Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dollar Store Jewelry Organizing Hack #DIY (Frugal Friday on Wednesday)

Like many of you I love to get organized. I found a great way to organize much of my jewelry collection and I thought many of you might be interested. I found this tackle box at the Dollar store and it has workout out so well! I was able to store everything from earrings to necklaces and bracelets and rings, it even holds statement pieces! Some of the compartments have little dividers that you can move around to adjust the size of the compartment. It also has a lid that is attached so you can close it up and keep everything safe and dust-free inside. When organized in this tackle box everything stays tangle free, which is such a bonus! It's not too pretty to look at so I have it stored in my top dresser drawer. All I have to do is open the drawer and pop open the lid and I can see all of my choices. Well, most of them, as I do have some more jewelry that I keep in a jewelry box and some other necklaces on a tower on my dresser. I do LOVE my jewelry!

It's come in so handy. I can imaging using this tackle box for many other organization DIY's. You could organize your sewing supplies, makeup (single eye shadows would be great), as well as other craft supplies.

With the lid closed:

I have things further organized by colour and style as you can see below. 

ps. I found this in the tool section of my dollar store as it was meant for fishing tackle or storing screws and nails etc. It also came in various sizes. So go check out your dollar store! I'd love to hear if you try this out or if you have any frugal DIY's for getting organized.


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