Friday, January 24, 2020

How I Started My Beauty Blog & Became a Micro-Influencer

The beauty industry has blown up over the last 10 years or so and keeps on growing! Like many others, I've had a keen interest in beauty products since middle school (let's not talk about how long ago that was 😉). Back then, my friends and I only had access to beauty information through a few magazines publications and our regular trips to the drugstore to check out the latest beauty releases. The selection of beauty products was so limited back then. I keenly remember that it seemed there was only one choice for foundation and my friends and I proudly walked around with our orange coloured faces thanks to the limited products and information back then. Thankfully, things have changed tremendously since those days, mostly thanks to the vast world of beauty that can now be found online!

Nowadays, we needn't look far to find information on the topic of beauty, from tips and tricks, to reviews and new product launches, the internet is our oyster. Beauty platforms and Influencers both large and small, from all parts of the world are providing us with everything we want to know online. Whether you are looking for the Best Beauty Trends of 2020 or you want to find out if a skincare product might work for you, beauty Influencers from around the globe are letting us in on the latest beauty releases, provided makeup tutorials, and sharing what we need to know before we make our next beauty purchase. All of this information is now easily accessible to all of us and once I discovered it, I wanted to be a part of it!

I first discovered the world of online beauty in 2011 after reading a magazine article about how it wasn't a good idea to keep your makeup in the bathroom. So I did an online search "how to store makeup." The internet responding with an enormous amount of information. There were all kinds of videos and blogs with the answers to my burning question. I had no idea that this online world of beauty existed, and once I discovered it, there was no turning back. I got sucked into the vortex of beauty online and I found myself frequently checking out YouTube, Blogs, and Vlogs for the latest beauty information. There were regular gals like me who were sharing their favourite beauty products but filming it from their bathroom floors, now known as Micro-Influencers. And, then there were the big beauty Bloggers and Vloggers, now known as Influencers, who were either famous or beauty professionals. They were also sharing their beauty tips, tricks, favourite products, new product launches and so much more.

My love for beauty grew even more after I had found others with the same interests and I started my little blog in 2015 as I wanted to share my tips and favourite products, too. I literally searched "how to start a blog" and went from there. The first thing was to choose my blog's platform, once I did that, the name of my blog came to me right away, it combines 2 of my favourite topics; health and beauty. Since starting my site, I have had so many amazing opportunities as a "Micro-Influencer." I've been able to work with well-known brands as well as brands that are just starting up. I love helping them get the word out about their products or services. It's a blast and takes my hobby and interests to the next level as being an influencer comes with some perks like testing out free products and/or services. Luckily, nowadays, there is a place for everyone, which I'm so grateful for. Like me, many people fell into the world of being an influencer by doing something that they love Jenna Citrus is just one example of this.

Using micro-influencers to promote products makes sense. How many of us purchase a product or service based on a friend or relatives recommendation? It's a similar concept. Anyone remember the old commercial that said: "she'll tell 2 friends and so on..." Plus, it's more cost-effective for the brands!

Whether you have aspirations to become an influencer, a micro-influencer or are considering starting a blog, all I can say is to take your hobby or interests and go for it! You don't even need a blog these days to be an influencer (although some brands do prefer it). There are so many social media outlets and platforms where you can promote brands. If you want to share your hobby, interests or knowledge with others, and it's something you enjoy, you just might get some great perks from it!

This post is in collaboration with Intellifluence. All opinions are my own.


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