Sunday, January 31, 2016

December/ January Empties: Health, Beauty, Skincare & Makeup!

Time to talk some trash, Today I'm Sharing my health and beauty empties for the month of December and January. I know many of you love empties posts, as do I.  I didn't finish too much for the last two months but enough to share. Some are new products for me and some are staples for me. Read on to see what I'd repurchase. ps. Here is my last empties post if you'd like to see more empties!

Hair & Skin

-Gosh Much More Moist Hair Conditioner- I found this fairly basic for my super frizzy and dry hair. My hair needs something more. This would be a great conditioner for someone with less damaged hair. I love that they are cruelty-free (last I heard).

-Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash- Unfortunately, I'm having to toss this product and it's still over 1/2 full. It's a decent cleanser for combo-oily skin, but the best before says 9 months after opening and I've actually had it for much longer. Also, it kept clogging at the nozzle (you can probably see all the gunk built up). I think it's because of the coconut oil in it. Every time I try to pump some out it squirts out the back and all over my mirror. I would not purchase again due to the clogging issue. They are also cruelty-free which is great! Note: by the look of the picture of the product on the website where I purchased it, it seems they have changed the nozzle, maybe to prevent the clogging issue.

-Reviva Labs Elastin & Collagen Skin Toner *discontinued- Anyone who's read any of my previous empties or haul posts is probably already aware that this is one of my holy grail toners. It is so gentle and since I use chemical exfoliants my skin just loves it! My latest bottle of it has a strong scent to it which it's never had before. I really wish they didn't add fragrance to it but I will still repurchase. Also cruelty-free.


-Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer in Warm Tan- Love this! So easy to blend and I would say it's a cream to powder finish. Not too warm or cool toned, I think it's the perfect shade for me (there is one more shade in the line that is darker). I've heard this compares to Chanel's cream bronzer! If I ever need/want another cream bronzer this is the one I would buy. Also, cruelty-free.

-Jordana Best Lash Extreme- I love this mascara. I found that I got similar results with it to Benefit's They're Real mascara. The only thing I don't like is that Jordana's is fairly difficult to remove even though it's not waterproof. Love the price at $2.99 and it's cruelty-free. I will definitely repurchase. 

-Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink- First, this is not a liquid lipstick at all, it's a gloss. When I first got it I found the texture or finish strange somehow, but it grew on me and now I love to throw it on when I'm out and my lipstick has worn off. I always have it in my purse. Have already repurchased. Cruelty-free and super inexpensive!

-Elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink *discontinued- This is definitely conditioning and has a lot of slip to it. It looks more like a lipstick on but with so much slip it ends up all over the place. Due to the strong, pigmentation this isn't something you should apply with a finger even though it would seem it was created to be applied that way.  You really need to apply this using a mirror and a lip brush. Too much maintenance for me. I wanted something I could slap on when on the go using my finger. I tried that and then looked in the mirror and I looked like a clown. I would not repurchase although, I do have this in Nude as well to finish up now... We'll see how that one goes. Another cruelty-free product. 


-Nature's Answer Rhodiola- Another product I wont be without. It helps with stress levels and helps prevent early morning wakings for me. I take one per day.

-California Gold Nutrition Daily Vits & Mins Discontinued- I got a great deal on this so I figured I'd give it a try.  I think they are a good basic multi-vitamin but I'm looking for something special, where I feel a difference so I would not repurchase. (Currently, I'm taking MYKIND multi by Garden of Life and that is going well so far).

-BHI Calming Tablets- These are another repurchase for me. I have been buying these for years. They are a homeopathic composition made to help with insomnia, tension, irritability etc. I always have a bottle by my bedside table. Homoeopathic medicines are great as they do not interact with allopathic medicines. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I used up in December and January. I hope to have a lot more for next month! If you have an empties post to share please leave a link, I'd love to come and check it out! 

In Health & Happiness, 

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  1. I have to try Jordana best lash extreme, in Australia it's not that well known and you can only find it on a few dodgy cheap shops lol

    1. I have to pick it up when I go to the US and then I stock up! ;)

  2. Gee Amy I'm envious of the makeup products you finished - I don't see to get through anything much at all. It's undoubtedly because I have way too much ha ha xxx

    1. It is tough to finish ANY makeup at all! I was focused on a few of these though because they were part of a project empties challenge, which made it not so fun to use! lol

  3. I really need to look into vitamins and homeopathic medicines more.

  4. (@joeypierce101 on Instagram) love your blog! I need to focus on doing follow up posts with empties and things as mine progresses with time.


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