Monday, May 22, 2023

Petition to Stop the Killing of Dogs and Cats in Yulin

Photo credit: Humane Society International 

Animal welfare is a huge passion of ours here at HealthandBeautyGirl. It pains us to hear that the annual Yulin cat and dog meat trade is still ongoing. 

It's difficult to even read about what happens to these helpless animals, so without going into the horrific details, we want to share with you The Humane Society's letter and link to sign the petition to help put an end to this barbaric practice once and for all. It's quick and easy to sign your name and be a voice for these animals that cannot help themselves. 

From the Humane Society International:

The annual “Lychee and dog meat festival” in Yulin, China is fast-approaching, and animals need your voice to end cruelty like this.

Act Now

After being snatched from the streets or someone’s backyard, the journey to slaughterhouses is horrendous for these animals. They are crammed on top of each other and transported in trucks on journeys often lasting for days. They’re deprived of food and water in the unforgiving heat. Those who survive have an agonizing wait. When their turn comes, iron tongs clamp around their neck as each dog is violently pulled from the slaughter pen and beaten to death for someone’s meal.

This is not a hopeless cause, and compassionate animal advocates like you—in China and around the world—are the reason why. Thanks to public outcry and the efforts of Chinese activists, including our partner group, this event has shrunk in size each year, with fewer animals suffering and dying for meat. What’s more, thanks to your support, we're making great strides in banning the dog meat trade across Asia—including in numerous cities and regencies in Indonesia—and we're making strides toward an end to dog meat misery in South Korea and Viet Nam.

Please urge for an end to this slaughter and put an end to the cat and dog meat trade. Add your name here

Thank you for your help in putting an end this brutal and dangerous dog and cat meat trade! 


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