Sunday, July 9, 2023

Dollar Tree Beauty Haul | See What’s New!

There is no doubt, Dollar Tree is one of the most fun places to shop! Whether you need to stock up on necessities or want to search the store for some fun and exciting finds, you can't go wrong when everything is only $1.50! 

I regularly shop there for groceries, storage and organization, craft supplies, party supplies, books, and beauty.

In this post, I want to share with you my latest beauty finds from the Dollar Tree. All of these items were purchased in the last week, so hopefully you can find them as well if you are interested in any of them. I know a lot of things can come and go quite quickly, while other items are regularly stocked.

I actually made a few trips to the same Dollar Tree as I kept realizing that I needed to go back for an item that I left behind and I would end up finding more goodies. 

On this trip, I found some great beauty buys, including some face masks by Ponds. I decided to start with the Skin Firming Serum Mask first and see how I like it. 

The Skin Firming Serum Mask is formulated with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and brown algae extract. 1 sheet = 30X serum intesity. It is made in Korea and has an expiry date of 01/2024.

I am wearing this mask as I write this post. The instructions say to wear it for 15 minutes. By the time I finish this post, I will be able to update this post with my first impression. 

First Impression: So far, it's like your typical sheet mask. It is loaded with a lot of serum and therefore a bit difficult to unravel, no different from other similar sheet masks. Once I removed the mask, there was quite a bit of serum left. I massaged the remaining serum into my skin but it left a sticky film behind. Immediately, I don't notice any firming but I do like the ingredients and I would purchase this mask again. You'd definitely want to use this one at night because it is sticky and takes some time to dry down.

Update: once it dried down, I do feel a firming effect and it remains a tad sticky. 

This full-size hair brush by Expressions is a fabulous score for only $1.50! It has a hook for hanging it in the shower and it's actually much gentler on my hair than my more expensive Wet Brush. I highly recommend this find! I mean where else can you get something of this quality for only $1.50!?

I don't use face wipes too often anymore, but I do like to keep some on hand for those lazy nights when I'm not up for a proper face cleansing. These Purifying wipes by Incredibly Clean are infused with Micellar and rose water. I like these much better than the Sassy + Chic wipes that I have purchased at the Dollar Tree in the past. I find the Incredibly Clean wipes to be much softer and gentler on my skin. They are nicely saturated and do a great job at cleansing for a face wipe and my skin is left super soft. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that it does contain fragrance, but for occasional use, I'm okay with that. You get 25 wipes for $1.50 and there were many versions to choose from.

I have purchased many other skin products and tools that I love that didn't make this post as they were purchased a while ago. Perhaps I will do beauty favourites from the Dollar Tree post. Some of these include makeup eraser dupes, silicone cleansing brush, as well as cotton pads.

This 10x  magnification mirror by Bodico is perfect for getting up close and personal with my skin. I can finally see those pesky, random little hairs that need to be dealt with as well as how my pores and skin are really doing. The suction cups on the back are small but have a powerful suction so it is held in place very securely. 

Billie Clear Adhesive Lash glue is a repurchase for me. It works well and doesn't irritate my eyes. I see no reason to spend more on lash glue at this point. You just can't go wrong for $1.50!

I cleaned out my hair accessories earlier in the week and let go of the ones that I didn't like anymore or no longer used. I decided that if I came across any hair accessories at the Dollar Tree that I liked, I would replenish my collection and treat myself- this is what triggered my visit to the Dollar Tree in the first place.

They had so many fun accessories to choose from. I love that they carry the name-brand, Scunci, which is carried at many major retailers and pharmacies here for way more than $1.50. The quality of the claw clips shown above are fabulous and they are just the right size and very comfortable to wear. I actually went back and got 2 more!

Top: Nucolor 907 (favourite!), Nucolor 912, Nucolor 909 
Bottom: Kozmic Colours (no shade found), LA Colors Vivid Blooms

I also replenished some of my nail polishes. You can't go wrong to try a fun new nail colour for only $1.50. They even have some mini sizes in a 3-pack. 

Nucolor 907 is my favourite so far, it's a sheer pink with some tiny flecks of glitter that just make it look like something special on my nails, the glitter is barely detectable. I use 2 coats which dry rather quickly. I love that when this colour wears off, it isn't obvious at all. It also comes off very easily with nail polish remover. The only thing I am not a fan of is that it doesn't feel very smooth on my nails, it's a little rough, but I'll take it because I love it that much!

Nucolor 912 is like a soft pistachio green shade. I am not a fan of the colour green in general but this shade was rather soft and unique, so I decided to give it a try since it was only $1.50. I'm not the biggest fan of this shade on me but I'll have fun with it for a while. At least it is a sheer formula so it's on the softer side.

Nucolor 909 is a beautiful navy blue with a purple/gold colour shift. It's on the sheer side which is quite nice. 

Kozmic Colors doesn't have a shade name or number. It's a beautiful cool toned lilac shade. This one is more of your typical cream consistency and is so pretty on the nails.

LA Colors Vivid Blooms is a glitter polish with large and small glitters, including silver, coral, and a very sparkly greenish/ turquoise shade. I rarely get the coral colour on the brush but it's still pretty and a fabulous price, especially since it came with a small container of nail gems! 

The Dollar Tree is always a fun place to shop where you never know what treasures you will find. With the cost of living constantly rising, it's nice to know that you can still treat yourself to a little retail therapy even if you are on a tight budget. I had so much fun shopping for these items and even more fun using them. The next time I need a little retail therapy, Dollar Tree will be top of my list.

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