Monday, June 1, 2015

Mini Beauty Haul, New Products! NYC, Wet n Wild, Quo Contessa (LE) Palette #makeup


I love finding some new, budget friendly beauty products to try out! I wanted to share my new beauty finds with you. I thought some of you may be interested since they are all fairly new to the market and really budget friendly!

Shown above:

NYC CityPROOF Twistable Perfecting Lip Primer/ Quo Face Palette in "Contessa"/ Wet n Wild's new Wild Shine Nail Polish in Dreamy Poppy/ Wet n Wild's new Lipstick in 501C "A Short Affair"

NYC City Proof Twistable Perfecting Lip Primer- as far as I know this is a totally new products and I'm excited to try it out as I've never owned a lip primer before, and I love the newer crayon style lip products. I'm hoping it will help me wear some of my more unforgiving lipsticks and matte lipsticks that don't get worn since they settle into my lip lines too much. Cost $2.97

Quo Face Palette in "Contessa"- Includes full-size blush, bronzer and highlight. There was another palette with different shades but this is the one I was attracted to the most, although I admit that I was tempted to get both! ;)  I couldn't find any reviews online so I think I'll do a post with some swatches and a first impression. This was part of Shoppers Drug Mart's spring Limited Edition (LE) collection. My Shoppers had it on sale for $10 from $20, and I had enough points in my Optimum account so I ended up getting it for free!! Gotta love Shoppers Drug Mart's Optimum program!

Wet n Wild's new Lipstick in 501C "A Short Affair," This is a new formula in new packaging. This looked to be the lightest colour in the collection. I would say it's a neutral to cool tone light baby pink with a sheen (no glitter.) I quite like it so far! I have tested 2 of the new lipstick formulas and so far they seem to go on quite a bit darker than what you see in the tube. Cost $1.50

Wet n Wild's new Wild Shine Nail Polish 
formula in 477C "Dreamy Poppy." Note: This colour is not new but this is a newer formula that is supposed to last much longer than the previous formula. I never owned this colour. It looks like a gorgeous deep coral for the summer and would look great with a tan. Unfortunately, the  handle is broken on the bottle that I got so I have to go and exchange it. Cost $1.50

All in all this little haul cost me a total of around $6! Not bad at all! Granted, I got a great deal on the $20 Quo palette since it was half off and I had enough Shopper`s Optimum points to get it for free.  The cosmetician at Shopper`s Drug Mart said that each store may have the Quo palettes on sale at different times, so check your local Shopper`s if you are interested.. once they go on sale this cheap, I doubt they will last very long!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul and maybe you`ll want to check out a few of these for yourself.

Have you come across any new products or great deals lately, I would love to hear about them!

Xo Amy


  1. I'll have to pick up the new formula of the Dreamy Poppy polish. I loved the color on the old one but it didn't have a great formula! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The new formula really is a big improvement, it lasts MUCH longer than the original formula. Definitely worth a repurchase! xo


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