Sugar, sweet whey powder (milk) , fat-reduced cocoa powder 14.5%, skimmed- milk powder, biotin, folic acid, selenium enriched yeast, zinc sulphate, salt, thickener (E 466), anti-caking agent (E 551), flavouring. (See Cocoa Locks website for nutritional information, linked below).

Cocoa Locks guarantees results and I can see why! 

Check us out of Instagram: cocoalocksofficial  / HBG

Not sponsored. Product provided free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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