Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Art Naturals Argan Oil Thermal Shield

Sometimes you come across a product that you just have to talk about, this is one of them. I won a prize pack in a giveaway a while back and it included this Argan Oil Thermal Shield by Art Naturals.

I actually left this product sitting there for quite a while as I wasn't really excited about it. I mean it says it's a thermal shield which is great but I've never really noticed anything special with a thermal shield in the past, although I'm sure they are useful.

Earlier this week, I suddenly got the urge to bust it out and give it a try..

It has a lotion-like consistency even though it's in a spray bottle. So, I like to spray it in my hands, rub them together and then distribute through my hair.

I was letting my frizzy/curly hair air dry as I was going to use my InStyler instead of blow dry that day. It was it's usual frizzy, out-of-control self.

I decided to apply the Thermal Shield that day to protect my hair from the InStyler, but what I found was that it calmed down my curls and frizz considerably! My hair started to become smooth and frizz-free!

Before and after

My hair is still damp here. This is my natural texture; curly and frizzy! On the right, you can see how much smoother and calmer my curls are after I applied the Thermal Shield.

I would call this product a styling lotion and if it protects my hair from heat damage that is a major bonus! I got fantastic results that I wasn't expecting since it only claims to be a heat protectant.

After a quick blow dry!

I am not very good at blowing out my curls and I think I got great results considering I just did a quick blow dry today, no flat iron and no other products were used (all pictures taken today). I suppose I could have made it look and feel even better with a bit of the Thermal Shield applied lightly after blow drying.

A major bonus is that this product is chocked full of good ingredients, so I'm sure my hair will be looking and feeling healthier over time.

I think they should rename this "Curl Calming Lotion!"

A rare selfie! My hair looks so much blonder up close. I promise all of these pictures were taken today!

And, yes! My roots are loooong overdue! 

If you have curly or frizzy hair, I highly recommend this product (although it's intended for all hair types)! My hair is also bleached and coloured, fine in texture and naturally curly and frizzy and this product didn't weigh my hair down at all but boy did it smooth it out! I may actually be able to wear it curly!

More reasons to love it: Cruelty-free, sulfate free, paraben free, organic, Made in the USA.

Have you tried any products by Art Naturals? If so, please share!



  1. Wow those results look great! I might have to look around for this product when I'm in the US later on this year. Good to know it doesn't weigh hair down as I've got fine (but coloured) hair as well. Definitely need to use a thermal shield of some sort when heat-styling your hair otherwise you fry it...been there, done that. ;o)

    1. Actually, scrap that idea, they're only online & they don't ship outside of the US. :o(

    2. Thanks! I think you can get it on Amazon. My hair is so hard to manage it's not even funny! Everyday I wish I had married a hairstylist to blow out my frizz-ball. I'm really enjoying this product and hoping with long-term use the condition of my hair will improve. :)

    3. oh. boo. I'm in Canada but I got it through a giveaway. Hopefully they will ship to you soon! Maybe they'll see this post and see your msg! :D

  2. Wow great results! I'm disappointed that they don't ship it to Australia. It looks like a brilliant product for calming my frizz!

    1. I had no idea they didn't ship to Australia as I received this as a prize in a giveaway. Sorry about that. I know they sell it on Amazon, I wonder if you could get it shipped through there.


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