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How I Cut My Hair At Home And Save Money | #DIY Haircut

In between appointments at the hair salon (which are few and far between right now) I've been cutting my own hair at home. I've always liked doing hair, I even cut my friends and my boyfriend's hair back in high school. I even love doing my own hair (cuts and colour/ highlights) and it saves me heaps of money!

I know many of you are probably looking for ways to cut your own hair also since most of us don't have access to hairdressers at the moment.

I always had trouble getting the back of my hair the way I like it and since I want full control of it, I have to do it myself. For about the last 2 years or so, I've been using these clips that make cutting the back of my hair a breeze now and knew I had to share them with you!

Above are the items you will need to cut your own hair:


The clips shown above are the best invention ever if you like cutting your own hair. You can also use them on other people if you aren't comfortable using your fingers as a guide.

The clips have "teeth" inside as shown in the pictures below. They also have a clip on the ends of them for securing the clip into place.

The set comes with a curved clip for getting a curved shape to the hair (the white clip), and a straight across clip for getting a nice straight line (the blue clip). I like a nice straight line at the back of my hair so I use that one.

About the Crea Clip:
  • For all types of hair; cut your hair at home and be your own stylist
  • Easy to learn, just clip, slide, and cut; trim your bangs and create layers in just minutes
  • Made for cutting childrens and even mens hair, or just maintaining a hairstyle in between cuts
  • Save time and money from expensive and lengthy salon visits
  • DIY hair cutting tool for many different hairstyles with rotating level for balanced and professional looking cuts every time
 Curved clip (white) and Straight clip (blue) 

The clips have a leveller to make sure you have a straight and level line before cutting as well as a clamp on the end of each clip which will hold it in place.

Shown above are the hundreds of teeth inside the guide/clips which smooth, comb, and grip the hair. 


You will also need a good pair of scissors. I cannot tell you what a difference this makes! I used to use hair scissors by a hair brand that I picked up at Walmart, they were after all "hair" cutting scissors but once I got these ones from Utopia, there was no comparison!


You will also need a fine-tooth comb or a good brush that will get your hair as smooth as possible.


The last thing you will need if you are doing your own hair is a handheld mirror so you can see what you are doing.

You can cut your hair wet or dry. I do both, but prefer to cut it dry when I'm doing my own hair. It's not only healthier for the hair but I can also see what I'm doing much better.

  • Starting with straight hair, I brush/comb my hair so it's nice and smooth
  • Comb all my hair toward the back of my head and downwards
  • Open the clip and clamp it over all of the hair that I've brushed to the back of my head and snap closed
  • Tilt my chin down (like the hairdressers have us do) and using both hands, slide the clamp down the hair shaft
  • When I feel that I've reached where I want to cut it, I use my handheld mirror, turn around with my back to the large bathroom mirror and check that the clip is straight (see the bubble in the leveller)
  • Once I have the clip straight and at the place where I want to cut, I bring the clip to the side of my head where I can see it (gently so you don't move any of the hair). Then I either start to point cut into it (usually if it's thick or I'm cutting off a lot) and then go straight across with the scissors after point cutting as I like nice clean lines
  • I do this process up to 3 times to make sure I've gotten all of my hair and there are no stragglers. 
  • I will do the same process for the sides of my hair (my hair is just past my shoulders)
  • I then finish up using my fingers to cut the front of my hair since I'm comfortable cutting that part with my fingers as a guide (Note: sometimes I do the reverse and cut the front first to the length that I want and then use the clip and bring everything to the back for cutting)

I don't use these clips for layering my hair, just for cutting the perimeter but it's been a game-changer.  It's quick, easy, and mostly foolproof. When I do mess up my hair, it's always from me trying to layer the interior of my hair with my fingers as a guide. I've never messed up cutting the lengths of hair since I purchased these clips!


1. You can purchase the Crea Clip for $34.99 right now. I've been using mine for about 2 years now, so it will pay for itself in no time!

3. Fine tooth comb $6.99 (2 pack)

4. Hand-held mirror  $8.49

I can't recommend these clips plus a good pair of scissors enough! Let me know if you try it and how it works out. It will save you a ton of money whether you choose to do your own hair all of the time or just in between salon appointments. You can also do your family and friends hair too!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

Prices shown are subject to change. Some links are referral links. Thank you if you choose to use them.

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