Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 13: My Health and Weight Loss Journey to Get Fit and Lose Weight!

I'm a day late with this post as I forgot to weigh in on Friday morning so I decided to wait until today so I could have an accurate weigh in for the week.

As always, here is a link to last weeks post.

This week, I've continued with my walks and my custom weight routine (chart below).

Plus, I discovered an awesome app that I'm going to share with you!

I came across this really awesome app called "Pedometer." It tells me everything I want to know about my walks, including distance, time, steps, and more. And, it doesn't require the internet to work! Here is a link to it if you are interested in checking it out.

Here you can see that the Pedometer app shows the date, how many steps, calories burned, time, miles, and how fast you were going.

I just discovered the app so I'm still learning about how to use it and what else it can do. I've only used it for the last 2 days so far and the first day I forgot to turn it on until a few minutes into my walk.. hence why it shows my time of only 23:56 minutes when I really walked for almost 30 minutes.

I'm still using my custom workout chart that I created, so I'll share it again in this post.

I do this weight routine every other day after I walk using 8lb weights

My intentions are to do yoga on the days that I don't do the weight routine ( I just haven't made the time yet).

*Note: I have added 15 reverse lunges & 15 reverse angled lunges

Here are my workouts for the week:

Day 1- 
Day 2- 25 min walk + 8 lb weight routine
Day 3-  25 min walk
Day 4- 
Day 5
Day 6-  25 min walk + 8 lb weight routine
Day 7-  25 min walk 

Weigh in :

Weight: Lost 2 lbs
Fat: Gained 2%

I exercised 4 out of 7 days. I want to keep up with the walks but broke my pelvis in 2 places many years ago and it aches really badly if I speed walk too much or run. It's really been acting up a lot this week which is why I had so many rest days.

I also think I need a new scale. I know that it's fairly accurate but I highly doubt it's exact as my weight just keeps going up and down every week as well as my fat percentage, in ways that don't make sense. I may invest in a new scale.

Let me know what you're doing to stay in shape this summer!

See you next week!

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