Sunday, January 27, 2019

Shopping Haul From Winners, Marshall's, Sally's Beauty Supply and More!

Here's another random shopping haul from this week.  I figured I'd share my purchases just in case any of you are interested in these products. As you know, the items from Winners and Marshalls come and go, so it's just a matter of checking the stores near you. I think in the USA they have online shopping, at least for TJMaxx (the parent company), that would be nice, wouldn't it?!

I think I scored some great deals! Let's check them out...

Note: I used stock photos for a couple of items because the sun went down before I could get photos of the items, but I still wanted to share them with you.

Puma baseball cap was on clearance for $8 at Winners! Retail is around $30! Similar linked HERE.

I tried a sample of this L'oreal sugar and grapeseed scrub and knew that I wanted to purchase it. So, I was lucky when I saw them at Winners for $7.99! They retail for $13.97 at Walmart (shown below).

Next up, I scored these Spa Bella double lined aloe infused socks for only $3 (compare at price is $12). They are super thick and cozy!

I've had my eye on this Charged bracelet and was lucky that it was still in the store and it was on clearance for only $12. Retail is $25. It has 18k gold plating, silver plating as well as semi-precious opal gemstones. The stones are charged in a Sedona Vortex. Opal is said to be good for prosperity. I couldn't find this one online but here's a link to the brand's website.

I was eyeballing a cat hut just like this at my local pet store the other day and it was $42. When I saw this at Marshalls for only $25, I knew we had to give it a try. Cats are super picky, so I wasn't sure if my Rocky would like it or not. He was perplexed at first as you can probably see in the photo (this was his first time inside it). Now that he's had it for a day and a half, he loves it!

Because of the fabulous design, he can use it for sleeping, hanging out, playing etc. He's enclosed but not completely covered so he can see what's going on around him. The one at the pet store had a design where he would have been completely enclosed and unable to see what's going on around him, so this design is much better for cats. The matt inside is reversible with a different texture on either side, one side for cooler weather and the other for warmer weather. It's also machine washable. The brand is Best Friends By Sheri and can be purchased HERE.
I read some great reviews about the above adrenal support supplement, Adrenasmart. I recently had my blood work done and some things need to improve. My thyroid is still out of wack along with very high cortisol which explains my early morning awakenings. Hopefully, this supplement will help out. Most of the reviewers claimed it helped to stop the early morning awakenings. 🤞

Lastly, I picked up my favourite Wet 'N Dry detangling brush at Sally's Beauty Supply because my cat stole mine! He steals all of my brushes. We shared this for a while and I would spritz it with alcohol after using it on him so it was clean for me but I finally gave up and let him have his own. :D Anyhoo, this is my favourite brush for detangling wet hair because it's so gentle and it's also my favourite for brushing out my dry hair. I just don't use it for blow drying.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased this week and hope you can get your hands on any items that you have your eye on.

Have a great week ahead! 

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