Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Target Canada Closing Liquidation Sale- Final Haul: Health, Beauty, Makeup, Home

I did a few Target hauls during their liquidation sale here in Canada. The stores near me closed their doors for good this past Sunday and I decided to make a couple few more trips before they departed as I heard they had everything marked down to 80% off! I wanted to see if there was anything worth getting and take advantage of 80% off of course.

Just before the 80% markdown they were at 70% markdowns and the stores were still brimming with products. By the time I went back during the 80% markdown the store was pretty much bare. They had some health and beauty products, home products, a TON of Sonia Kashuk products as well as racks and racks of basic T-shirts for only $2, but that was pretty much it.

70% off sale

Above is the what the store looked like just days before the 80% off sale. I wasn't able to get photos during the 80% off sale due to crowds and security but as I mentioned it was mostly bare.

Sonia Kashuk!

Sonia Kashuk palettes (drool!) This is the only bin I was able to get a picture of. This is the  highly coveted Eye on Neutral Matte palette and there were even more of them in other bins! They were marked down to just $3.99!!

Haul #1

All of these items were 80% off, so most items were around the $2 range! woop woop!

Pictured above, clockwise starting on the left side. ("SK" will be abbreviated for Sonia Kashuk):

up & up waterproof makeup remover
SK body butter in Yellow Alluriana
SK Eau De Toilette in Yellow Alluriana
SK body brush 
SK Beautifying Blush in pink
SK Eye Duo in Leather & Lace
SK All Covered up Corrector in Ivory
Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Opal Orchid
Pixi Fairy Light Solo eyeshadow in Nude Nouveaux
SK nail colour in Golden Ticket
SK Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Colour in Sheer Pink Lust (x2)
SK Satin Luxe Lip Colour in Nude Pink
SK Dramatically Defining Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Ebony

Haul #2

All items were 80% off with the exception of the cardigans which were 70% off:

Pictured above, clockwise starting on the left side:

Mossimo Cardigans at 70% off
Method Laundry detergent, bag and bottle (should have grabbed them all!)
Pixi nail colour in Mink Grey
SK Perfectly Neutral palette
SK Satin Luxe Lip Colour in Nude Pink (2nd one-love this!)
Pixi Fairy Light Solo in Boho Bronze
Pixi Fairy Light Solo in Bronze beam
Pixi Fairy Light Solo in Fairy Pink
Annabelle Single Eyeshadow in Suedine
Threshold pillow cases

How did I forget about my last little jaunt to Target before they closed!?

I almost forgot about my last trip to Target. I just popped in quickly on the last day and picked up a few last things (shown above). As you can see, I have already dug-in to some all of them.

SK Lash and Brown Enhancer
SK Pearlescence Longwear Creme Eyeshadow in Tiger's Eye
SK Brightening Powder
SK Monochrome eye Quad in Textured Taupe

So, it looks like I have a ton of products to enjoy and to play with. This was a lot of fun and I really got some great deals to try some products that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.  Saying that, I am really going to miss my trips to Target and all the great product lines they carry.

If you would like to see swatches or reviews for any products, please let me know!

Xo Amy


  1. I miss Target already :(
    looks like your location had more of a selection than mine

    1. Me too! I was just thinking that today. I was thinking where am I gonna go shop now?! I always knew that going to Target meant i would find something different and I'd usually find a great deal too! I love that place for shoes and boots, they had the best styles and amazing prices for the shoes and boots.

      Btw. I just love your photos on your blog. What camera do you use?

      Thanks for coming by... Amy

  2. I don't have a Target nearby, so wasn't really able to pick up good deals :( I did buy a few things in Montréal and Québec City back in February, but the mark downs weren't ggreat. Looks like you got lucky!

    1. Hi Stephanie, I was really lucky. I had 3 targets within 10 minutes of my house. Although I only ended up checking out the 2 that were 5 minutes away. The deals were so great on the last days that it was tempting to buy it all! lol

  3. It's a pity your Target stores are now all closed down but at least it looks like you got loads of bargains.

    Thanks for linking up with the Monday Makeup Madness linkup party.

    1. I really do miss Target already, it was actually a fun place to shop where I always found something new and exciting. Thanks for coming by!


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