Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fashion Finds: Vince Camuto Hinch Rain Boots in Black!

I don't often blog about fashion. It's actually my first love! Yes, before makeup and skin care but not by far. I've just loved fashion for as long as I can remember. When I'd come home from kindergarten and find out my mom went shopping for clothes for me, it always felt like the happiest day of my life!

My style is always evolving depending on my age and lifestyle etc. At this time I'm in a super-casual mode. But, I find super-casual can be stylish too!

I'd like to share more of my fashion finds. I'm a great bargain hunter- although this post isn't really a "bargain" item per say but they were on sale. hehe

This is my very first pair of designer boots. They are called the "Hinch" boot by Vince Camuto and they look a lot like my winter boots from Target but they're rain boots. I thought it seemed kind of funny that I finally get my first pair of designer boots and they're rain boots, like couldn't I have gotten a "real" boot.... If you know what I mean.

I love the style of these boots and they offer a lot more support and cushioning than a typical rain boot. 

I thought they came just in time for the spring showers, but alas we are still getting wintry blasts..

I scored these boots on for 30% off with free shipping. The regular price was $140 and I paid $98. has free shipping both ways which is great in case you need to return an item. If you've never shopped there before they have a lot of high end brands. I love the brands of jeans they carry, although I'd wait for a sale to purchase them. I got a Bench jacket from for my birthday in February and I love it!

Here's a link to their website if you want to check them out! They have a lot of housewares, jewelry, and other goods as well. It can get a little addicting.

You may see these boots again as I'm going to try to do a monthly round up of my purchases at the end of each month.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my first designer boot purchase.

Have you ever shopped at  If so, what do you like to shop there for?


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