Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 4: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

This is my week 4 update of my health and weight loss journey. Here is a link to last weeks if you'd like to check it out.

I didn't even get a chance to do this post until today. It was a super busy week for me.

My Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD broke on me right at the beginning of level 3! So much for finding out if I would have gotten ripped in 30....

I will say that level 3 was tougher. The exercises weren't as enjoyable as in the other 2 levels. I had some trouble with balance during week 3/level 3- and I usually have great balance.

I will also say that I've come to realize that I don't enjoy doing the same workout every day. 

Although, if the DVD didn't break on me, I would have continued with the DVD for the 4 weeks, just to see what kind of results I would have gotten (even if I wasn't able to do the workout every single day).

I have plenty of other DVD's that I can use and rotate through. I think I will enjoy it more when I change up what I am doing more often.

After my J.M. DVD bit the dust, I hit up my treadmill for a little workout.

Here are my workouts of the week:

Day 1- J.M. Ripped in 30 - week 3/level 3
Day 2- No workout
Day 3- J.M. Ripped in 30- week 3/ level 3 (DVD broke!)
Day 4- 30 minutes of HIIT on treadmill (walk 2 min / jog 1 min) + 50 bike crunches + 40 squats with overhead press (8lb weights) + 20 pushups + 40 arm curls (8lb weights)
Day 5- No workout (Thanks to a "visitor") ugh. 
Day 6- No workout  "
Day 7- 20 minute walk on treadmill

I did weigh in Friday morning.

My weight - no change
Fat % - no change


I hope this coming week will be better and I hope to see some results when I weigh in next Friday.

Have you found any great at home workout DVD's? I would love to find a few new and enjoyable one's that work!



  1. Hi Hon. Whatever you do don't give up - I recently decided to get rid of a few pounds and adjusted my intake accordingly. In the first week I PUT ON a kilo! The time before that I upped my exercise dramatically and nothing happened for 3 months, then the weight fell off week after week after week. Human bodies are brilliant but also odd things - they do what you want them to when THEY are ready xxx

    1. Thanks, Kats! I'm definitely not going to give up. Thanks for the words of encouragement. The same thing has happened to me before- years ago I started a vigorous exercise program i gained a bunch of weight. So i did give up, started yoga and immediately started to lose weight. so bizarre! xo


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