Friday, April 9, 2021

5 Beauty Hacks Using Aloe Vera Gel


Hey, beauties out there! Learning some new beauty hacks are some of the best things to discover. Am I right!? So are you ready to learn some really interesting beauty hacks of the universal favorite ingredient ‘aloe vera gel’?

Let’s get started with the 5 super beauty hacks of Aloe Vera that I'm certain you will love;

Aloe cubes for skin tightening & even tone: You've probably heard that rubbing ice cubes on your face tighten pores & evenly tone skin. But when you use Aloe vera-infused ice cubes or aloe cubes on your face, you don't just get that youthful, even-toned skin but you also bid farewell to breakouts from dwelling on your face. Any sort of discoloration, sunburns, dark spots are all treated when you start using aloe cubes on your face regularly.

To make these, just take a fresh piece of aloe vera leaf. Separate its thorny ends. Cut it into small ice cube-sized pieces & freeze them on tin foil. The foil will prevent them from sticking on the plate inside the freezer. Let them freeze well. And, bingo, you’re done! These aloe cubes are now ready to use.

Battle heat with aloe vera as the natural heat protectant: We all love styling our hair. What comes along with styling is so much heat. No straighter, curler or crimper can work on your hair strands without penetrating heat into them. Therefore, it’s always suggested to use a heat protection spray before using such heating tools on your hair as they could seriously damage your hair. If you don’t have a heat protection spray or serum, you can rely on aloe vera gel for the purpose. It works great as a heat protectant and hydrates your hair making it look shinier & smoother.

Get a clean shave with pure aloe vera gel: Want smoothly shaved skin without spending on a shaving cream? Use Aloe vera! Apply pure aloe vera gel on the required area & shave to get smooth skin. This will avoid any chances of minor cuts & let your razor glide super smoothly.

Don’t have a makeup primer? Use aloe gel as a natural makeup base: The application of a primer is often the first step of a good makeup routine. It prepares a good base for long-lasting makeup & also makes the pores look minimized. However, if you don’t have primer, you can apply aloe vera gel to get a perfect makeup base. It gives nearly the same results a primer does!

Soothe cracked heels in a jiffy with this hydration booster: Cracked heels are not only annoying for their flaky skin & bad appearance, but they are also sorely painful as well. You need not spend a fortune on a special cream to cure your cracked heels, just take some aloe vera gel & apply it on your heels every night before tucking yourself in bed. The next morning when you wake up, you will be surprised to feel a great reduction in pain as Aloe vera is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Constant usage would treat them completely, giving you smooth & soft heels in just a week or two.


Aloe vera grows in tropical and subtropical zones. Its plant is easily available in every part of India due to its favorable weather conditions. But extracting its essence from Aloe vera leaves is a tad annoying task. It’s quite sticky in nature. Hence, there are various aloe vera products available in the market which make its usage easier and more pleasant. Deyga Organics brings you the goodness of Aloe vera in a gel that is natural, handcrafted, and cruelty-free. 🐰

*Guest post in collaboration with Deyga Organics

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