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Iherb Haul | Health, Beauty, Skincare, Supplements + Discount Code

It's been quite a while since I shared an iHerb haul. I've still been shopping there regularly; I just haven't shared in a bit, so I figured it was about time. I've actually been shopping there since 2008 because their prices are so good, shipping is fast, and they usually have all the health products that I'm looking for.

This haul features some products that are new to me and some old favourites. I also have a discount code AGU725 that will save you $$$ whether you are new to iHerb or have previously shopped there.

This is a repurchase for me. It has many health and beauty benefits, so I love to make it a part of my everyday supplement routine. 

"GLA (gamma-Linolenic acid), and linolenic acid are essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are used by most cells in the body to produce soothing prostaglandins (intracellular hormone-like messengers), which help maintain the balance of many functions in the body."

Garden of Life makes some of my favourite supplements. They use raw whole foods in their multivitamin, they are non-GMO and I definitely notice a difference in how I feel when I take them. I can't say that for most multivitamins that I've tried.

"Vitamin Code® 50 & Wiser Women is a comprehensive whole food multi-nutrient formula, specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of women over 50, providing the nourishment the body craves to maintain optimal health and well-being. 
Contains 23 powdered organically grown fruits and vegetables add supporting antioxidants, vitamins and nutrient cofactors."
  • Breast and Thyroid Health
  • Bone Strength
  • Healthy Heart and Blood Pressure††
  • Live Probiotics and Enzymes Support Healthy Digestion

I've had a lot of success with homeopathic remedies for insomnia. I do switch up the homeopathic remedies that I use so my body doesn't get used to one and I won't "prove" a remedy. I love that there aren't any contraindications between homeopathic remedies and medications. *

Uses: May help temporarily relieve:
  • Symptoms of insomnia
  • Occasional sleeplessness
  • Difficulty falling asleep

I'm a total hair product junkie. It's hard NOT to be one when you have very difficult and damaged hair! This product is definitely like an oil despite being called a serum. It is brand new to me and so far I like it. It doesn't weigh my hair down and really does help with frizz, it only takes a few drops. I feel like it is doing good things for my hair and scalp. It seems to have been removed from iHerb's website now. Not sure if that is temporary or not. 

"This intensive oil serum is perfect for those who regularly straighten, perm or heat style their hair, as well as kinky, curly or wavy natural styles. Effectively penetrates to treat the scalp and each hair strand with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, bringing damaged or chemically processed hair back to life. Nutrient-rich Jamaican Black Castor Oil and organic Shea Butter help support healthy growth by strengthening and conditioning hair, increasing its resistance to breakage. Peppermint stimulates the scalp for an invigorating experience."

This eye cream is an old favourite of mine. I've tried many eye creams and serums and I always go back to this one or Olay's Ultimate Eye cream, they both work equally well for my hooded eyes but this one is natural. Although the effect is temporary I'll take it! This large 1oz size lasts for a long time. Most eye creams are only 15ml so this one is twice as much.
  • With Organic Aloe, Arnica and Vitamin K
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Anti-Aging Hydration Formula
"Inspired by the antioxidant benefits of the exotic goji berry, Goji Berry Eye Cream represents a breakthrough in anti-aging eye care wellness. We combined the nutrient-rich goji berry [Himalayan Lycium Berry] with specially selected moisturizing and health-promoting skin care ingredients including organic aloe, arnica and vitamin K, well-known for reducing swelling around eyes and soothing away puffiness."

I've been purchasing Sierra Bees lip balms for years. They are natural and actually work well at moisturizing my lips. Plus they are super inexpensive. I always stock up when they are on sale and love to gift them to friends and family.
  • Featuring Sustainably Sourced Beeswax, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil & Vitamin E
  • Formulated to be: USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free
  • Made with Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Ingredients
  • No Sulfates, No Preservatives, No Artificial Fragrances & No Animal Testing
  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

These are a repurchase for me. I love having these on hand, not only to remove face masks but to use with my cleanser for gentle exfoliation. They make a great companion to any face cleanser to help remove more makeup, dirt, and debris.

"The Mask Remover Sponges are premium, spa-quality sponges that are designed to quickly wipe away facial masks, mess-free. Made from wood pulp, these sponges boost the effectiveness of masks by gently exfoliating the skin for a smoother, more radiant appearance."

I heard so much about this lip balm that I had to try it! It is quite thick in consistency and does a great job of moisturizing the lips. It's quite long-lasting too and has a subtle hint of colour. This big tube should last quite a while. ELF is a cruelty-free brand. This product is no longer on iHerb's website but it is available on Amazon in Berry, Peach, Rose, and Mint.

"Infused with Jojoba Oil Repairs dry lips Adds a sheer wash of color An intense lip balm treatment that gives you the ultimate hydrated and plumped lips."

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest iHerb Haul! If you use discount code AGU725 or use this link, you will save money on your entire order!

Happy Shopping!

*Always check with your doctor before implementing new supplements into your routine.

Some links are affiliates. Thank you for the support if you choose to use them.

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