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New! Biotulin Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Gel Review | Better Than Botox!?

Eventually, we will all experience a time when we look into the mirror and no longer recognize the face looking back at us. This is the year that it happened to me.

My 51st birthday was at the beginning of February and I had to renew my driver's licence picture. I was actually having a lot of anxiety over it, after all, I'll be stuck with that photo for the next 10 years! I was trying to figure out what I could do to make myself look better. I find a good night's sleep makes a world of difference in how I look, but I don't seem to have much control over that these days, so I purchased some tanning drops and was looking into other products that might help me feel better about the way that I look. That's when I came across this article: This British Serum Works Better Than Botox, According to Kate Middleton, and I immediately emailed it to myself so I could look into it later on. After all, if this serum is good enough for a Princess, it's gotta be good, right!? The article was about a product called Biotulin, developed and produced in Germany and stated "this extract is comparable to needle injections containing Botulinum Toxin. Saying the results are similar, but it’s much simpler to use." Needless to say, I REALLY wanted to try it!

Then, just days after emailing myself that article, I was contacted by Biotulin and asked to test out their product. I couldn't believe the timing! I figured this is meant to be, so of course, I jumped at the chance!

So, what is Biotulin?
A transparent, fragrance-free organic gel developed by a team of scientists led by pharmacist and chemist Dr Claus Breuer. The gel is sold in a dispenser which is 100 percent airtight to ensure hygienic application. One of the main ingredients of Biotulin is Spilanthol, a local anaesthetic extracted from the plant Acmella Oleracea (paracress).

In addition, all Biotulin products serve as effective wrinkle prophylaxis. Regular use prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Your skin looks beautiful, well cared for and young for longer.

Biotulin reduces wrinkles up to 25% within the first hour!

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel 15ml /49.99€ (Shop Now)

I began the Biotulin right away. I love that it comes in an airtight pump so the product stays protected and is always fresh. I also love that it's fragrance free! One pump is all that I need to cover my entire face and neck. It absorbs nicely into my skin and it works well with my other skincare that I continue to use. That's another great feature of this product, you can use it alone or incorporate it into your regular skincare routine.

Since I've never had Botox, I cannot compare Biotulin to it, but I will say that my face did not "freeze", I was still able to make facial expressions. What I did notice is that my face looked more relaxed. On one side of my face, the muscles always seem to be contracted and it causes the eyebrow on that side of my face to be up near my hairline whilst the eyebrow on the other side of my face is nice and relaxed but much lower, causing asymmetry. After using Biotulin, I noticed that both of my eyebrows were relaxed and at about the same level. I thought maybe I was imagining this... But then I read this....

Biotulin works on several levels at once:

First, the Spilanthol, a local anaesthetic extracted from Acmella oleracea, reduces muscle contractions and relaxes your features. This reduces fine lines, particularly around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Your skin becomes noticeably smoother.

A second extract comes from Imperata Cylindrica, also known as blady grass. This plant grows in the very driest of South America’s desert regions and is able to survive even on saline soils. This extract supplies the skin with moisture up to 4 hours.

The third important ingredient is Hyaluron. Hyaluron occurs naturally in the human body. With age, the body’s own collagen, a component of human connective tissue, gradually becomes less effective at regenerating and replumping the skin from within. Hyaluron’s ability to store large amounts of water relative to its mass has been scientifically proven. This characteristic helps to counter human natural ageing process and maintain the skin’s fullness. Your skin will stay healthy and beautiful.

.....This explains everything! It wasn't in my imagination!

I had both immediate and cumulative effects from using Biotulin. I've been using it every day and most nights for about 3 weeks now, and I am starting to recognize the face looking back at me in the mirror. I look younger overall as my skin definitely looks smoother. I also see the definition returning to my face and symmetry returning as well (something I associate with beauty). Also, I did not experience any irritation or breakouts as I can experience with some products. I am still using this product and I'm excited and hopeful to see further improvements in my appearance. After all, if we look good, we feel good!

And, by the way, I did end up going to get my driver's license picture renewed, and I'm so glad that I started using Biotulin beforehand as I looked more like my younger self and that did help to alleviate some of the anxiety that I was having over the whole darn thing!

Biotulin is free of preservatives, 100% natural, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested, suitable for all skin types.

Learn more about Biotulin HERE and HERE.

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel 15ml /49.99€ 

Note: Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 50 pumps!

This post is in collaboration with Biotulin. All opinions are honest and my own. No affiliate links are used in this post.

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