Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 29: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

7 Minute Workout App

Happy Sunday, Everyone and welcome to week 29 of my Health and Weight Loss Journey!

I have to admit, I've had a hard time either finding/making the time to workout or finding the energy to workout this last while. The injury I obtained back in April seems to have finally healed itself.. yay for that!

I decided to go back to an old discovery that I had used a few times and then abandoned. It's the 7 Minute Workout App. I decided since I'm having such a hard time with finding time and energy, how hard can 7 minutes be!? And, there is some science behind the workouts on the 7 Minute Workout App.

Initially, I started off with the 7 Minute Workout Classic workout, then I decided to try the 30-day challenge as the classic one seemed to be the same workout everyday which became boring to me. I know there is a science behind the workouts that they have developed but I just needed to change it up a bit. All the other workouts in the app are locked, so I assume that you have to pay for those. The Classic and 30-day Challenge are both free.

The 30-day challenge surprised me because it's actually a shorter workout than the 7-minute classic one. However, all of these workouts have the option for you to repeat the circuits. I read that it's recommended to do 3 sets of the classic circuit, but I've not had much time lately, so I've just been doing one circuit whether it was the Classic or the 30-day Challenge.

I figure that doing something is better than doing nothing, and I actually work up a bit of a sweat during the 7 Minute Workout and get a bit winded doing the 30 Day Challenge. When time and energy permits, I will do more reps of each circuit.

30 Day Challenge

The photo above is a screenshot from the 30 Day Challenge. Once you click on start from the 30 Day Challenge option the above screen pops up so you can choose your level. I opted for "Medium Plan 1."
7 Minute Workout App

Workouts For The Week:

Day 1- 0
Day 2- 0
Day 3- 0
Day 4- 7-minute workout app (I worked up a sweat!) #outofshape lol
Day 5- 7-minute workout app 30-day challenge- day 1 (1 circuit)
Day 6- 7-minute workout app 30 day challenge day 2 (1 circuit)
Day 7- 7-minute workout app 30 day challenge day 3 (1 circuit)

Weight: Down 1.5 lbs
Fat: Same

So maybe there's something to this! It's such a short workout that it's kind of hard to believe that I'd get any benefit, especially since I'm only doing 1 circuit so far, but I'm going to keep at it and see what transpires.

See you next week!

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