Friday, April 24, 2015

30 Days of Fitness Challenge: Week 3 Follow Up + HUGE Skinny Teatox giveaway {over}

The last week has really been up and down with my workouts. I've had some rather large obstacles that made it impossible to workout on some days but life happens sometimes and you can't beat yourself up about that. Despite this I am sticking with the challenge and will update my progress and workouts completed in this post. If you missed the post regarding the challenge, here is a link to it 30 Days of Fitness Challenge.

Here is what I have accomplished for the last 7 days:
  1. Yoga- Seane Corn Detox Flow Yoga (35 min)
  2. Toning- The Firm's Hi-Def Sculpt complete workout (45 min)
  3. No workout- family outing
  4. Yoga- Trudie Styler's Weight Loss yoga, total body yoga (24 min)
  5. Toning- The Firm Hi-Def Sculpt Express workout (25 min)
  6. Yoga- Seane Corn Detox Flow Yoga (65 min)
  7. No workout- sick :(
Weigh in:
  • Starting weight: 145 lbs
  • Last week: 143.5 lbs
  • Today's weight: 143.0 lbs
The scale doesn't seem to want to budge very much but I'm definitely firming up and that's enough to keep me going. Hopefully next week will be better. I know that if I keep at it I will eventually see the results I want and that keeps me motivated!

If you haven't heard of Skinny-Teatox yet, they are currently holding a HUGE giveaway right now! I haven't tried their products yet but have been hearing a lot of buzz about them and hope to soon. Check out the contest if you are interested, it's a big one!!

$1,200 Victoria's Secret & Teatox Giveaway- Enter here!

Here is a link to their website if you just want to check them out- skinny-teatox

See you next week!

Xo Amy

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